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Sanpete County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Sanpete County

Place USGS Topo Map
Acord Fork Spring City
Beaver Creek Woods Lake
Beaver Creek Heliotrope Mountain
Becks Creek Danish Knoll
Big Bear Creek Ferron Canyon
Bill Allred Creek Chester
Birch Creek Mount Pleasant
Birch Creek Fountain Green South
Birch Creek Spencer Canyon
Birch Creek Woods Lake
Blind Fork Fairview Lakes
Blue Slide Fork Huntington Reservoir
Brough Fork South Tent Mountain
Burnout Fork Spring City
Burnt Fork Fairview Lakes
Canal Creek Chester
Cedar Creek Moroni
City Creek Manti
Clear Creek Mayfield
Coal Fork Mount Pleasant
Cold Creek Ferron Reservoir
Cooley Creek Woods Lake
Corral Fork Spencer Canyon
Cottonwood Creek Mount Pleasant
Cottonwood Creek Ephraim
Cottonwood Creek Ephraim
Cove Creek Mount Pleasant
Cove Creek Ferron Canyon
Cow Fork South Tent Mountain
Coyote Creek Joes Valley Reservoir
Crooked Creek Fairview
Crooked Creek Fountain Green South
Currant Creek Heliotrope Mountain
Dairy Creek Ferron Canyon
Danish Field Creek Sterling
Dells Fork Wales
Dry Creek Fairview
Dry Fork Hells Kitchen Canyon SE
Dry Pole Fork Huntington Reservoir
Duck Fork Ferron Reservoir
Durphys Fork Fairview Lakes
Elizas Fork South Tent Mountain
Enos Creek Heliotrope Mountain
Ephraim Creek Ephraim
Fish Creek Scofield Reservoir
Fish Creek Heliotrope Mountain
French Creek Scofield Reservoir
Fuller Creek Joes Valley Reservoir
Gammett Creek Fountain Green North
Georges Fork Ferron Reservoir
Gooseberry Creek Scofield Reservoir
Gulch Creek Flagstaff Peak
Horse Creek Flagstaff Peak
Hougaard Fork Black Mountain
Hys Fork Fairview Lakes
Indian Creek Ferron Reservoir
Japanese Creek Fairview Lakes
Jason Creek Heliotrope Mountain
Jimmys Fork Ephraim
Kofford Creek Joes Valley Reservoir
Lake Fork Ferron Reservoir
Lake Fork Creek Ferron Reservoir
Left Fork Cotton Creek Danish Knoll
Left Fork Oak Creek Fairview
Little Bear Creek Ferron Canyon
Little Horse Creek Ferron Reservoir
Little North Creek Mount Pleasant
Lone Pine Creek Fairview
Maple Creek Hells Kitchen Canyon SW
Maple Creek Ephraim
Maple Fork Fairview
Meadow Fork South Tent Mountain
Meadow Fork Oak Creek Spring City
Middle Fork Thistle Creek Indianola
Milk Creek Black Mountain
Mill Creek C Canyon
Mill Stream Ferron Reservoir
Mule Creek Mount Pleasant
Neils Fork Fairview Lakes
North Creek Mount Pleasant
North Fork Big Bear Creek Danish Knoll
North Fork Birch Creek Mount Pleasant
North Fork Coal Fork Huntington Reservoir
North Fork Muddy Creek Heliotrope Mountain
North Fork North Creek Mount Pleasant
North Fork Pleasant Creek Huntington Reservoir
North Fork Swasey Creek Joes Valley Reservoir
North Pine Creek Mayfield
North Twin Creek Spring City
Oak Creek Wales
Oak Creek Fairview
PC Fork Huntington Reservoir
Peach Canyon Creek Wales
Petes Creek Heliotrope Mountain
Petes Fork Wales
Pigeon Creek Chester
Pleasant Creek Moroni
Pondtown Creek Scofield Reservoir
Quaking Aspen Creek Fountain Green South
Quaking Hollow Creek Mount Pleasant
Reservoir Creek Heliotrope Mountain
Rock Creek Danish Knoll
Rock Creek Danish Knoll
San Pitch River Hayes Canyon
Sawmill Fork Spring City
Seely Creek Joes Valley Reservoir
Silver Creek Chester
Silver Creek C Canyon
Singleton Creek Ferron Canyon
Sixmile Creek Sterling
South Creek Manti
South Fork Big Bear Creek Danish Knoll
South Fork Birch Creek Mount Pleasant
South Fork Coal Fork Huntington Reservoir
South Fork Muddy Creek Heliotrope Mountain
South Fork North Creek Mount Pleasant
South Fork Oak Creek Spring City
South Fork Swasey Creek Joes Valley Reservoir
South Fork Thistle Creek Indianola
South Fork Twelvemile Creek Woods Lake
South Fork Willow Creek Ephraim
South Pine Creek Mayfield
South Twin Creek Spring City
Spring Creek Huntington Reservoir
Spring Creek Mount Pleasant
Straight Fork Huntington Reservoir
Swasey Creek Joes Valley Reservoir
Swens Fork Fairview Lakes
Temple Fork Spring City
Twelvemile Creek Sterling
Twin Creek Mount Pleasant
Upper Huntington Creek Scofield
White Ledge Fork Ephraim
White Pine Fork Fairview Lakes
Willow Creek Ferron Reservoir
Willow Creek Ephraim
Wrigley Creek Ferron Canyon

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Sanpete County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Sanpete County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.