Liberty County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Liberty County

Place USGS Topo Map
6 Lakes Estates Lake Number 5 Romayor
Basin Lake Moss Bluff
Bearfoot Lake Romayor
Black Lake Romayor
Boggy Lake Moss Bluff
Boones Lake Rayburn
Brushy Lake Romayor
Buzzard Roost Lake Davis Hill
Cade Lake Davis Hill
Chain O’Lakes Romayor
Clayton Bayou Liberty
Cypress Lake Davis Hill
Cypress Lake Liberty
Cypress Pond Nome
Daniels Lake Liberty
Day Lake Liberty
Day Lake Slough Moss Bluff
Dayton Canal Company Lake Sheeks
Dayton Lake Estates Capers Ridge
Demijohn Lake Moss Bluff
Double Lakes Davis Hill
Double Pond Plum Grove
Duck Lake Moss Bluff
Duncan Lake Liberty
Duncan Lake Liberty
Enderli Reservoir Crosby
Fields Lake Davis Hill
Fitz Lake Capers Ridge
Four-H Lake Sheeks
Gaylor Lake Davis Hill
George W Maxwell Reservoir Daisetta
Gordon Lake Moss Bluff
Hanners Bend Lake Davis Hill
Hardin Lake Capers Ridge
Hardwood Lake Romayor
Hollins Lake Davis Hill
Hoop and Holler Lake Number 1 Votaw
Horseshoe Lake Liberty
Horseshoe Lake Liberty
Horseshoe Lake Davis Hill
Horseshoe Lake Romayor
Howard Lake Moss Bluff
J M Frost III Reservoir Number 3 Sheeks
J M Frost Reservoir Number 2 Sheeks
Jack Williams Lake Davis Hill
John Garner Pond Plum Grove
Josie Lake Liberty
Josie Lake Liberty
Knights Forest Lake Capers Ridge
Lake Bowie Davis Hill
Lake Forest Hardin
Lake Liberty Liberty
Lake Number 3 Romayor
Lake Number 4 Romayor
Lake Sam Davis Hill
Lease Lake Moss Bluff
Lewis Lake Capers Ridge
Little Brushy Lake Davis Hill
Long Lake Romayor
Long Lake Romayor
Lost Lake Capers Ridge
Mac Lake Shiloh
Made Lake Capers Ridge
Mason Lake Romayor
Meche Reservoir Devers
Moccasin Pond Cleveland
Mud Lake Davis Hill
Mud Lake Capers Ridge
New Old River Lake Capers Ridge
New River Lake Romayor
Old River Lake Davis Hill
Oneal Lake Romayor
Otter Lake Capers Ridge
Palmer Lake Rayburn
Payne Lake Capers Ridge
Pecan Lake Capers Ridge
Pin Oak Reservoir Plum Grove
Rayburn Lake Davis Hill
Red Bud Lake Sheeks
Reservoir Number 1 Hardin
Reservoir Number 2 Dallardsville
Rosewood Lake Capers Ridge
Round Lake Davis Hill
Rusk Number 1 Lake Shiloh
Russian Pond Plum Grove
Sand Lake Capers Ridge
Sand Lake Romayor
Silver Bit Lake Tarkington Prairie
Smith Lake Rayburn
Snag Lake Liberty
Stub Lake Romayor
Stub Lake Moss Bluff
Stumpy Lake Capers Ridge
Swinney Marsh Shiloh
Talley Lake Moss Bluff
Timber Lake Moss Bluff
Timber Lake Corrigan
Twin Lake Liberty
W Scott Frost Reservoir Number 1 Crosby
W Scott Frost Reservoir Number 3 Crosby
Ward Prairie Lakes Romayor
White Roselake Romayor
Willis Lake Davis Hill
Winter Valley Estates Lake Dayton
Wooten Lake Moss Bluff

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Liberty County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Liberty County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.