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Utah County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Utah County

Place USGS Topo Map
Aggie Creek Birdseye
American Fork Pelican Point
Baker Fork Brighton
Battle Creek Orem
Bear Creek Kyune
Beaver Creek Kyune
Beaver Dam Creek Nebo Basin
Beer Creek West Mountain
Benjamin Slough Lincoln Point
Bennie Creek Birdseye
Bennion Creek Tucker
Big Dry Creek Provo
Big Spring Creek Payson Lakes
Bunnells Fork Bridal Veil Falls
Castle Rock Creek Payson Lakes
Cattle Creek Timpanogos Cave
Chase Creek Two Tom Hill
Clear Creek Tucker
Coal Pit Creek Payson Lakes
Coffeepot Creek Thistle
Corral Fork Nebo Basin
Crab Creek Birdseye
Currant Creek Goshen
Dairy Fork Mill Fork
Deer Creek Timpanogos Cave
Diamond Fork Spanish Fork Peak
Dip Vat Creek Two Tom Hill
Dipping Pen Creek Thistle
Dry Creek Spencer Canyon
Dry Creek Provo
Dry Creek Saratoga Springs
Dry Fork Bridal Veil Falls
East Dairy Fork Mill Fork
East Lake Fork Indianola
Fifth Water Creek Rays Valley
First Water Creek Rays Valley
Fort Creek Lehi
Fourth Water Creek Rays Valley
Garret Fork C Canyon
Grove Creek Orem
Halls Fork Two Tom Hill
Hobble Creek Provo
Holman Creek Nebo Basin
Horse Creek Kyune
Indian Creek Tucker
Jones Ranch Creek Payson Lakes
Kemo Creek Nebo Basin
Kimball Creek Goshen
Kyune Creek Kyune
Lake Fork Thistle
Left Fork Clear Creek Tucker
Left Fork Crab Creek Birdseye
Left Fork Hobble Creek Springville
Left Fork Lake Fork Thistle
Left Fork Mill Fork Mill Fork
Left Fork Right Fork Thistle
Left Fork Salt Creek Nebo Basin
Left Fork Slab Creek Nebo Basin
Left Fork South Fork Provo River Bridal Veil Falls
Little Clear Creek Indianola
Little Diamond Creek Billies Mountain
Loggers Fork Indianola
Lost Creek Bridal Veil Falls
Lost Creek Scofield Reservoir
Lucy Fork Indianola
Middle Fork South Fork Provo River Bridal Veil Falls
Mill Fork Mill Fork
Mill Hollow Billies Mountain
Mill Race Provo
Nebo Creek Birdseye
North Fork Battle Creek Orem
North Fork Provo River Bridal Veil Falls
North Fork Thistle Creek Indianola
Packard Creek Granger Mountain
Page Fork Spencer Canyon
Peteetneet Creek Spanish Fork
Pinyon Creek Goshen Valley North
Provo River Provo
Right Fork Thistle
Right Fork Clear Creek Tucker
Right Fork Crab Creek Birdseye
Right Fork Mill Mill Fork
Right Fork Peteeneet Creek Payson Lakes
Right Fork Salt Creek Nebo Basin
Rock Creek Indianola
Sawmill Fork Nebo Basin
Second Water Creek Rays Valley
Shaffer Fork Brighton
Sheep Creek Mill Fork
Shingle Mill Fork Two Tom Hill
Shram Creek Payson Lakes
Silver Creek Timpanogos Cave
Sixth Water Creek Rays Valley
Slab Creek Nebo Basin
Soldier Creek Thistle
South Fork Provo River Bridal Veil Falls
Spanish Fork Provo
Spring Creek Provo
Spring Creek Pelican Point
Spring Creek West Mountain
Spring Creek Springville
Spring Creek Cedar Fort
Starvation Creek Tucker
Straight Fork C Canyon
Summit Creek Santaquin
Sweat Creek Thistle
Swinging Bridge Creek Timpanogos Cave
Tabbyune Creek Soldier Summit
Taylor Fork Payson Lakes
Third Water Creek Rays Valley
Thistle Creek Thistle
Tibble Fork Timpanogos Cave
Tie Fork Tucker
Tie Fork Payson Lakes
Wardsworth Creek Granger Mountain
West Fork Willow Creek Matts Summit
West Lake Fork Indianola
Wheat Grass Creek Spencer Canyon
White River Colton
Wimmer Ranch Creek Payson Lakes
Yellowjacket Creek Two Tom Hill

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Utah County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Utah County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.