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Scott County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Scott County

Place USGS Topo Map
Aaron Branch Robbins
Ails Branch Oneida South
Al Branch Robbins
Alder Branch Barthell SW
Allen Creek Huntsville
Anderson Branch Honey Creek
Anderson Branch Norma
Anderson Cave Branch Barthell SW
Anse Branch Oneida North
Armstrong Branch Norma
Asher Fork Fork Mountain
Bagley Branch Robbins
Bandy Creek Honey Creek
Bear Branch Honey Creek
Bear Branch Ketchen
Beaty Branch Oneida North
Bee Tree Branch Oneida North
Betty Branch Barthell SW
Big Branch Barthell SW
Big Bull Creek Norma
Bill Branch Barthell SW
Bills Branch Fork Mountain
Black Creek Honey Creek
Black House Creek Barthell SW
Black Wolf Creek Rugby
Blevins Branch Barthell SW
Bowling Branch Norma
Brimstone Creek Robbins
Brown Branch Oneida North
Browns Branch Huntsville
Brushy Branch Huntsville
Buck Lick Branch Robbins
Buffalo Creek Norma
Bum Creek Barthell SW
Burkes Branch Barthell SW
Butchers Creek Robbins
Buttram Branch Oneida South
Byrges Creek Norma
Cal Branch Robbins
Cal Smith Branch Oneida North
Calvin Branch Norma
Campground Branch Robbins
Caney Branch Honey Creek
Cave Branch Huntsville
Cave Branch Fork Mountain
Cecil Fork Barthell SW
Charit Creek Barthell SW
Charley Branch Oneida North
Cherry Fork Creek Oneida South
Childers Creek Ketchen
Chitwood Branch Ketchen
Clear Branch Oneida North
Clear Fork Oneida South
Cold Spring Branch Barthell SW
Collins Branch Pioneer
Copperas Branch Robbins
Cordell Branch Ketchen
Cordell Creek Huntsville
Cotton Creek Oneida North
Cowan Creek Robbins
Coyle Branch Honey Creek
Crabtree Branch Pioneer
Craft Branch Barthell SW
Crooked Branch Oneida North
Cross Branch Pioneer
Cross Creek Block
Dan Branch Ketchen
Davis Creek Rugby
Dry Branch Barthell SW
Dry Creek Fork Mountain
Dry Fork Norma
East Branch Bear Creek Oneida North
Fall Branch Honey Creek
Flat Creek Huntsville
Fox Trap Branch Oneida North
Franks Branch Norma
George West Branch Oneida North
Gladey Branch Gobey
Gordon Branch Robbins
Gosnell Branch Gobey
Grand Branch Barthell SW
Grassy Fork Oneida North
Greasy Creek Oneida South
Green Branch Oneida North
Green Branch Fork Mountain
Griffith Branch Norma
Griffith Branch Norma
Gum Branch Rugby
Gum Fork Ketchen
Harvey Branch Barthell SW
Higby Branch Rugby
Hollow Rock Branch Barthell SW
Honey Creek Honey Creek
Huntsville Branch Robbins
Hurricane Branch Oneida North
Hutson Branch Norma
Indian Creek Norma
Indian Creek Norma
Indian Fork Robbins
Indian Rock Branch Oneida North
Isham Creek Winfield
Ivy Branch Rugby
Jacks Branch Honey Creek
Jenney Creek Block
Jerry West Branch Oneida North
Joe Creek Gobey
Jones Branch Winfield
Laurel Branch Huntsville
Laurel Branch Oneida South
Laurel Fork Barthell SW
Law Branch Ketchen
Lawson Branch Ketchen
Left Fork Pennington Branch Sharp Place
Lewis Creek Oneida North
Lick Branch Oneida South
Lick Branch Pioneer
Lick Creek Norma
Lin Branch Barthell SW
Little Brimstone Creek Fork Mountain
Little Bull Creek Norma
Little Creek Huntsville
Little Creek Norma
Litton Fork Oneida North
Long Branch Oneida South
Long Branch Robbins
Long Fork Winfield
Longfield Branch Barthell SW
Low Gap Branch Oneida South
Lowe Branch Norma
Lowe Branch Norma
Lowe Branch Fork Mountain
Luce Branch Ketchen
Macs Branch Robbins
Mandy Branch Oneida North
Marcum Branch Oneida North
Marcum Creek Huntsville
Martha Branch Norma
Massey Branch Barthell SW
McCoy Branch Block
Meadow Branch Oneida South
Middle Prong Parch Corn Creek Barthell SW
Mike Branch Ketchen
Mill Branch Oneida South
Mill Branch Norma
Mill Branch Oneida South
Mill Creek Barthell SW
Mill Creek Norma
Miller Branch Robbins
Miller Branch Barthell SW
Montgomery Fork Block
Muddy Branch Norma
Muley Branch Robbins
Nance Branch Oneida South
Neal Branch Pioneer
New River Oneida South
Niggs Creek Oneida South
No Business Creek Barthell SW
North Fork Fall Branch Honey Creek
North Fork Honey Creek Honey Creek
North Fork Pine Creek Oneida South
Odum Branch Oneida North
Oil House Branch Barthell SW
Old House Branch Norma
Oldhouse Branch Block
Ova Branch Fork Mountain
Paint Rock Creek Huntsville
Panther Branch Oneida South
Panther Creek Honey Creek
Parch Corn Creek Barthell SW
Parker Branch Oneida North
Pats Branch Robbins
Pemberton Branch Robbins
Phillips Branch Huntsville
Phillips Branch Huntsville
Phillips Creek Oneida South
Phillips Creek Huntsville
Pine Creek Honey Creek
Pine Creek Oneida North
Pine Creek Oneida North
Potter Branch Rugby
Previt Branch Oneida North
Puncheoncamp Fork Oneida North
Reed Branch Honey Creek
Right Fork Pennington Branch Sharp Place
Right Prong Parch Corn Creek Barthell SW
Roach Creek Block
Rockhouse Fork Huntsville
Rough Branch Barthell SW
Rough Shoals Branch Barthell SW
Ryan Branch Ketchen
Sandusky Branch Rugby
Scott Branch Ketchen
Scythe Branch Oneida North
Sebands Branch Honey Creek
Second Laurel Branch Fork Mountain
Sexton Branch Oneida North
Shack Creek Fork Mountain
Shoal Creek Block
Short Fork Winfield
Skull Creek Honey Creek
Slavens Branch Barthell SW
Slavens Creek Oneida North
Slick Rock Branch Huntsville
Smith Branch Oneida North
Smith Creek Huntsville
Smoky Creek Block
Spring Rockhouse Branch Norma
Stanley Creek Huntsville
Stanley Creek Huntsville
Stevens Branch Barthell SW
Stevens Branch Oneida North
Still Creek Pioneer
Straight Fork Norma
Straight Fork Fork Mountain
Sulphur Creek Oneida South
Tacket Creek Barthell SW
Terry Branch Pioneer
Thomas Branch Oneida South
Trammel Branch Ketchen
Trammel Branch Huntsville
Turkey Branch Norma
Wagon Ford Branch Rugby
Walkers Creek Winfield
Webb Branch Pioneer
Webb Creek Robbins
Wells Branch Robbins
West Branch Bear Creek Oneida North
West Branch Phillips Creek Oneida South
West Creek Huntsville
White Oak Creek Honey Creek
Williams Branch Oneida North
Williams Creek Oneida North
Wilson Branch Pioneer
Wolfpen Branch Pioneer
York Branch Norma

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Scott County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Scott County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.