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Angelina County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Angelina County

Place USGS Topo Map
Albritton Slough Pluck
Anderson Creek Platt
Banks Creek Wolf Hill
Bayou Springs Creek Cassells-Boykin Park
Bear Creek Pluck
Beech Grove Branch Ebenezer
Bet Branch Wells
Big Bend Wells SW
Big Bend Slough Wells SW
Big Branch Wolf Hill
Big Spring Branch Keltys
Biloxi Creek Wolf Hill
Bodan Creek Wells
Bodan Creek Wells
Boggy Creek Cassells-Boykin Park
Boiler Spring Branch Keltys
Bowman Creek Wells
Bowman Creek Wells
Bradley Branch Keltys
Brushy Creek Manning
Brushy Creek Cassells-Boykin Park
Brushy Creek Etoile South
Buck Creek Wolf Hill
Buck Creek Wolf Hill
Buncombe Creek Wells SW
Burris Creek Wolf Hill
Campbell Branch Veach
Caney Creek Veach
Caney Creek Boykin Spring
Caney Creek Manning
Cedar Creek Diboll
Clayton Creek Manning
Clear Creek Wolf Hill
Conner Spring Branch Keltys
Cowpen Branch Wolf Hill
Crane Branch Rockland
Crawford Creek Wells SW
Cross Slough Diboll
Cypress Creek Rockland
Dan Branch Lake Nacogdoches South
Devils Bayou Wells
Devils Bayou Wells
Doe Creek Huntington
Dollarhide Cutoff Wakefield
Dorty Creek Platt
Dry Creek Wolf Hill
Dry Creek Cassells-Boykin Park
Dry Creek Zavalla
Dry Creek Zavalla
Dudley Branch Ebenezer
Durham Creek Wells
Durham Creek Wells SW
Elm Creek Manning
Gilliland Creek Etoile South
Gin Creek Wolf Hill
Graham Creek Manning
Green Creek Boykin Spring
Grimes Creek Rockland
Gum Branch Rockland
Hanks Creek Etoile South
Hawkins Creek Zavalla
Hawkins Creek Zavalla
Holly Branch Boykin Spring
Hottle Creek Lufkin
Hurricane Creek Eunice
Jack Creek Diboll
Johnson Creek Wolf Hill
Joiner Branch Wells
Julia Creek Cassells-Boykin Park
Kurkindoll Creek Keltys
Lamar Slough Pluck
Largent Creek Keltys
Lavaca Creek Etoile North
Levi Dunn Branch Keltys
Linston Creek Huntington
Little Buck Creek Manning
Little Caney Creek Veach
Little Caney Creek Cassells-Boykin Park
Little Cedar Creek Diboll
Little Creek Redland
Loggins Creek Wolf Hill
Long Prairie Branch Zavalla
Long Prairie Branch Zavalla
Long Slough Diboll
Marion Slough Etoile North
McAdam Spring Branch Wells
McGilberry Branch Ebenezer
Mill Creek Rockland
Mill Creek Huntington
Mill Creek Redland
Moccasin Creek Platt
Moccasin Creek Keltys
Mudd Creek Cassells-Boykin Park
Odell Creek Etoile South
Oil Well Creek Boykin Spring
Old Channel Wells SW
One Eye Creek Bald Hill
Paper Mill Creek Redland
Parker Creek Ebenezer
Pophers Creek Cassells-Boykin Park
Possum Trot Creek Manning
Powell Branch Wolf Hill
Powell Branch Wolf Hill
Prairie Creek Pluck
Procella Creek Redland
Red Bayou Wells
Red Branch Manning
Red Branch Manning
Rockfounder Branch Pluck
Rocky Creek Cassells-Boykin Park
Rowan Creek Wells SW
Rowan Creek Wells SW
Salt Branch Boykin Spring
Salt Lick Branch Ebenezer
Sandy Branch Pluck
Sandy Creek Rockland
Sandy Creek Ebenezer
Sapulpa Creek Wells
Sapulpa Creek Wells
Shawnee Creek Rockland
Shoemake Branch Zavalla
Shoemake Branch Zavalla
Smith Branch Zavalla
Smith Branch Zavalla
Speir Branch Ebenezer
Spring Branch Zavalla
Spring Branch Zavalla
Stanley Creek Etoile South
Stovall Creek Wakefield
Stovall Creek Wakefield
Sulphur Spring Branch Ebenezer
Swagerty Creek Platt
Tackleg Branch Wells
Tom Creek Redland
Tubbs Creek Huntington
Turpentine Creek Rockland
Walker Slough Etoile North
Watson Branch Wells
Watson Branch Wells
White Oak Branch Boykin Spring
White Oak Creek Diboll
White Oak Creek Diboll
Wilkes Branch Boykin Spring
Willis Creek Redland
Wise Branch Wells
Zed Creek Keltys

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Angelina County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Angelina County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.