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Polk County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Polk County

Place USGS Topo Map
Ace Emanuel Branch Schwab City
Alexander Creek New Willard
Baird Branch Onalaska
Barnett Creek New Willard
Bear Creek Onalaska
Bear Creek Colita
Bear Creek Wakefield
Bear Creek Dallardsville
Beaver Creek Corrigan
Beech Creek Soda
Big Branch Pluck
Black Branch Blanchard
Blue Branch Schwab City
Bluff Creek Soda
Bridge Creek Colita
Brushy Creek Carlisle
Brushy Creek Trevat
Brushy Creek Trevat
Brushy Creek Corrigan
Bundix Branch Corrigan
Burnt-Out Creek Goodrich
Camp Branch Schwab City
Caney Creek Onalaska
Caney Creek Carlisle
Cannon Creek Hortense
Cedar Creek Colita
Choates Creek Livingston
Clear Creek Carlisle
Clear Prong Hortense
Coontop Creek Hortense
Copeland Creek Goodrich
Creeds Creek Wakefield
Crooked Creek Livingston
Dabbs Branch Camden
Dabbs Creek Camden
Deep Slough Pluck
Dickens Branch Hortense
Double Branch Segno
Double Slough Pluck
Dry Branch Schwab City
Dry Creek Wakefield
East Fork Double Branch Dallardsville
East Menard Creek Soda
East Tempe Creek Blanchard
Elm Creek Camden
Georges Creek Pluck
Hickman Creek Hortense
Indian Branch Blanchard
Isham Branch Schwab City
Jennings Branch Blanchard
Johnson Creek Corrigan
Johnsons Mill Creek Dallardsville
Jones Branch Pluck
Jones Creek Corrigan
Kennedy Creek Corrigan
Kennedy Creek Hortense
Kibble Creek New Willard
Lick Slough Pluck
Lima Branch Livingston
Lime Branch Hortense
Little Caney Creek Trevat
Little Hickory Creek Jacks Creek North
Little Kimball Creek Jacks Creek South
Long Branch Jacks Creek South
Long King Creek Goodrich
Long Tom Creek New Willard
Lower Sulphur Creek Wakefield
Magnolia Creek Onalaska
Mainer Branch Onalaska
Manning Branch Onalaska
Manton Creek Onalaska
Mathis Branch Soda
McManus Creek Wakefield
Meadow Creek Carmona
Mill Creek Dallardsville
Milton Creek New Willard
Morgan Creek Livingston
Mud Creek New Willard
Open Bottom Creek Carlisle
Paces Creek Wakefield
Piney Creek Wolf Hill
Pump Branch Carmona
Robinett Branch Onalaska
Rocky Creek Onalaska
Rocky Creek Wakefield
Saline Branch Wolf Hill
Sally Creek Schwab City
Salt Creek Trevat
Salt Creek Trevat
Sand Creek Corrigan
Sandy Branch Wakefield
Sandy Creek Onalaska
Sandy Creek New Willard
Sank Branch Onalaska
Sanson Creek Goodrich
Saxon Branch Pluck
School Branch Pluck
Second Creek Schwab City
Smith Creek Hortense
Spring Branch Hortense
Steep Hollow Branch Pluck
Sulphur Creek Pluck
Sulphur Creek Corrigan
Tempe Creek Livingston
Turkey Creek Soda
Turner Creek Goodrich
Turner Creek Schwab City
Upper Sulphur Creek Wakefield
Waterhole Creek Schwab City
West Fork Double Branch Dallardsville
West Spring Branch Soda
West Tempe Creek Blanchard
White Oak Creek Trevat
White Oak Creek Trevat
Williamson Branch Goodrich
Wills Creek Leggett
Woods Creek Jacks Creek North
Yellow Branch Schwab City

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Polk County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Polk County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.