Tying Common Fishing Knots

Fishermen have many methods to tie a fishing knot. This article describes step by step how to tie three of the most commonly used fishing knots. Practicing these knots until you are proficient is a great way to make sure that your line is secure so you do not lose the trophy fish you are fighting.


Arbor Knot
1. Thread the line around the reel arbor.
2. Tie an overhand knot around the line itself. This is looping around once then back through.
3. Tie a second overhand knot in the tag end. This is behind the original knot and keeps the line from slipping through the first.
4. Make sure both knots are pulled tight. Cut off the excess line behind the tag.
5. Slide the first overhand knot down the line to tighten it around the reel arbor.




Clinch Knot
1. Thread the line through the eye of the hook.
2. Double back, or loop around, the line five times.
3. Pass the end of the line through the first loop. Then pass it through the large loop that you just created when you passed the end of the line through the first loop.
4. Draw the knot into shape gently. This is after you pass the line back through the first loop. If you do this incorrectly you will have to start over.
5. Slide the coils down tight against the eye of the hook. The knot is complete and will look like a noose.

Trilene Knot
1. Thread the line through the eye of the hook then double back through the eye again.
2. Hold the hook in your left hand and standing line in your right.
3. Loop the tag end around the standing line six times.
4. Feed the tag end through the loop from step 1.
5. Tighten the knot gently by pulling the tag end and the standing line. You can moisten the line to help tighten the knot. Cut any excess off the tag end down to 1/8 of an inch.


  • Have some patience.
  • You will probably not make a good knot on your first attempt.
  • Have an experienced fisherman help you out.
  • The owners of local bait and tackle shops will usually help you a great deal.

Warnings: Careful with the hooks! It does not feel good to get stabbed with a hook that has a barb on it.


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