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Box Elder County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Box Elder County

Place USGS Topo Map
Appledale Slough Bear River City
Baker Slough Locomotive Springs
Bar M Slough Locomotive Springs
Basin Creek Buck Hollow
Bear River Mouth of Bear River
Bettridge Creek Crater Island SW
Big Creek Mantua
Big Pole Creek Buck Hollow
Birch Creek Warm Spring Hills
Black Hills Creek Rosette
Black Slough Willard
Blue Creek Thatcher Mountain SW
Box Elder Creek Brigham City
Camp Creek Grouse Creek
Charleston Creek Yost
Clarks Basin Creek Dennis Hill
Cold Springs Creek Plain City
Cotton Creek Russian Knoll
Cotton Creek Kimbell Creek
Cottonwood Creek Potters Creek
Cottonwood Creek Cutler Dam
Cucchi Fork Park Valley
Dairy Valley Creek Toms Cabin Spring
Dam Creek Mount Pisgah
Death Creek Grouse Creek
Deep Creek Crocodile Mountain NE
Dove Creek Hogup Bar
Duffy Creek Curlew Junction
Ed Richie Creek Ingham Canyon
Etna Creek Toms Cabin Spring
Facer Creek Willard
First Creek Kimbell Creek
Grouse Creek Lemay Island
Hansel Valley Wash Salt Wells
Hubbard Creek Cotton Thomas Basin
Indian Creek Black Butte
Joe Dahar Creek Kimbell Creek
Jones Creek Standrod
Junction Creek Buck Hollow
Kimbell Creek Ingham Canyon
Lake Fork Rosevere Point
Left Hand Fork Dove Creek Dennis Hill
Left Hand Fork Johnson Creek Yost
Left Hand Fork Pine Creek Rosette
Little Birch Creek Warm Spring Hills
Little Pole Creek Buck Hollow
Little Pole Creek Kimbell Creek
Long Birch Creek Rosette
Long Creek Cotton Thomas Basin
Long Moore Creek Lynn Reservoir
Lynn Creek Buck Hollow
Mahogany Creek Cotton Thomas Basin
Malad River Brigham City
Maple Creek Mantua
Middle Fork Dove Creek Dennis Hill
Mill Run Brigham City
Muddy Creek Terrace Mountain West
North Fork Hardesty Creek Pole Creek
North Fork Indian Creek Rosevere Point
North Fork Pine Creek Kimbell Creek
North Fork Red Butte Creek Ingham Canyon
Off Slough Locomotive Springs
Perry Basin Willard
Pine Creek Ingham Canyon
Pine Creek Rosette
Pine Creek Cotton Thomas Basin
Poison Creek Kimbell Creek
Potters Creek Potters Creek
Quaking Aspen Creek Kimbell Creek
Red Butte Creek Grouse Creek
Reeder Overflow Willard
Right Fork Clear Creek Rosevere Point
Right Fork Onemile Creek Standrod
Right Hand Fork Dove Creek Dennis Hill
Right Hand Fork Johnson Creek Yost
Right Hand Fork Pine Creek Rosette
Rosebud Creek Terrace Mountain West
Rosevere Fork Rosevere Point
Round Birch Creek Rosette
Salt Creek Brigham City
Salt Creek Tremonton
Second Salt Creek Plain City SW
Short Creek Cotton Thomas Basin
South Creek Buck Hollow
South Fork George Creek Standrod
South Fork Hardesty Creek Pole Creek
South Fork Indian Creek Black Butte
South Fork Johnson Creek Yost
South Fork Junction Creek Buck Hollow
South Fork Pine Creek Ingham Canyon
South Fork Red Butte Creek Ingham Canyon
Sparks Slough Locomotive Springs
Spring Creek Dennis Hill
Straight Fork Creek Grouse Creek
Sulphur Creek Bear River City
Teal Slough Locomotive Springs
Tenmile Creek Kelton Pass SE
Thousand Springs Creek Lucin
Threemile Creek Willard
Tom Sherry Creek Cotton Thomas Basin
Toms Cabin Creek Toms Cabin Spring
Warm Creek Grouse Creek
West Fork Willard Creek Willard
West Locomotive Slough Locomotive Springs
Willard Creek Willard
Willow Creek Whistler Canal
Willow Creek Cutler Dam
Woods Creek Whistler Canal

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Box Elder County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Box Elder County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.