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Uintah County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Uintah County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alma Taylor Lake Taylor Mountain
Ashley Twin Lakes Marsh Peak
Association Reservoir Burnt Cabin Gorge
Big Lake Dyer Mountain
Billeys Reservoir Pariette Draw SW
Blue Lake Whiterocks Lake
Bottle Hollow Reservoir Fort Duchesne
Bottle Hollow Reservoir Fort Duchesne
Box Reservoir Jensen Ridge
Brough Reservoir Vernal SW
Bullock Draw Reservoir Fort Duchesne
Bullwinkle Reservoir Naples
Burns Bench Reservoir Naples
Burton Reservoir Lake Mountain
Cement Reservoir Vernal SE
Chimney Rock Lake Marsh Peak
Chokecherry Flat Reservoir Lake Mountain
Counting Station Reservoir Burnt Cabin Gorge
Cow Wash Reservoir Cliff Ridge
Crouse Reservoir Crouse Reservoir
Dead Lake Paradise Park
Deadman Lake Whiterocks Lake
Dollar Lake Whiterocks Lake
East Park Reservoir East Park Reservoir
Fish Lake Marsh Peak
Flu Knoll Reservoir Crow Knoll
Goose Lakes Marsh Peak
Gull Lake Lake Mountain
Hacking Lake Leidy Peak
Hacking Reservoir Walsh Knolls
Hatch Reservoir Red Wash SE
Herman-Sadlier Reservoir Naples
Hopper Lakes Marsh Peak
Johnson Lake Paradise Park
Julius Park Reservoir Paradise Park
Kibah Lakes Paradise Park
Kilroy Reservoir Crow Knoll
Lake Wilde Whiterocks Lake
Lightning Park Whiterocks Lake
Lily Lake Paradise Park
Lily Pad Lake Taylor Mountain
Little Elk Lake Paradise Park
Little Lake Dyer Mountain
Long Park Reservoir Leidy Peak
Lower Goose Lake Marsh Peak
Lower Grouse Reservoir Lake Mountain
Lynn Haslem Reservoir Roosevelt
Matt Warner Reservoir Jackson Draw
McCoy Reservoir Number 1 Bates Knolls
McCoy Reservoir Number 2 Bates Knolls
Merkley Reservoir Whiterocks
Mill Pond Paradise Park
Moap Lake Paradise Park
Montes Creek Reservoir Roosevelt
Montes Creek Reservoir Roosevelt
Mytoge Lake Paradise Park
Oaks Park Reservoir East Park Reservoir
Paradise Park Reservoir Paradise Park
Pariette East Dike Reservoir Uteland Butte
Pariette Flood Control Reservoir Uteland Butte
Paul Lake Paradise Park
Pearl Lake Whiterocks Lake
Pelican Lake Pelican Lake
Pelican Lake Pelican Lake
Red Belly Lake Paradise Park
Red Fleet Reservoir Donkey Flat
Sand Lake Whiterocks Lake
Saucer Lake Whiterocks Lake
Shiner Reservoir Jensen Ridge
Siddoways Reservoir Red Wash
Snyder Seeps Stuntz Reservoir
Stauffer Chemical Tailings Pond North Donkey Flat
Steinaker Reservoir Steinaker Reservoir
Stewart Lake Jensen
Sunday School Reservoir Bates Knolls
Teds Lake Whiterocks Lake
Towave Reservoir Flat Rock Mesa
Twin Lakes Paradise Park
Upper Goose Lake Marsh Peak
Watkins Lake Paradise Park
Whiterocks Lake Whiterocks Lake
Wooley Lakes Whiterocks Lake
Wooley Reservoir Red Wash NW
Zelph Calder Reservoir Crouse Reservoir

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Uintah County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Uintah County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.