Sullivan County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Sullivan County

Place USGS Topo Map
Apache Creek Bluff City
Arnold Branch Shady Valley
Arnold Branch Shady Valley
Back Creek Blountville
Bear Creek Sullivan Gardens
Beaver Creek Bluff City
Bee Suck Branch Shady Valley
Beeler Branch Bristol
Beidleman Creek Bristol
Bent Branch Holston Valley
Berry Branch Keenburg
Big Arm Branch Keenburg
Big Creek Holston Valley
Big Jacob Creek Holston Valley
Big Oak Branch Holston Valley
Blair Gap Branch Lovelace
Blevins Branch Keenburg
Booher Creek Bluff City
Booher Creek Blountville
Boozy Creek Indian Springs
Boozy Creek Indian Springs
Bottom Creek Holston Valley
Brinkley Branch Shady Valley
Brown Creek Boone Dam
Buck Branch Holston Valley
Burr Branch Blountville
Camp-meeting Creek Kingsport
Candy Creek Boone Dam
Cane Lick Branch Keenburg
Carrier Branch Keenburg
Caylers Creek Keenburg
Cedar Branch Indian Springs
Cedar Creek Bristol
Chestnut Branch Keenburg
Clark Branch Indian Springs
Cold Spring Branch Keenburg
Cold Springs Branch Indian Springs
Cole Branch Indian Springs
Cooks Valley Branch Indian Springs
Darr Creek Boone Dam
David Blevins Branch Shady Valley
Delaney Branch Keenburg
Dolan Branch Sullivan Gardens
Dry Creek Keenburg
Dulaney Branch Blountville
Dyestone Branch Shady Valley
Evans Creek Blountville
Fall Creek Boone Dam
Figgins Branch Bluff City
Fishdam Creek Holston Valley
Gaines Branch Indian Springs
Gammon Creek Boone Dam
Gardner Branch Indian Springs
Gentry Branch Shady Valley
Gravelly Branch Kingsport
Grindstone Branch Shady Valley
Harpers Creek Shady Valley
Hatcher Creek Keenburg
Heaberlin Branch Shady Valley
Hense Branch Keenburg
Hicks Branch Indian Springs
Hogan Branch Bluff City
Horse Creek Kingsport
Indian Creek Bluff City
Jacob Creek Holston Valley
Josiah Creek Holston Valley
Left Prong Big Creek Holston Valley
Licklog Branch Keenburg
Licklog Branch Keenburg
Linville Branch Bluff City
Little Branch Keenburg
Little Creek Bristol
Little Creek Holston Valley
Little Horse Creek Kingsport
Little Jacob Creek Holston Valley
Little Oak Branch Holston Valley
Little Sinking Creek Bristol
Little Sinking Creek Holston Valley
Locust Knob Branch Shady Valley
Low Gap Branch Keenburg
Low Gap Branch Shady Valley
Lucy Creek Holston Valley
Lynch Branch Lovelace
Lynn Lick Holston Valley
Marshall Branch Shady Valley
Massengill Branch Bluff City
McKenzie Branch Kingsport
McQueen Branch Shady Valley
Mill Creek Sullivan Gardens
Mill Creek Shady Valley
Miller Branch Kingsport
Miller Branch Keenburg
Miller Branch Keenburg
Morrell Creek Carter
Muddy Creek Bluff City
Nicely Branch Bristol
North Fork Holston River Kingsport
North Prong Fishdam Creek Holston Valley
Old Road Branch Shady Valley
Owl Branch Shady Valley
Paddle Creek Keenburg
Paddys Branch Holston Valley
Painter Spring Branch Holston Valley
Paperville Creek Bristol
Peaveler Branch Indian Springs
Possum Creek Keenburg
Raccoon Branch Keenburg
Reedy Creek Kingsport
Riddle Creek Holston Valley
Right Prong Hatcher Creek Keenburg
Roach Branch Kingsport
Roaring Fork Carter
Robinson Creek Blountville
Rock Springs Branch Kingsport
Rocksprings Branch Kingsport
Rocky Branch Indian Springs
Russell Creek Boone Dam
Rutter Branch Shady Valley
Scott Branch Shady Valley
Sharps Creek Holston Valley
Sinking Branch Bluff City
Sinking Creek Bristol
Sinking Creek Bristol
Sinking Water Branch Indian Springs
Slagle Creek Blountville
Slate Branch Kingsport
Sougan Branch Indian Springs
South Fork Holston River Kingsport
Steele Creek Bristol
Stidman Branch Kingsport
Stout Branch Holston Valley
Straight Branch Sullivan Gardens
Straight Branch Holston Valley
Sulphur Spring Branch Holston Valley
Taylor Branch Keenburg
Thomas Creek Holston Valley
Timbertree Branch Indian Springs
Timbertree Branch Indian Springs
Underwood Branch Holston Valley
Underwood Spring Branch Keenburg
Wagner Creek Boone Dam
Walker Fork Sullivan Gardens
Warren Branch Bristol
Watson Branch Shady Valley
Weaver Branch Bluff City
Weaver Creek Keenburg
Webb Spring Branch Keenburg
White Branch Boone Dam
Whitetop Creek Blountville
Wininger Spring Branch Kingsport
Woods Branch Bluff City

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Sullivan County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Sullivan County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.