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Wood County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Wood County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adkins Lake Mineola
Aley Wine Lake Quitman
Andrews Lake Quitman
Beckham Lake Mineola
Big L Lake Golden
Big Woods Spring Lake Rhonesboro
Bobo Lake Hainesville
Boggy Lake Shady Grove
Bradford Lake Hawkins
Brittains Lake Golden
Brooks Lake Shady Grove
Brooks Lake Hainesville
Brumley Lake Crow
Brushy Lake Quitman
Butler Lake Golden
Camp Lake Hainesville
Case Lake Calvary
Cedar Lake Golden
Champion Lake Calvary
Childress Pond Shady Grove
Crane Lake Pleasant Grove
Crones Pond Cartwright
Crystal Lake Quitman
Deep Eddy Shady Grove
Dobbs Lake Hainesville
Evans Lake Mineola
Forkview Lake Quitman
Garner Lake Mineola
George Slough Quitman
Glaspy Lake Shady Grove
Greens Lake Quitman
Grinnel Lake Cartwright
Gunstream Lake Number 1 Rhonesboro
Gunstream Lake Number 2 Rhonesboro
Gunstream Lakes Rhonesboro
Haines Lake Hainesville
Hannah Lake Quitman
Harris Lake Quitman
Hayes Lake Calvary
Herrin Lake Quitman
Highland Pond Shady Grove
Holly Lake Shady Grove
Horseshoe Lake Rhonesboro
Indian Mound Lake Hainesville
Johnson Lake Rhonesboro
Kendall Lake Calvary
Kim-Juan Lake Golden
Kindle Lake Calvary
Lake Brenda Mineola
Lake Fork Reservoir Calvary
Lake Greenbriar Shady Grove
Lake Greenbriar Kennedale
Lake Hawkins Hainesville
Lake Holbrook Golden
Lake Louise Grand Saline
Lake Lydia Quitman
Lake O the Woods Hainesville
Lake Quitman Quitman
Lake Timado Quitman
Lake Winnsboro Winnsboro
Lemon Lake Rhonesboro
Little Sandy Club Lake Crow
Long Lake Cartwright
Long Lake Mineola
Lower West Lake Hainesville
Midway Lake Cartwright
Mineola Club Lake Mineola
Moore Lake Shady Grove
New Wells Lake Quitman
New Wells Lake Number 1 Quitman
Overton Lake Crow
Puckett Lake Hainesville
Quitman Club Lake Quitman
Redland Acres Lake Hainesville
Rock Falls Lake Mineola
Round Lake Cartwright
Sand Springs Lake Golden
Shapps Lake Mineola
Shield Lake Quitman
Shiner Pond Newsome
Shipps Lake Hainesville
Silver Lake Golden
Springview Lake Mineola
Sundowner Lake Mineola
Tarkill Lake Cartwright
Taylor Lake Calvary
The Round Holes Mineola
Upper West Lake Hainesville
Vickory Lake Mineola
Wells Lake Quitman
Wells Lake Number 2 Quitman
Wells Lake Number 4 Quitman
Wells Lake Number 5 Quitman
West Lakes Hainesville
Wheeler Lake Winnsboro
Wisenbaker Lake Hainesville
Woods Lake Alba
Woodvale Lake Mineola

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Wood County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Wood County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.