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Emery County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Emery County

Place USGS Topo Map
Aldys Hole Bob Hill Knoll
Antelope Valley Number Three Reservoir Keg Knoll
Barewire Pond The Cap
Baseball Pond The Cap
Big Hole Chimney Rock
Big Hole Pond Chimney Rock
Big Pond Keg Knoll
Black Dragon Reservoir Drowned Hole Draw
Blue Flat Reservoir Mussentuchit Flat
Blue Pond Buckhorn Reservoir
Broken Pond Big Bend Draw
Buckhorn Reservoir Buckhorn Reservoir
Buckhorn Reservoir Buckhorn Reservoir
Buckmaster Reservoir Jessies Twist
C C C Pond Cleveland
Canyon Pond Short Canyon
Cat Pond Buckhorn Reservoir
Chris Pond Big Bend Draw
Cinderella Reservoir Horn Silver Gulch
Cleveland Reservoir Candland Mountain
Cloyds Pond Buckhorn Reservoir
Clyde and Neils Pond Big Bend Draw
Cow Flat Reservoir Cow Flats
Desert Lake Cleveland
Desert Reservoir Number 2 Cliff
Dinner Pond Mussentuchit Flat
Diversion Hollow Debris Basin Reservoir Ferron
Dog Hollow Reservoir Short Canyon
Dog Ponds Bob Hill Knoll
Drought Relief Reservoir Buckhorn Reservoir
Dry Pond Devils Hole
Dry X Reservoir Short Canyon
Dugway Reservoir Cow Flats
Dutch Flat Reservoir Molen
Electric Lake Candland Mountain
Emery Plant Reservoir Castle Dale
Forked Post Pond San Rafael Knob
Goodwater Reservoir Mounds
Guymon Pond Buckhorn Reservoir
Hadden Pit Cleveland
Hadden Reservoir Cleveland
Hatt Reservoir Jessies Twist
Horse Bench Reservoir Horse Bench East
Horse Heaven Reservoir The Frying Pan
Huntington Lake Huntington
Huntington Reservoir Hiawatha
Hyde Draw Reservoir Arsons Garden
Indian Hollow Debris Basin Reservoir Ferron
J J Reservoir Buckhorn Reservoir
Jim Wilson Reservoir Buckhorn Reservoir
Job Corps Pond Buckhorn Reservoir
Joes Holes Chimney Rock
Joes Valley Reservoir Joes Valley Reservoir
Johansen Pond Hadden Holes
Jorgensen Pond Buckhorn Reservoir
Kiahtipes Reservoir Woodside
Kirby Pond Keg Knoll
Lews Hole Chimney Rock
Little Blue Pond Cow Flats
Little Holes Bob Hill Knoll
Lone Tree Reservoir Short Canyon
Long Point Number 3 Reservoir The Cap
Lynns Pond Buckhorn Reservoir
Merrials Pond Hadden Holes
Midway Reservoir Mounds
Millsite Reservoir Ferron
Moonshine Waterhole Devils Hole
Mounds Reservoir Mounds
Mussentuchit Reservoir Mussentuchit Flat
Ninemile Reservoir Jessies Twist
Old Ramage Pond Cleveland
Olsen Reservoir Olsen Reservoir
Olsen Reservoir Olsen Reservoir
Orsons Pond Bob Hill Knoll
Oscars Pond Horn Silver Gulch
Petes Hole Buckhorn Reservoir
Pilling Pond Cow Flats
Potters Ponds South Tent Mountain
Rattlesnake Reservoir Drowned Hole Draw
Red Point Reservoir Horn Silver Gulch
Reeds Pond Mussentuchit Flat
Reid Neilson Reservoir The Blocks
Road End Reservoir Mussentuchit Flat
Road Hollow Reservoir The Wickiup
Rochester Reservoir Short Canyon
Rock Reservoir Short Canyon
Round Knoll Pond The Wickiup
Russel Pond Cleveland
Saleratus Reservoir Dry Mesa
Sand Bench Reservoir Short Canyon
Sand Pond Buckhorn Reservoir
Saucer Basin Reservoir Moonshine Wash
Short Canyon Reservoir Short Canyon
Sids Reservoir The Wickiup
Sinkhole Reservoir Drowned Hole Draw
Slaughter Slopes Reservoir Ireland Mesa
Smith Pond Dry Mesa
Snow Lake Mahogany Point
South Ferron Reservoir Short Canyon
South Sand Reservoir Horn Silver Gulch
Southeast Mounds Reservoir Mounds
State Pond Twin Knolls
Straight Hollow North Debris Basin Reservoir Ferron
Straight Hollow South Debris Basin Reservoir Ferron
Summit Pond Bob Hill Knoll
Swazy Hole Bob Hill Knoll
The Big Pond Twin Knolls
Three Coves Reservoir The Wickiup
Trail Reservoir Jessies Twist
Twin Ponds Short Canyon
Utah Power and Light Ash Reservoir Castle Dale
Wedge Pond Number 1 Buckhorn Reservoir
Wedge Pond Number 2 Sids Mountain
Wedge Pond Number 4 Sids Mountain
West Clawson Reservoir The Cap
Wests Reservoir Mussentuchit Flat
Woodpile Pond Twin Knolls
Wrigley Springs Reservoir Flagstaff Peak
Zwahlen Wash Debris Basin Reservoir Ferron

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Emery County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Emery County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.