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Beaver County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Beaver County

Place USGS Topo Map
Anderson Meadow Reservoir Circleville Mountain
Anderson Meadow Reservoir Circleville Mountain
Big Wash Debris Basin Reservoir Minersville
Big Wash Reservoir Milford
Birch Lake Circleville Mountain
Blue Lake Mount Belknap
Brimstone Reservoir Frisco SW
Burns Knoll Reservoir Burns Knoll
Cactus Pond Ninemile Knoll
CCC Pond Greenville Bench
CCC Reservoir Lamerdorf Peak NW
Central Pine Reservoir Lamerdorf Peak NW
Chamisa Reservoir Lamerdorf Peak NW
Cow Track Reservoir Pine Valley Hardpan South
Cys Cache Shelly Baldy Peak
Dead Horse Reservoir Thermo
Deer Lake Circleville Mountain
Desert Ranch Reservoir Pine Valley Hardpan South
Dutchman Reservoir Wah Wah Cove
Electric Fence Reservoir Pine Valley Hardpan South
Granite Peak Reservoir Adamsville
Grover Wash Reservoir Frisco SW
Hi Low Lake Shelly Baldy Peak
Howards Pond Greenville Bench
Indian Creek Reservoir Mount Belknap
Jims Reservoir Greenville Bench
Kents Lake Circleville Mountain
LeBaron Lake Circleville Mountain
Little Dry Lake Gillies Hill
Little Reservoir Shelly Baldy Peak
Lower Big Wash Reservoir Milford
Lower Kents Lake Circleville Mountain
Mackleprang Reservoir Observation Knoll
Manderfield Reservoir Mount Belknap
Middle Kents Lake Number Two Circleville Mountain
Miners Hill Reservoir Frisco SW
Minersville Reservoir Minersville Reservoir
Mirror Lake Delano Peak
Morris Pond Greenville Bench
Moscow Reservoir Picacho Peak
Mound Pond Ninemile Knoll
Mud Lake Kane Canyon
Mud Lake Circleville Mountain
Mud Lake Mount Belknap
Mumford Reservoir Circleville Mountain
Newhouse Reservoir Wah Wah Cove
Otter Lake Delano Peak
Pine Grove Reservoir Pine Grove Reservoir
Puffer Lake Delano Peak
Red Cove Reservoir Lamerdorf Peak NW
Robinson-Tanner Reservoir Beaver
Rock Lake Circleville Mountain
Rocky Ford Reservoir Minersville Reservoir
Rocky Reservoir Circleville Mountain
Salt Cove Reservoir Pinnacle Pass
Sand Pond Milford Flat
Sand Pond Ninemile Knoll
Senseball Lake Circleville Mountain
Sheep Creek Reservoir Observation Knoll
The Big Wash Reservoir Milford NW
Three Creeks Reservoir Shelly Baldy Peak
Twin Lakes Shelly Baldy Peak
Upper Kents Lake Circleville Mountain
Wah Wah Reservoir Wallaces Peak
West Point Reservoir Milford
Willow Lake Circleville Mountain
Wintch Reservoir Wallaces Peak
Wood Lake Circleville Mountain
Woods Reservoir Pine Grove Reservoir

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Beaver County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Beaver County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.