Brazoria County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Brazoria County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alligator Lake Christmas Point
Amoco Chemicals Reservoir Hoskins Mound
Angleton Fishing and Hunting Club Reservoir Lake Jackson
Archer Lake Rosharon
Ash Lake Lake Jackson
Baker Reservoir Guy
Bar X Ranch Lake Brazoria
Barnes Lake Otey
Beal Reservoir East Columbia
Bell Lake East Columbia
Bieri Lake Number 1 Danbury
Bieri Lake Number 2 Danbury
Bieri Lake Number 3 Danbury
Bieri Lake Number 4 Danbury
Bieri Lakes Danbury
Bintliff Lake East Columbia
Bird Pond Danciger
Black Ranch Lake East Columbia
Blackwell Reservoir West Columbia
Blue Lake East Columbia
Bonner Slough Rosharon
Brazoria City Reservoir Brazoria
Brazoria Reservoir Brazoria
Brazoria Reservoir Brazoria
Brazos Harbor Freeport
Brown Lake Danbury
Bryan Lake Freeport
Buffalo Camp Bayou Reservoir Lake Jackson
Cedar Lake Sea Isle
Cedar Lakes Cedar Lakes East
Chenango Lake Angleton
Chenango Pond Rosharon
Chubb Lake Oyster Creek
Churchhouse Pond Danciger
Clemens Reservoir Number 1 Lake Jackson
Clemens Reservoir Number 2 Brazoria
Club Lake Lake Jackson
Clute Lake Lake Jackson
Coale Lake Angleton
Coffee Lake Otey
Collins Lake East Columbia
Cow Lake Thompsons
Cowtrap Lake Cedar Lakes West
Cowtrap Lakes Cedar Lakes West
Cox Lake Christmas Point
Cut-Off Lake Brazoria
Dacus Lake Brazoria
Dane Lake Angleton
Dingle Lake Number 1 Liverpool
Dingle Lake Number 2 Liverpool
Division Lake Rosharon
Duck Lake Mustang Bayou
Dutch Lake Freeport
Eagle Lake Lake Jackson
Eagle Nest Lake East Columbia
East Union Bayou Freeport
Essex Bayou Oyster Creek
Evans Lake Oyster Creek
Flag Lake Lake Jackson
Flag Pond Sweeny
Follet Lake Lake Jackson
Fresh Water Lake Freeport
Garrett Lake Liverpool
Garrett Lakes Liverpool
Griffith Reservoir East Columbia
Halls Lake Sea Isle
Harris Reservoir East Columbia
Hickory Slough Pearland
Horseshoe Lake Freeport
Horseshoe Lake Brazoria
Horseshoe Lake East Columbia
Hudeck Reservoir Angleton
Jackson Lake Juliff
Jamison Lake Angleton
Jones Lake Jones Creek
Kelly Lake Angleton
Lagoon Reservoir East Columbia
Lake Barbara Lake Jackson
Lake Bend Lake Jackson
Lake Jackson Lake Jackson
Lake Jackson Juliff
Lazy C-Z Reservoir Danbury
Lemon Reservoir Danbury
Lewis Lake Angleton
Linnville Creek Reservoir Ashwood
Long Pond East Columbia
Lost Lake Christmas Point
Lostak Lake Number 1 Danbury
Mann Lake East Columbia
Manor Lake East Columbia
Markle Lake Sweeny
McCormack Reservoir Danbury
McCormack Reservoir Number 1 Danbury
McCormack Reservoir Number 2 Danbury
McCormack Reservoir Number 3 Danbury
McCormack Reservoir Number 4 Danbury
McCullough Lake Danbury
McNeal Lake Jones Creek
Monsanto Reservoir Mustang Bayou
Mowery Lake Juliff
Mustang Lake East Mustang Bayou
Mustang Lake West Mustang Bayou
Nicks Lake Christmas Point
Old Reservoir Freeport
Oyster Lake Christmas Point
Pelican Lake Jones Creek
Peltier Lakes Danbury
Rawlings Lakes Juliff
Reservoir Number 10 Danbury
Reservoir Number 17 Danbury
Reservoir Number 18 Danbury
Reservoir Number 23 Danbury
Reservoir Number 8 Danbury
Reservoir Number 9 Danbury
Rich Lake Danbury
River Lake Otey
Round Lake Oyster Creek
Sally Lake East Columbia
Salt Lake Oyster Creek
San Bernard Reservoir Number 1 Sweeny
San Bernard Reservoir Number 2 Sweeny
San Bernard Reservoir Number 3 Sweeny
Scoby Lake East Columbia
Senna Bean Lake East Columbia
Shank Lake Oyster Creek
Shy Pond Lake Jackson
Snag Lake East Columbia
Square Island Lake Oyster Creek
Stubblefield Lake Oyster Creek
Swan Lake Freeport
Tenneco Lake Number 1 East Columbia
Tenneco Lake Number 2 East Columbia
Thurmond Lake Rosharon
Tigner-Farrer Reservoir Angleton
Trunk Lake East Columbia
Turner Lake Thompsons
Ward Lake Lake Jackson
William Harris Reservoir East Columbia
Williams Lake Number 1 West Columbia
Williams Lake Number 2 West Columbia
Willow Lake Juliff
Wolf Lake Christmas Point
York Reservoir Brazoria

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Brazoria County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Brazoria County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.