Garfield County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Garfield County

Place USGS Topo Map
Antimony Lake Antimony
Auger Hole Lake Big Lake
Baker Lake Deer Creek Lake
Bakeskillet Lake Jacobs Reservoir
Barker Reservoir Barker Reservoir
Barney Lake Jacobs Reservoir
Barney Reservoir Seep Flat
Bastian Reservoir Cass Creek Peak
Bear Lake Jacobs Reservoir
Bendder Pond Fremont Pass
Bess Lake Blind Lake
Big Lake Big Lake
Big Lake Deer Creek Lake
Big Swale Reservoir Number 1 Pollywog Lake
Big Swale Reservoir Number 2 Pollywog Lake
Black Lake Jacobs Reservoir
Blue Grass Lake Lower Bowns Reservoir
Blue Lake Barker Reservoir
Blue Lake Jacobs Reservoir
Bowns Lake Lower Bowns Reservoir
Bowns Reservoir Lower Bowns Reservoir
Bucket Hollow Reservoir Bull Rush Peak
Bug Lake Grass Lakes
Butterfly Lake Big Lake
Cameron Wash Reservoir Number 1 Flake Mountain East
Cass Creek Reservoir Cass Creek Peak
Chriss Lake Deer Creek Lake
Chuck Lake Government Point
Circle Lake Deer Creek Lake
Corner Reservoir Pollywog Lake
Corral Flat Reservoir Phonolite Hill
Coyote Hollow Reservoir Pollywog Lake
Coyote Lake Fremont Pass
Coyote Reservoir Cass Creek Peak
Crater Lake Deer Creek Lake
Cresecent Lake Deer Creek Lake
Cuddyback Lake Jacobs Reservoir
Cyclone Lake Posy Lake
Dan Day Reservoir Antimony
Dark Valley Lake Jacobs Reservoir
Death Hollow Reservoir Number 1 Flossie Knoll
Death Hollow Reservoir Number 2 Flossie Knoll
Death Ridge Reservoir Death Ridge
Deer Creek Lake Deer Creek Lake
Deer Lakes Deer Creek Lake
Divide Lake Deer Creek Lake
Dog Lake Sage Valley
Donkey Lake Roger Peak
Dry Lake Fremont Pass
Dry Lake Haycock Mountain
Dry Lake Pollywog Lake
Dry Lake Jacobs Reservoir
Dry Lake Posy Lake
East Boulder Lakes Deer Creek Lake
East Lake Deer Creek Lake
Elbow Lake Blind Lake
Five Lakes Jacobs Reservoir
Flat Lake Barker Reservoir
Four Lakes Jacobs Reservoir
Granite Pond Fremont Pass
Grass Lake Deer Creek Lake
Grass Lakes Grass Lakes
Green Lake Posy Lake
Green Lake Deer Creek Lake
Halfmoon Lake Deer Creek Lake
Hay Lakes Pollywog Lake
Horse Lake Red Creek Reservoir
Horse Lake Sweetwater Creek
Horseshoe Lake Deer Creek Lake
Indian Spring Reservoir Big Lake
Jacobs Reservoir Jacobs Reservoir
Joe Lay Reservoir Barker Reservoir
Joes Pond Fremont Pass
Johnson Storage Reservoir Cannonville
Jones Corral Reservoir Mount Dutton
Judd Pasture Troughs Flake Mountain West
Kings Pasture Reservoir Deer Creek Lake
Lake in the Flat Meadow Blind Lake
Lake Philo Big Lake
Ledge Lake Deer Creek Lake
Lone Cedar Reservoir Turkey Knob
Long Lake Lower Bowns Reservoir
Long Willow Bottom Reservoir Barker Reservoir
Lost Lake Pollywog Lake
Lost Spring Reservoir Lost Spring
Lost Spring Reservoir Pollywog Lake
Lower Barker Reservoir Barker Reservoir
Lower Bowns Reservoir Lower Bowns Reservoir
Maidenwater Reservoir Black Table
Marks Pond Bull Rush Peak
McGath Lake Jacobs Reservoir
Meeks Lake Deer Creek Lake
Milk Creek Reservoir Copper Creek Benches
Mima Lake Deer Creek Lake
Moosman Reservoir Deer Creek Lake
Mountain Spring Reservoir Cow Creek
Mud Lake Antimony
Mud Lake Grass Lakes
Mud Lake Barker Reservoir
Mule Flat Reservoir Mount Dutton
Noon Lake Deer Creek Lake
North Creek Reservoir Griffin Point
North Creek Reservoir Griffin Point
Oak Creek Reservoir Lower Bowns Reservoir
Otter Lake Grass Lakes
Pacer Lake Grass Lakes
Pacer Lake Grass Lakes
Panguitch Lake Panguitch Lake
Pelham Hollow Reservoir Smooth Knoll
Pelham Lake Big Lake
Pine Lake Pine Lake
Pleasant Lake Deer Creek Lake
Poison Creek Reservoir Number 1 Antimony
Poison Creek Reservoir Number 2 Antimony
Pollywog Lake Pollywog Lake
Pollywog Lake Pollywog Lake
Posy Lake Posy Lake
Purple Lake Jacobs Reservoir
Rain Lakes Deer Creek Lake
Reynolds Spring Reservoir Flake Mountain East
Riddle Lake Grass Lakes
Ridge Lake Blind Lake
Riggs Pond Panguitch
Rim Lake Jacobs Reservoir
Rim Reservoir Mount Dutton
Road Hollow Reservoir Phonolite Hill
Robs Reservoir Grass Lakes
Rock Hollow Reservoir Flossie Knoll
Rock Lake Barker Reservoir
Rock Lake Smooth Knoll
Rockwell Reservoir Big Lake
Rocky Ford Reservoir Mount Dutton
Round Lake Lower Bowns Reservoir
Round Willow Bottom Reservoir Barker Reservoir
Round Willow Bottom Reservoir Grass Lakes
Roundy Reservoir Big Lake
Row Lakes Jacobs Reservoir
Sawmill Lake Jacobs Reservoir
Scout Lake Lower Bowns Reservoir
Seed Lakes Blind Spring Mountain
Slickrock Water Seep Flat
Spectacle Lake Jacobs Reservoir
Steep Creek Lake Lower Bowns Reservoir
Surveyors Lake Government Point
Tall Four Reservoir Barker Reservoir
Ticaboo Reservoir Ticaboo Mesa
Ticaboo Reservoir Ticaboo Mesa
Trail Lake Grass Lakes
Tri-Corner Pond Flossie Knoll
Tropic Reservoir Tropic Reservoir
Tropic Reservoir Bryce Point
Tule Lakes Posy Lake
Twin Lakes Grass Lakes
Twin Lakes Government Point
Twin Lakes Government Point
West Fork Reservoir Deer Creek Lake
West Lake Government Point
Wide Hollow Reservoir Wide Hollow Reservoir
Wide Hollow Reservoir Wide Hollow Reservoir
Wildcat Reservoir Pollywog Lake
Yellow Lake Barker Reservoir

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Garfield County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Garfield County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.