Montgomery County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Montgomery County

Place USGS Topo Map
Arrowead Lake Willis
Artesian Lake Cowl Spur
Ashe Lake Spring
Bailey Pond Fostoria
Barefoot Lake Tamina
Bart Lake Cut And Shoot
Bedias Lake Oklahoma
Bird Lake Tamina
Briar Patch Pond Splendora
Buzzard Roost Pond Outlaw Pond
Calfee Lake Shepard Hill
Camp Letcher Pond Shepard Hill
Cane Lake Tamina
Carters Lake Tamina
Chambers Lake Shepard Hill
Chambers Pond Outlaw Pond
Champion Lake Tamina
Circle Lake Magnolia East
Clifton Lake Willis
Coleman Lake Splendora
Country Club Lake Conroe
Crater Lake Cut And Shoot
Cruze Lake Outlaw Pond
Deer Lake Keenan
Deer Pond Splendora
Dobbin Lake Plantersville
Duck Pond Oklahoma
Dunwoody Lake Willis
Edna Pond Outlaw Pond
Falvey Lake Tamina
Farrells Lake Willis
Fish Lake Willis
Fling Pond Montgomery
Ford Lake Moonshine Hill
Forrest Hills Lake Tamina
Frontier Lake Willis
Glen Lake Tamina
Grand Lake Conroe
Grants Lake Tamina
Greenbriar Pond Outlaw Pond
Gum Bridge Pond Outlaw Pond
Halfway Pond Outlaw Pond
Hall Lake Magnolia East
Hayden Pond Splendora
Head Lake Outlaw Pond
Hickory Lake Cowl Spur
Hidden Forest Lake Montgomery
Hillside Lake Willis
Hulon Lake Shepard Hill
Humble Club Lake Outlaw Pond
Jackson Pond Tamina
Johnson Lake Keenan
Johnson Lakes Tamina
Kachel Lake Magnolia West
Kidd Lake Tamina
Kim Lake Keenan
Kleimann Lake Shepard Hill
Lago del Bosque Keenan
Lago Del Bosque-Lower Lake Keenan
Lago Del Bosque-Upper Lake Keenan
Lake Ann Shepard Hill
Lake Apache Magnolia East
Lake Arrowhead Number 2 Willis
Lake Arrowhead Number 3 Willis
Lake Bonanza Cowl Spur
Lake Cecil Magnolia East
Lake Conroe Cowl Spur
Lake Egypt Oklahoma
Lake Forest Cowl Spur
Lake Forest Falls Cowl Spur
Lake Harrison Tamina
Lake Hollow Magnolia East
Lake Lorraine Keenan
Lake Mount Pleasant Montgomery
Lake Paula Shepard Hill
Lake Seventyseven Keenan
Lake Wesley Shepard Hill
Lake Wildwood Cut And Shoot
Lake Woodlands Tamina
Lakeland Lake Splendora
Lee Lake Tamina
Lewis Creek Reservoir Shepard Hill
Long Lake Oklahoma
Long Pond Splendora
Magnolia Lake Cowl Spur
Mayhaw Pond Oklahoma
McRae Lake Conroe NE
Mitchell Lake Keenan
Mooney Pond Oklahoma
Near Kim Lake Keenan
Neidigk Lake Oklahoma
Neidigk Lake Oklahoma
Old Lake 177 Keenan
Panorama Lake Willis
Patterson Lake Dacus
Patton Lake Splendora
Peach Creek Lake Splendora
Peel Lake Montgomery
Perkins Pond Moonshine Hill
Pevehouse Lake Cowl Spur
Pew Pond Moonshine Hill
Phelps Lake Shepard Hill
Phillips Lake Outlaw Pond
Pin Oak Pond Outlaw Pond
Pine Lake Keenan
Pine Pond Splendora
Price Lake Willis
Rampy Lake Montgomery
Roach Pond Tamina
Rogers Lake Tamina
Round Lake Tamina
Round Pew Pond Moonshine Hill
Round Pond Moonshine Hill
Round Pond Outlaw Pond
Royal Forest Lake Willis
Rushing Springs Lake Cowl Spur
Saddle Blanket Pond Cut And Shoot
Sallas Lake Plum Grove
Scott Lake Cowl Spur
Selden Lake Willis
Shadow Lake Moonshine Hill
Shadow Lake Tamina
Shadow Lake Willis
Shepard Lake Shepard Hill
Snag Pond Outlaw Pond
Sour Pine Pond Outlaw Pond
Spring Lake Willis
Stanley Lake Montgomery
Stewart Lake Montgomery
Stone Branch Lake Cowl Spur
The Lake Conroe
Three Island Ponds Outlaw Pond
Tri Lake Number 1 Keenan
Twin Ponds Tamina
Webber Pond Tamina
Wells Pond Tamina
Williams Lake Outlaw Pond
Williamson Lake Shepard Hill
Winslow Pond Oklahoma
Woodland Lake Magnolia West

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Montgomery County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Montgomery County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.