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Walker County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Walker County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alligator Branch Huntsville
Baldwin Creek Pine Prairie
Bear Branch Wyser Bottom
Bear Creek Steep Branch
Bethea Creek Staley
Bethea Creek Staley
Big Chinquapin Creek Moore Grove
Big Sulphur Branch Pine Prairie
Black Branch Huntsville
Black Creek Wyser Bottom
Black Creek Wyser Bottom
Boney Branch Steep Branch
Brandy Creek Maynard
Briar Creek New Waverly
Brown Branch Moore Grove
Brushy Creek Steep Branch
Burt Creek Phelps
Cabin Creek Phelps
Cane Branch Steep Branch
Caney Creek Riverside
Caney Creek Phelps
Casidy Branch Galilee
Cedar Branch Baker Lake
Cedar Creek Baker Lake
Cedar Creek Riverside
Cedar Creek Loma
Chalk Creek Trinity West
Clear Branch Richards
Cobb Creek Oakhurst
Crabb Creek Pine Prairie
Dennis Branch Loma
Dillard Creek Trinity West
Dry Creek Huntsville
East Fork Harmon Creek Phelps
East Fork Tanyard Branch Huntsville
East Sandy Creek Moore Grove
East Sulphur Branch Wyser Bottom
East Sulphur Branch Wyser Bottom
Elder Creek Phelps
Era Branch Galilee
Eve Branch Wyser Bottom
Fivemile Branch Moore Grove
Ford Branch Phelps
Goodridge Creek New Waverly
Gourd Creek New Waverly
Graveyard Creek Wyser Bottom
Gum Branch Crabbs Prairie
Gum Branch Galilee
Gum Branch Loma
Hadley Creek Pine Prairie
Harmon Creek Riverside
Harper Branch Wyser Bottom
Horse Branch Huntsville
Jenkins Branch Wyser Bottom
Kay Branch Baker Lake
Lee Branch San Jacinto
Little Chinquapin Creek Moore Grove
Little Chinquapin Creek Moore Grove
Little School Branch Pine Prairie
Manning Branch Crabbs Prairie
Maple Branch Moore Grove
Mays Creek Phelps
McDonald Creek San Jacinto
McGary Creek Galilee
Melton Branch Wyser Bottom
Mill Branch Loma
Mock Branch Galilee
Neely Spring Branch Loma
Nelson Creek Wyser Bottom
Nelson Creek Wyser Bottom
Pain Branch Galilee
Parker Creek Riverside
Pea Creek Maynard
Persimmon Creek Moore Grove
Phelps Creek Phelps
Pine Creek Crabbs Prairie
Plum Creek Moore Grove
Pole Cat Branch San Jacinto
Polecat Branch Wyser Bottom
Possum Branch Pine Prairie
Post Oak Branch Pine Prairie
Prairie Branch Moore Grove
Red Oak Creek Riverside
Rhodes Creek New Waverly
Roark Creek Oakhurst
Robins Creek Phelps
Robinson Branch Galilee
Robinson Creek San Jacinto
Rocky Branch Crabbs Prairie
Rocky Branch Richards
Rocky Creek Riverside
Rocky Creek Galilee
Rocky Creek New Waverly
Rocky Creek Loma
Salty Creek Steep Branch
Sand Branch Loma
Sand Creek Moore Grove
Schoolhouse Branch Steep Branch
Scott Branch Galilee
Shepherd Creek Phelps
Sixmile Branch Pine Prairie
Smith Branch Moore Grove
South Fork South Bedias Creek Steep Branch
Spring Branch Huntsville
Spring Creek Riverside
Sulphur Branch Crabbs Prairie
Sulphur Creek Steep Branch
Sutton Creek Staley
Tan Yard Branch Riverside
Thickett Branch Phelps
Thompson Branch Wyser Bottom
Thompson Creek Pine Prairie
Town Branch Pine Prairie
Turkey Creek Riverside
Turkey Creek Trinity West
Wayne Creek Phelps
Welch Branch Galilee
West Carolina Creek Staley
West Sandy Creek San Jacinto
West Sulphur Branch Wyser Bottom
West Turkey Creek Trinity West
White Oak Branch Steep Branch
White Oak Creek Wyser Bottom
White Oak Creek Wyser Bottom
White Oak Creek Galilee
Whites Creek Trinity West
Wolf Branch Pine Prairie
Wright Creek Wyser Bottom

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Walker County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Walker County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.