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Shelby County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Shelby County

Place USGS Topo Map
Allen Creek Patroon South
Bailey Branch Neuville
Bayou Blue Brushy Creek
Bayou Siep Brushy Creek
Bear Bayou Garrison East
Beauchamp Creek Shelbyville
Bell Creek Shelbyville
Big Branch Brushy Creek
Big Branch Timpson
Biggers Creek Hurstown
Bivens Branch Shelbyville
Blackwater Creek Garrison East
Blankenship Creek Shelbyville
Bowen Branch Brushy Creek
Bowlin Creek Tenaha West
Brady Creek Neuville
Brawley Creek Huxley
Brittain Creek East Hamilton
Brushy Creek Brushy Creek
Brushy Creek Logansport West
Buckley Creek Patroon South
Bush Creek Center
Butler Creek Hurstown
Caney Branch Huxley
Caney Creek Shelbyville
Caney Creek Mount Herman
Carlyle Branch Shelbyville
Carroll Creek Huxley
Cave Branch Neuville
Cedar Branch Logansport West
Chambers Creek Patroon North
Chicken Bayou Tenaha East
Clark Creek Shelbyville
Clemens Branch Brushy Creek
Connell Creek Logansport West
Cooney Creek Shelbyville
Crooked Creek Hurstown
Cypress Creek Tenaha East
Doe Creek Logansport West
Dry Branch Neuville
Dry Creek Shelbyville
Dry Creek Tenaha East
Dry Fork Patroon North
Flat Fork Creek Huxley
Grannies Creek Union Springs
Grubb Creek Hurstown
Half Branch Brushy Creek
Hardage Creek Garrison East
Hilliard Creek Tenaha East
Horseshoe Slough Brushy Creek
Huana Creek Shelbyville
Indian Creek Patroon South
Irish Creek Center
Jericho Creek Tenaha East
Jones Branch Center
Jumping Branch Creek Logansport West
Kimbro Creek Neuville
Lick Branch Patroon North
Lick Creek Patroon South
Lightfoot Creek Tenaha West
Lye Creek Timpson
Martinez Bayou East Hamilton
McGrue Creek Brushy Creek
Mill Creek Shelbyville
Morris Creek Logansport West
Morrison Creek Shelbyville
Mulberry Branch Timpson
Mushotuba Creek Patroon South
Mustang Creek Patroon North
Myricks Branch Union Springs
North Bayou Blue Patroon North
Oliver Creek Center
Ox Branch Logansport West
Pauls Creek Huxley
Penson Creek Arcadia
Pettit Branch Patroon North
Petty Creek Logansport East
Plum Creek Shelbyville
Poor Joe Creek Mount Herman
Porter Creek Shelbyville
Pounds Creek Mount Herman
Powdrill Creek Mount Herman
Prairie Creek Patroon South
Prairie Creek Shelbyville
Ramsey Creek Tenaha West
Rascal Creek Hurstown
Risinger Creek Tenaha West
Sanders Creek Brushy Creek
Sandy Branch Hurstown
Sandy Creek Patroon South
Sandy Creek Martinsville
Sardis Branch Shelbyville
Seymour Watson Branch Shelbyville
Shoat Creek Tenaha East
Shofner Creek Center
Smith Creek Center
Smith Creek Tenaha East
Smith Creek Tenaha East
Smith Creek Arcadia
South Bayou Blue Patroon North
Spinney Creek Tenaha East
Stockman Creek Garrison East
Stonedive Creek Neuville
Straw Creek Neuville
Styles Creek Logansport East
Talbert Creek Shelbyville
Tenaha Bayou Huxley
Tenaha Creek Huxley
Tiger Lake Slough Brushy Creek
Town Creek Shelbyville
Tucker Branch Patroon North
Walker Creek Arcadia
Watery Creek Shelbyville
West Creek Martinsville
Wheeler Creek Arcadia
Willsie Branch Shelbyville
Wilson Creek East Hamilton
Wolf Creek Shelbyville
Woodfin Branch Neuville
Wooten Creek Hurstown
Yellow Branch Brushy Creek

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Shelby County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Shelby County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.