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Sevier County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Sevier County

Place USGS Topo Map
Abes Creek Gooseberry Creek
Anderson Creek Fish Lake
Beaver Creek Water Hollow Ridge
Beaver Creek Yogo Creek
Birch Creek Red Ridge
Birch Creek Koosharem
Birch Creek Geyser Peak
Black Fork Creek Heliotrope Mountain
Blackham Creek Yogo Creek
Boobe Hole Creek Burrville
Bowery Creek Fish Lake
Brine Creek Sigurd
Burr Creek Burrville
Clear Creek Marysvale Canyon
Clear Creek Mayfield
Clear Creek Old Woman Plateau
Coal Mine Creek Old Woman Plateau
Coldwater Creek Trail Mountain
Commissary Creek Water Hollow Ridge
Cottonwood Creek Annabella
Cottonwood Creek Richfield
Cottonwood Creek Steves Mountain
Cove River Sigurd
Cowboy Creek Flagstaff Peak
Coyote Hollow Creek Elsinore
Currant Creek Elsinore
Daniels Creek Boobe Hole Reservoir
Doxford Creek Monroe Peak
Draw Creek Old Woman Plateau
Dry Creek Marysvale Canyon
Dry Fork Emery West
East Fork Beaver Creek Water Hollow Ridge
East Fork Picklekeg Creek Water Hollow Ridge
East Fork Quitchupah Creek Emery West
First Lefthand Fork Monroe Peak
Fish Creek Trail Mountain
Gates Creek Gooseberry Creek
Gooseberry Creek Elsinore
Gooseberry Creek Salina
Gooseberry Creek Burrville
Gottfredsen Creek Mount Terrill
Grass Creek Red Ridge
Hoodoo Creek Gooseberry Creek
Horse Fork Johns Peak
Humphrey Spring Mount Terrill
Indian Creek Antelope Range
Jackass Creek Monroe Peak
Jacks Creek Mayfield
Joe Lott Creek Marysvale Canyon
Jorgenson Creek Fish Lake
Jump Creek Woods Lake
Koosharem Creek Koosharem
Lake Creek Fish Lake
Last Chance Creek Willow Springs
Last Water Flagstaff Peak
Left Fork Sam Stowe Creek Marysvale Canyon
Left Fork U M Creek Hilgard Mountain
Link Canyon Wash Emery West
Little Creek Koosharem
Little Creek Yogo Creek
Little Lost Creek Rex Reservoir
Lost Creek Aurora
Magpie Creek Red Ridge
Maple Creek Annabella
Meadow Creek Water Hollow Ridge
Mill Creek Sigurd
Mill Creek Marysvale Canyon
Mill Creek Mayfield
Mill Creek Burrville
Mill Fork Creek Woods Lake
Monkey Fork Dry Canyon Monroe Peak
Monroe Creek Monroe Peak
Mortensen Creek Elsinore
Niotche Creek Water Hollow Ridge
North Creek Red Ridge
North Creek Old Woman Plateau
North Fork Clear Creek Johns Peak
North Fork Quitchupah Creek Emery West
North Fork Three Creeks Red Ridge
North Fork Willow Creek Richfield
North Last Chance Creek Johns Peak
North South Creek Elsinore
Norton Creek Annabella
Oak Flat Creek Monroe Peak
Oak Spring Creek Walker Flat
Peterson Creek Sigurd
Picklekeg Creek Water Hollow Ridge
Pine Creek Yogo Creek
Pine Creek Water Hollow Ridge
Pole Creek Trail Mountain
Porcupine Creek Gooseberry Creek
Red Creek Old Woman Plateau
Reservoir Creek Monroe Peak
Right Fork U M Creek Hilgard Mountain
Rosebud Creek Trail Mountain
Saleratus Creek Walker Flat
Salina Creek Aurora
Sam Stowe Creek Marysvale Canyon
Sanford Spring Mount Terrill
Santa Fe Creek Yogo Creek
Sawmill Creek Mount Terrill
Second Lefthand Fork Monroe Peak
Serviceberry Creek Monroe Peak
Serviceberry Creek Trail Mountain
Sevenmile Creek Fish Lake
Sheep Creek Gooseberry Creek
Shingle Creek Trail Mountain
Shingle Creek Monroe Peak
Short Creek Forsyth Reservoir
Skunk Creek Red Ridge
Skutumpah Creek Water Hollow Ridge
Slide Fork Heliotrope Mountain
Solomon Creek Willow Springs
South Fork Monroe Creek Monroe Peak
South Fork North Fork Quitchupah Creek Acord Lakes
South Fork Pine Creek Cove Fort
South Fork Willow Creek Richfield
South Last Chance Creek Johns Peak
South Willow Creek Fork Woods Lake
Spring Creek Yogo Creek
Sweet Water Creek Rex Reservoir
Tasha Creek Mount Terrill
Third Lefthand Fork Monroe Peak
Thompson Creek Annabella
Three Creeks Trail Mountain
Thurber Fork Koosharem
Trough Hollow Creek Walker Flat
Twin Creek Fish Lake
U M Creek Forsyth Reservoir
Water Creek Water Creek Canyon
West Beaver Creek Water Hollow Ridge
West Fork Beaver Creek Water Hollow Ridge
West Fork Joe Lott Creek Marysvale Canyon
Whiskey Spring Creek Marysvale Canyon
White Creek Mount Terrill
White Pine Creek Water Creek Canyon
Willow Creek Redmond
Willow Creek Richfield
Willow Springs Fish Lake
Wine Creek Rex Reservoir
Yogo Creek Yogo Creek

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Sevier County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Sevier County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.