Duchesne County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Duchesne County

Place USGS Topo Map
Allen Lake Hayden Peak
Allen Lake Mount Emmons
Allred Lake Mount Emmons
Amy Lake Hayden Peak
Anderson Lake Explorer Peak
Ant Reservoirs Dark Canyon
Arta Lake Grandaddy Lake
Aspen Lake Kidney Lake
Atwine Lake Kidney Lake
Audry Lake Tworoose Pass
B-29 Lake Mount Emmons
Baum Lake Kidney Lake
Bear Lake Tworoose Pass
Bedground Lake Hayden Peak
Bench Lake Explorer Peak
Betsy Lake Grandaddy Lake
Big Dog Lake Kidney Lake
Big Lake Tabby Mountain
Big Sand Wash Reservoir Bluebell
Big Sand Wash Reservoir Bluebell
Bills Lake Bollie Lake
Black Lake Explorer Peak
Blue Lake Hayden Peak
Bluebell Lake Garfield Basin
Blythe Lake Hayden Peak
Bollie Lake Bollie Lake
Bonnie Lake Mirror Lake
Boot Lake Explorer Peak
Bowden Lake Fox Lake
Brinkley Lake Explorer Peak
Brook Lake Fox Lake
Brooks Lake Hayden Peak
Brown Duck Lake Kidney Lake
Browns Draw Reservoir Neola NW
Bud Lake Hayden Peak
Butte Reservoir Pariette Draw SW
Butterfly Lake Hayden Peak
Cabin Lake Tworoose Pass
Carl Lake Grandaddy Lake
Carolyn Lake Hayden Peak
Carrol Lake Mount Emmons
Castle Lake Mirror Lake
Cedar View Reservoir Heller Lake
Center Timothy Lake Mount Emmons
Chain Lakes Mount Emmons
Chepeta Lake Chepeta Lake
Cirque Lake Rasmussen Lakes
Clement Lake Oweep Creek
Cleveland Lake Chepeta Lake
Cleveland Lake Oweep Creek
Cliff Lake Paradise Park
Coleman Reservoir Crow Knoll
Continent Lake Explorer Peak
Craig Lake Fox Lake
Crater Lake Explorer Peak
Crescent Lake Fox Lake
Dale Lake Hayden Peak
Davis Lakes Fox Lake
Daynes Lake Hayden Peak
Dean Lake Hayden Peak
Deer Lake Mount Emmons
Diamond Lake Tworoose Pass
Dime Lake Fox Lake
Divide Lake Fox Lake
Docs Lake Tworoose Pass
Doll Lake Garfield Basin
Doug Lake Explorer Peak
Drift Lake Garfield Basin
East Carroll Lake Mount Emmons
East Cart Hollow Reservoir Ice Cave Peak
East Slide Lake Oweep Creek
East Timothy Lake Mount Emmons
Echo Lake Mirror Lake
Elbow Lake Chepeta Lake
Emerald Lake Mirror Lake
Evermann Lake Hayden Peak
Fall Lakes Explorer Peak
Farmers Lake Garfield Basin
Farney Lake Hayden Peak
Faxon Lake Hayden Peak
Fehr Lake Mirror Lake
Fern Lake Grandaddy Lake
Fish Hatchery Lake Hayden Peak
Five Point Lake Garfield Basin
Fourth Chain Lake Mount Emmons
Fox Lake Fox Lake
Francis Lake Explorer Peak
Frog Lake Rasmussen Lakes
Gatman Lake Hayden Peak
Gem Lake Mirror Lake
Gem Lake Garfield Basin
Gladys Lake Hayden Peak
Governor Dern Lake Hayden Peak
Grandaddy Lake Grandaddy Lake
Grant Hansen Reservoir Number Three Duchesne NE
Grayling Lake Mount Emmons
Hades Lake Grandaddy Lake
Hancock Reservoir Myton
Hayes Ponds Fruitland
Heart Lake Grandaddy Lake
Helen Lake Explorer Peak
Heller Lake Heller Lake
Hidden Lake Rasmussen Lakes
Hoover Lake Hayden Peak
Horseshoe Lake Tworoose Pass
Horseshoe Lake Oweep Creek
Hyatt Lake Hayden Peak
Island Lake Bollie Lake
Island Lake Kidney Lake
Jack and Jill Lakes Explorer Peak
Jean Lake Hayden Peak
Jeff Lake Hayden Peak
Jodie Lake Explorer Peak
Jordan Lake Hayden Peak
Kidney Lake Kidney Lake
Kidney Lakes Fox Lake
Kings Lake Mount Powell
Krebs Lake Mount Emmons
Lake Atwood Mount Emmons
Lake Boreham Bridgeland
Lake George Beard Kings Peak
LaMarla Lake Grandaddy Lake
Lambert Lake Oweep Creek
Larvae Lake Rasmussen Lakes
LeConte Lake Hayden Peak
Ledge Lake Explorer Peak
Lightning Lake Hayden Peak
Lily Lake Bollie Lake
Lily Pad Lake Tworoose Pass
Lily Pad Lake Hayden Peak
Lily Pad Lakes Mount Emmons
Little Dog Lake Kidney Lake
Little Lake Tabby Mountain
Little Superior Lake Garfield Basin
Lodgepole Lake Grandaddy Lake
Lost Lake Hayden Peak
Lower Burnt Mill Spring Reservoir Burnt Mill Spring
Lower Carroll Lake Mount Emmons
Lower Chain Lake Bollie Lake
Lower Lake Rabbit Gulch
Lower Ottoson Lake Explorer Peak
Lower Rock Lake Rasmussen Lakes
Maba Lake Hayden Peak
Margie Lake Hayden Peak
Margo Lake Hayden Peak
Marsell Lake Grandaddy Lake
Marshall Lake Hayden Peak
McKune Lake Burnt Mill Spring
Meadow Lake Bollie Lake
Mid Lake Tworoose Pass
Middle Chain Lake Mount Emmons
Middle Rock Lake Rasmussen Lakes
Milk Lake Tworoose Pass
Milk Lake Kings Peak
Milk Lake Garfield Basin
Mirror Lake Mirror Lake
Moccasin Lake Chepeta Lake
Mohawk Lake Grandaddy Lake
Moon Lake Kidney Lake
Moosehorn Lake Mirror Lake
Morat Lakes Hayden Peak
Mud Lake Kidney Lake
Mud Spring Reservoir Number 1 Burnt Mill Spring
Mud Spring Reservoir Number 3 Burnt Mill Spring
Myton City Reservoir Myton
Nephi Pond Dark Canyon
North Star Lake Mount Powell
Oke Doke Lake Mount Emmons
Olga Lake Hayden Peak
Ouray Lake Explorer Peak
Packard Lake Hayden Peak
Painter Lakes Kings Peak
Palisade Lake Hayden Peak
Papoose Lake Chepeta Lake
Papoose Lake Chepeta Lake
Pass Lake Mirror Lake
Pearl Lake Mirror Lake
Phinney Lake Explorer Peak
Picture Lake Oweep Creek
Picturesque Lake Mirror Lake
Pine Island Lake Hayden Peak
Pinto Lake Hayden Peak
Point Lake Rasmussen Lakes
Pole Creek Lake Rasmussen Lakes
Pot Holes Rasmussen Lakes
Powell Lake Hayden Peak
Pyramid Lake Mirror Lake
Queant Lake Chepeta Lake
Rainbow Lake Hayden Peak
Rainbow Lake Fox Lake
Range Lake Hayden Peak
Rasmussen Lakes Rasmussen Lakes
Reader Lakes Chepeta Lake
Reconnaissance Lake Explorer Peak
Red Cliff Lake Grandaddy Lake
Red Creek Reservoir Tabby Mountain
Red Creek Reservoir Tabby Mountain
Roberts Lake Mount Emmons
Rock Lake Farm Creek Peak
Rock Lakes Explorer Peak
Rosalie Lake Hayden Peak
Rudolph Lake Tworoose Pass
Samuels Lake Fox Lake
Scout Lake Mirror Lake
Scudder Lake Hayden Peak
Sea Lion Lake Explorer Peak
Shadow Lake Grandaddy Lake
Shale Lake Hayden Peak
Shaler Lake Hayden Peak
Shamrock Lake Explorer Peak
Sheep Reservoir Crow Knoll
Shepard Lake Mirror Lake
Slide Lake Explorer Peak
Snyder Reservoir Myton SE
Sonny Lake Grandaddy Lake
Spider Lake Garfield Basin
Splash Dam Lake Grandaddy Lake
Spruce Springs Reservoir Iron Mine Mountain
Squaw Lake Explorer Peak
Starvation Reservoir Duchesne
Stewart Lake Oweep Creek
Summit Lake Dry Mountain
Superior Lake Garfield Basin
Survey Lake Grandaddy Lake
Swasey Lakes Garfield Basin
Tadpole Lake Hayden Peak
Taylor Lake Chepeta Lake
Thompson Lake Explorer Peak
Three Lakes Oweep Creek
Timothy Creek Reservoir Burnt Mill Spring
Timothy Lakes Mount Emmons
Toquer Lake Garfield Basin
Triangle Lake Explorer Peak
Tungsten Lake Garfield Basin
Twin Lakes Oweep Creek
Twin Ponds Gray Head Peak
Twin Pots Reservoir Lake Fork Mountain
Tworoose Lake Tworoose Pass
Uintah Lake Hayden Peak
Upper Carroll Lake Mount Emmons
Upper Chain Lake Mount Emmons
Upper Ottoson Lake Explorer Peak
Upper Rock Lake Rasmussen Lakes
Upper Stillwater Reservoir Tworoose Pass
Verlie Lake Fox Lake
Verrill Lake Hayden Peak
Walcott Lake Hayden Peak
Walk-Up Lake Chepeta Lake
Wall Lake Bollie Lake
Water Lily Lake Burnt Mill Spring
Water Lily Lake Burnt Mill Spring
Weeping Ledge Lake Fox Lake
West Timothy Lake Mount Emmons
White Miller Lake Mount Emmons
Wigwam Lake Chepeta Lake
Wigwam Reservoir Chepeta Lake
Wild Goose Lake Bollie Lake
Wilder Lake Hayden Peak
Wilderness Lake Fox Lake
Workman Lake Whiterocks Lake
Wyman Lake Hayden Peak
Yellowstone Power Diversion Reservoir Burnt Mill Spring
Young Lake Explorer Peak

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Duchesne County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Duchesne County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.