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Millard County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Millard County

Place USGS Topo Map
Abraham Reservoir Smelter Knolls East
Alexander Lake Crafts Lake
Antelope Spring Reservoir Whirlwind Valley SW
AT T Road Reservoir Neels
Beaver River Reservoir Neels
Big Drum Reservoir Drum Mountains Well
Big Sage Reservoir Candland Spring
Bitterweed Lake Red Pass
Black Point Reservoir Black Point
Bloom Trail Reservoir Cruz
Borden Basin Reservoir Borden
Burnt Tree Pond Red Ridge
Carr Lake Pot Mountain
Cat Canyon Reservoir Cat Canyon
Cedar Pass Reservoir Deadman Point
Chokecherry Reservoir Joseph Peak
Clay Knoll Reservoir Clay Knoll
Clear Lake Clear Lake
Clear Spot Reservoirs Black Point
Coates Reservoir Sevier Lake NE
Cockleburr Lake Hinckley
Confusion Hills Reservoir Big Horseshoe
Conger Reservoir Thompson Knoll
Construction Reservoir Long Ridge
Crafts Lake Crafts Lake
Crater Reservoir Fumarole Butte
Cricket Reservoir Sevier Lake SW
Cricket Reservoir Number 2 Sevier Lake SW
D M A D Reservoir Strong
Danish Reservoir Cinder Crater
Deadman Reservoir Deadman Point
Deep Lake Hinckley
Deseret Reservoirs Long Ridge
Devils Kitchen Reservoir Pahvant Butte South
East Antelope Reservoir Tunnel Spring
East Hardpan Reservoir Brown Knoll
East Tule Bench Reservoir Swasey Peak NW
Ecks Knoll Reservoir Pyramid Knoll
Fillmore Wash Reservoir Sevier Lake NE
Fool Creek Number Two Reservoir Oak City North
Fool Creek Reservoir Number 1 Oak City North
Foote Reservoir Foote Range
Georges Reservoir Cat Canyon
Greener Reservoir Smelter Knolls West
Gunnison Bend Reservoir Delta
Halls Double Reservoir Borden
Hardpan Reservoir Rocky Knoll
Headquarters Reservoir Neels
Highway Reservoir Red Knolls
Hinckley Trail Reservoir Clay Knoll
Hodgsen Pond Pinnacle Pass
Hole-in-the-Rock Reservoir Black Point
Horsetrap Reservoir Iron Mine Pass
Indian Queen Reservoir Frisco Peak
Jackson Pond Hell'n Moriah Canyon
Johnson Pond Red Tops
Lakeview Reservoir Iron Mine Pass
Lawson Cove Reservoir Fifteenmile Point
Little Drum Reservoir Smelter Knolls East
Long Ridge Reservoir Long Ridge Reservoir
Madsen Reservoir Needle Point
Miller Canyon Reservoir Long Ridge SW
Mormon Gap Reservoir Mormon Gap
Mud Flat Reservoir Long Ridge SW
Needle Hardpan Reservoir Needle Point
Needle Reservoir Needle Point
Neels Reservoir Number 2 Neels
Nelson Reservoir Number 2 Sevier Lake NE
Nielson Pond Brown Knoll
North Clay Knoll Reservoir Clay Knoll
Pine Pass Reservoir Middle Mountain
Pony Express Reservoir Long Ridge
Probst Pond Pyramid Knoll
Pruess Lake Garrison
Rain Lakes Long Ridge Reservoir
Red Rock Number 1 Reservoir Red Rock Knoll
Red Rock Number 2 Reservoir Red Rock Knoll
Robins Lake Scipio Lake
Ruths Pond Fillmore
Salt Lake Sunstone Knoll
Salt Marsh Lake Gandy
Scipio Lake Scipio Lake
Scipio Lake Scipio Lake
Sevier Lake Needle Point
Sevier Lake Reservoir Burnout Canyon
Sevier Lake Reservoir Number 1 Long Ridge SW
Sevier Lake Reservoir Number 4 Rocky Knoll
Sevier Lake Reservoir Number 5 Long Ridge
Sevier Lake Reservoir Number 6 Long Ridge
Smelter Knolls Reservoir Smelter Knolls West
Snake Pass Reservoir Crystal Peak
Soap Hollow Reservoir Whirlwind Valley SW
Soap Wash Reservoir Red Knolls
South Cedar Wash Reservoir Cedar Pass
South Horse Hollow Reservoir Antelope Valley
Spring Lake Pahvant Butte South
Stage Road Reservoir Long Ridge SE
Steamboat Pass Reservoir Red Tops
Styler Reservoir Long Ridge
Swan Lake Pot Mountain
Swan Lake Salt Marsh Pot Mountain
Swasey Hardpan Reservoir Fumarole Butte
Swasey Reservoir Number 2 Whirlwind Valley NW
Swasey Reservoir Number 3 Whirlwind Valley NW
Swasey Reservoir Number 4 Red Knolls
Swasey Wash Reservoir Red Knolls
Tamarack Reservoir Rocky Knoll
The Lakes Mount Catherine
Thompson Knoll Reservoir Thompson Knoll
Topaz Slough Smelter Knolls East
Watsons Cow Pond Hell'n Moriah Canyon
West Clay Knoll Reservoir Clay Knoll
West Marshall Tract Reservoir Clay Knoll
West Neels Reservoir Neels
Whirlwind Reservoir Fumarole Butte

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Millard County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Millard County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.