Montgomery County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Montgomery County

Place USGS Topo Map
Antony Branch San Jacinto
Arnold Branch Magnolia East
Artesian Slough Moonshine Hill
Atkins Creek Shepard Hill
Base Creek Cowl Spur
Bay Branch San Jacinto
Bear Branch Tamina
Bee Branch Fostoria
Bell Creek Shepard Hill
Black Branch Outlaw Pond
Black Slough Outlaw Pond
Brushy Creek Rose Hill
Cagle Branch Cut And Shoot
Cain Branch Fostoria
Camp Creek Willis
Caney Creek Montgomery
Carters Slough Tamina
Carwile Creek Montgomery
Chambers Creek Shepard Hill
Chicken Creek Willis
Chicken Creek Willis
Contrary Lake Cowl Spur
Cow Branch Magnolia East
Crystal Creek Tamina
Crystal Creek Tamina
Davis Branch Magnolia East
Decker Branch Oklahoma
Dry Creek Splendora
Dry Creek Oklahoma
Duck Creek Fostoria
East Fork Crystal Creek Cut And Shoot
East Fork White Oak Creek Cowl Spur
Egypt Creek Cowl Spur
Fish Creek Cowl Spur
Garretts Creek Richards
Goat Ranch Branch Cowl Spur
Goodson Branch Magnolia East
Green Branch San Jacinto
Gulley Branch Splendora
Gum Branch Shepard Hill
Gum Branch Shepard Hill
Harpers Horsepen Branch Tamina
Hegar Branch New Waverly
Hightower Branch Fostoria
Hostetter Creek Shepard Hill
Kelly Branch San Jacinto
Kidhaw Branch Dacus
Lake Creek Conroe
Landrum Creek Keenan
Lawrence Creek Fostoria
Lewis Creek Shepard Hill
Lick Branch Plum Grove
Little Caney Branch Conroe
Little Caney Creek Tamina
Little Caney Creek Dacus
Little Caney Creek Willis
Little Caney Creek Willis
Little Lake Creek Montgomery
Live Branch Shepard Hill
Magnolia Branch Oklahoma
Maple Slough Outlaw Pond
Mare Branch Splendora
Martin Creek Keenan
McRae Creek Cut And Shoot
Milam Branch Cut And Shoot
Mink Branch Magnolia East
Mound Creek Cowl Spur
Nickaburr Creek Oklahoma
Old Boggy Slough Tamina
Peach Creek Moonshine Hill
Peach Creek Shepard Hill
Peach Creek Shepard Hill
Pole Creek Montgomery
Red Branch Fostoria
Rice Branch Tamina
Rocky Branch Plum Grove
Rush Creek Cowl Spur
Sand Branch Cowl Spur
Sand Branch Shepard Hill
Sand Branch Montgomery
Sandy Branch Tamina
Shady Run Fostoria
Shell Branch Fostoria
Shepard Branch Shepard Hill
South Branch Shepard Hill
Spring Branch Splendora
Spring Branch Splendora
Spring Branch Keenan
Stewart Creek Montgomery
Stewarts Creek Tamina
Stewarts Creek Willis
Stowe Branch Cowl Spur
Sugar Creek Hockley
Sulphur Branch Magnolia East
Threemile Creek Magnolia West
Town Creek Montgomery
Walnut Creek Rose Hill
Waterhole Branch Splendora
Weirs Creek Shepard Hill
Weirs Creek Shepard Hill
West Fork Crystal Creek Cut And Shoot
West Fork Spring Branch Cut And Shoot
West Fork White Oak Creek Cowl Spur
White Oak Creek Moonshine Hill
White Oak Creek Outlaw Pond
White Oak Creek Cowl Spur
Willow Creek Spring

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Montgomery County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Montgomery County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.