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Summit County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Summit County

Place USGS Topo Map
Abes Lake Mirror Lake
Adax Lake Erickson Basin
Alexander Lake Iron Mine Mountain
Alligator Lake Gilbert Peak NE
Allsop Lake Red Knob
Amethyst Lake Christmas Meadows
Anchor Lake Erickson Basin
Anchor Lake Erickson Basin
Azure Lake Mirror Lake
Baker Lake Christmas Meadows
Bald Lake Mount Powell
Ball and Moore Reservoir Shearing Corral
Barker Reservoir Porcupine Ridge
Bear Lake Mount Powell
Beaver Lake Whitney Reservoir
Beaver Lake Erickson Basin
Beaver Lake Fox Lake
Beaver Meadow Reservoir Red Hole
Beaver Meadow Reservoir Hoop Lake
Bench Lake Mirror Lake
Bennion Lake Fox Lake
Beth Lake Mirror Lake
Big Elk Lake Erickson Basin
Blue Lake Slader Basin
Blue Lake Mirror Lake
Bobs Lake Red Knob
Booker Lake Mirror Lake
Bourbon Lake Whitney Reservoir
Boyer Lake Slader Basin
Boyer Lake Red Hole
Bridger Lake Bridger Lake
Buckeye Lake Mirror Lake
Burnt Fork Lake Chepeta Lake
Castle Lake Hoyt Peak
Castle Lake Mount Powell
Chappell Lake Turner Hollow
China Lake Bridger Lake
China Lake Bridger Lake
Clegg Lake Mirror Lake
Cliff Lake Mirror Lake
Cliff Lake Mirror Lake
Cliff Lake Mount Powell
Clyde Lake Mirror Lake
Coffin Lake Fox Lake
Crystal Lake Mirror Lake
Cuberant Lake Mirror Lake
Cutthroat Lake Erickson Basin
Cutthroat Lake Mirror Lake
Dead Horse Lake Explorer Peak
Dean Lake Mirror Lake
Diamond Lake Mirror Lake
Dine Lake Fox Lake
Dollar Lake Mount Powell
Duck Lake Erickson Basin
Duck Lake Lyman Lake
East Red Castle Lake Mount Powell
East Shingle Creek Lake Erickson Basin
Echo Reservoir Coalville
Elizabeth Lake Elizabeth Mountain
Elkhorn Reservoir Crandall Canyon
Fir Lake Mirror Lake
Fire Lake Erickson Basin
Fish Lake Chepeta Lake
Fish Lake Elizabeth Mountain
Fish Lake Whitney Reservoir
Fish Lake Whitney Reservoir
Gilbert Lake Kings Peak
Grahams Reservoir Bridger Lake
Grass Lake Mount Powell
Grassy Lake Deadman Mountain
Hayden Lake Mirror Lake
Haystack Lake Mirror Lake
Hell Hole Lake Christmas Meadows
Henrys Fork Lake Mount Powell
Hidden Lake Hidden Lake
Hidden Lake Erickson Basin
Hidden Lake Hole In The Rock
Hidden Lake Chepeta Lake
Hidden Lake Mirror Lake
Hoop Lake Hoop Lake
Hope Lake Mirror Lake
Hourglass Lake Erickson Basin
Ibantik Lake Mirror Lake
Irland Lake Mount Powell
Island Lake Erickson Basin
Island Lake Rasmussen Lakes
Island Lake Fox Lake
James Lake Mirror Lake
Jean Lake Erickson Basin
Jerry Lake Erickson Basin
Jessen Lake Chepeta Lake
Jewel Lake Mirror Lake
John Lake Mirror Lake
Joyce Lake Red Hole
Joyce Reservoir Red Hole
Kabell Lake Fox Lake
Kamas Lake Mirror Lake
Kermsuh Lake Hayden Peak
Lake Blanchard Mount Powell
Lake Ejod Red Knob
Lake Hessie Mount Powell
Lake Lorena Red Knob
Lake Marion Mirror Lake
Lilly Lake Mirror Lake
Lily Lake Deadman Mountain
Lily Lakes Mirror Lake
Lily Pad Lake Chepeta Lake
Linear Lake Mirror Lake
Little Elk Lake Erickson Basin
Little Lyman Lake Lyman Lake
Lofty Lake Mirror Lake
Long Lake Mirror Lake
Lost Lake Mirror Lake
Lost Lake Chepeta Lake
Lost Lake Number Two Mirror Lake
Lovenia Lake Mirror Lake
Lower Red Castle Lake Mount Powell
Lower Shingle Creek Lake Erickson Basin
Lower Yellow Pine Lake Hoyt Peak
Lym Lake Elizabeth Mountain
Lyman Lake Lyman Lake
Marjorie Lake Mirror Lake
Marsh Lake Bridger Lake
Marsh Lake Bridger Lake
McPheters Lake Hayden Peak
Meadow Lake Mirror Lake
Meadow Lake Mirror Lake
Meeks Cabin Reservoir Lyman Lake
Moslander Reservoir Elizabeth Mountain
Moslander Reservoir Elizabeth Mountain
Naomi Lake Mirror Lake
Norice Lake Red Knob
North Erickson Lake Erickson Basin
North Twin Lake Mirror Lake
Notch Lake Mirror Lake
Olsen Lake Erickson Basin
Ostler Lake Christmas Meadows
Peter Lake Mirror Lake
Petit Lake Mirror Lake
Ponds Lake Mirror Lake
Porcupine Reservoir Upton
Pot Reservoir Erickson Basin
Priord Lake Red Knob
Quarter Corner Lake Gilbert Peak NE
Ramona Lake Erickson Basin
Red Castle Lake Mount Powell
Red Pine Lake Park City West
Reids Lake Mirror Lake
Rhoads Lake Erickson Basin
Rock Lake Mirror Lake
Rockport Lake Wanship
Round Lake Whitney Reservoir
Round Lake Fox Lake
Ruth Lake Mirror Lake
Ryder Lake Hayden Peak
Salamander Lake Christmas Meadows
Sand Lake Whitney Reservoir
Sargent Lake Bridger Lake
Sargent Lakes Crandall Canyon
Sargent Number One Reservoir Crandall Canyon
Sawmill Lake Mount Powell
Scow Lake Christmas Meadows
Shadow Lake Brighton
Shadow Lake Mirror Lake
Shallow Lake Mirror Lake
Shingle Mill Lake Hidden Lake
Shoestring Lake Mirror Lake
Smith and Morehouse Reservoir Slader Basin
Smiths Fork Pass Lake Mount Powell
South Erickson Lake Erickson Basin
South Twin Lake Mirror Lake
Spectacle Lake Mirror Lake
Star Lake Mirror Lake
Stateline Reservoir Bridger Lake
Tail Lake Mirror Lake
Tamarack Lake Chepeta Lake
Tamarack Lake Chepeta Lake
Teal Lake Mirror Lake
Three Divide Lakes Mirror Lake
Toomset Lake Christmas Meadows
Trial Lake Mirror Lake
Trident Lake Mirror Lake
Twin Lakes Mirror Lake
Upper Red Castle Lake Mount Powell
Upper Yellow Pine Lake Hoyt Peak
Wall Lake Mirror Lake
Washington Lake Mirror Lake
Watson Lake Mirror Lake
Weir Reservoir Mirror Lake
West Shingle Creek Lake Erickson Basin
Whiskey Island Lake Whitney Reservoir
White Pine Lake Park City West
Whitney Reservoir Whitney Reservoir

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Summit County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Summit County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.