Tides for Fishing


So where should you look for information on tides for fishing? Below are some links to quickly find tide charts and tide tables for fishing spots near you.

At some point during the year those of us living along the coast will probably put a line into saltwater. It doesn’t matter if you are trolling with downriggers, casting a line from shore, or dropping crab pots, it’s good to know two things – the weather forecast and the tides. If you are in a boat, the tides and weather combo can indicate wave action and, therefore, how safe it is to head out from the marina. Learn more about tides and boating here. For shore and surf casting knowing the tides can help increase your chances for success.

Well one of our favorite tide sites is probably one you haven’t heard of American Tides. They have taken tide data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and presented it well with a map to find tide stations near your location.

Of course, the NOAA website has all the same information, but it is cumbersome and more difficult to read. We have also found some of their tide pages not working recently.

There are several good mobile apps with tide charts and tide tables. Check the reviews in the app store on your smart phone to avoid downloading something that is clunky, slow, or difficult to read.

Be safe out on the water and happy fishing!


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