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Fayette County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Fayette County

Place USGS Topo Map
Albers Branch Nechanitz
Alexander Branch Nechanitz
Allen Creek Fayetteville
Bartons Creek West Point
Baylor Creek Ammannsville
Bear Creek Warda
Bee Creek Schulenburg
Bell Branch Round Top
Bishop Branch Cistern
Black Bayou Weimar
Blackjack Creek Muldoon
Blair Branch La Grange West
Blair Creek Nechanitz
Blue Branch La Grange East
Bo Branch Cistern
Boggy Branch Round Top
Boons Creek Warda
Brushy Creek Ellinger
Brushy Creek Schulenburg
Buck Creek Round Top
Buckners Creek La Grange West
Bullfrog Branch Swiss Alp
Busby Branch Muldoon
Camp Creek Fayetteville
Cedar Branch Swiss Alp
Cedar Creek La Grange East
Cedar Creek Ammannsville
Cedar Creek La Grange West
Cedar Creek West Point
Cedar Creek Muldoon
Cedar Creek Round Top
Chandler Branch Muldoon
Clear Creek Fayetteville
Cliff Creek Industry
Coldwater Creek Flatonia
Coon Creek Round Top
Creamer Creek Swiss Alp
Criswell Creek Ammannsville
Criswell Creek West Point
Crownover Branch La Grange West
Dogwood Branch La Grange West
Dogwood Creek Muldoon
East Branch Cedar Creek West Point
Elm Branch Weimar
Elm Creek Flatonia NW
Flat Creek Round Top
Fllinger Branch Ellinger
Foster Creek Schulenburg
Gravelly Branch La Grange East
Green Creek Warda
Groce Branch Fayetteville
Hackberry Branch Schulenburg
Haw Branch Muldoon
Haw Creek Fayetteville
Hellers Branch Nechanitz
High Hill Creek La Grange East
Hill Creek La Grange West
Hog Branch Flatonia NW
Indian Creek La Grange West
Iron Ore Branch La Grange West
Jack Young Creek Muldoon
Jacks Creek Round Top
Jenny Creek Round Top
Jones Creek Fayetteville
Jones Creek Nechanitz
Jordan Creek La Grange West
Kreb Branch Industry
Kuhn Branch Round Top
Lane Pool Creek Ammannsville
Little Fivemile Creek Flatonia NW
Little Jacks Creek Round Top
Little Pin Oak Creek West Point
Live Oak Creek Muldoon
Long Prairie Branch Winchester
Middle Creek Weimar
Mile Branch Nechanitz
Miller Creek La Grange West
Mulberry Creek Schulenburg
O’Quinn Branch La Grange West
Owl Creek Warda
Pecan Creek Ammannsville
Pettys Creek Ellinger
Pin Oak Creek West Point
Pin Oak Creek Muldoon
Pin Oak Creek Cistern
Pin Oak Creek Nechanitz
Piney Creek Warda
Pool Branch Industry
Prairie Creek Swiss Alp
Rabbs Creek La Grange West
Robinson Creek West Point
Rocky Creek La Grange East
Rocky Creek Schulenburg
Rocky Creek Warda
Rocky Creek Round Top
Rocky Creek Flatonia NW
Roper Creek Ammannsville
Ross Creek Ammannsville
Saint Paul Creek Ammannsville
Salt Branch Muldoon
Shaw Creek Round Top
Shiloh Branch La Grange West
Smalley Creek La Grange West
Sock Branch Swiss Alp
Speckels Branch Nechanitz
Spencer Pool Creek Fayetteville
Spring Branch West Point
Taylor Branch La Grange West
Turkey Creek Nechanitz
Tuttle Creek Muldoon
Violets Creek Nechanitz
Walker Branch Schulenburg
Wertzner Creek La Grange East
West Brook Creek Flatonia NW
West Rocky Creek Round Top
White Creek Ammannsville
Williams Branch Round Top
Williams Creek Ammannsville
Willow Branch Industry
Woods Creek Round Top

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Fayette County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Fayette County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.