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Wayne County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Wayne County

Place USGS Topo Map
Abes Knoll Reservoir Abes Knoll
Alkali Lake Government Point
Bald Knoll Reservoir Smooth Knoll
Beaver Dam Reservoir Blind Lake
Beef Hollow Reservoir Hanksville
Bicknell Reservoir Bicknell
Big Hollow Reservoir Bicknell
Black Point Reservoir Abes Knoll
Blackburn Reservoir Smooth Knoll
Blind Lake Lyman
Blind Lake Blind Lake
Blue Lake Flat Top
Brinkerhoff Pond Bicknell
Buffalo Pond Whitbeck Knoll
Bull Roost Reservoir Moroni Peak
Bullberry Lakes Government Point
Cameron Reservoir Moroni Peak
Cedar Peak Lake Flossie Knoll
Coleman Reservoir Torrey
Cook Lake Government Point
Cub Lake Blind Lake
Curler Lake Blind Lake
Cyclone Co-op Reservoir Jakes Knoll
Cyclone Knoll Reservoir Jakes Knoll
Dead Horse Lake Blind Lake
Deadman Hollow Reservoir Abes Knoll
Deep Creek Lake Flat Top
Donkey Reservoir Blind Lake
Dry Lake Reservoir Smooth Knoll
East Bicknell Sand Wash Pond Bicknell
East Gate Reservoir Bull Mountain
Eightmile Reservoir Abes Knoll
Emily Lake Blind Lake
Evans Reservoir Abes Knoll
Fish Creek Reservoir Blind Lake
Flat Top Reservoir Moroni Peak
Flatiron Lakes Torrey
Flossie Lake Flossie Knoll
Government Lake Government Point
Grass Lake Blind Lake
Grass Lake Government Point
Green Lake Blind Lake
Gripe Reservoir Flossie Knoll
Hare Lake Flossie Knoll
Heart Lake Flat Top
Heart Lake Flat Top
Honeymoon Lake Blind Lake
Hunt Reservoir Flossie Knoll
Jakes Knoll Reservoir Jakes Knoll
Jane Lake Blind Lake
Jay Pond Blind Lake
Jim Larson Reservoir Blind Lake
Lava Lake Government Point
Lee Lake Blind Lake
Left Hand Reservoir Blind Lake
Lightning Lake Government Point
Long Hollow Reservoir Moroni Peak
Lost Lake Government Point
Lower Balsam Reservoir Smooth Knoll
Lower Donkey Reservoir Blind Lake
Meadow Gulch Reservoir Hanksville
Middle Balsam Reservoir Smooth Knoll
Middle Reservoir Blind Lake
Mill Meadow Reservoir Forsyth Reservoir
Miller Lake Government Point
Mitts Reservoir Smooth Knoll
Moroni Reservoir Moroni Peak
Mud Lake Smooth Knoll
Ned Reservoir Blind Lake
Neff Reservoir Flat Top
Neffs Reservoir Flat Top
Ottos Reservoir Flossie Knoll
Parker Hollow Reservoir Jakes Knoll
Pass Reservoir Abes Knoll
Pear Lake Blind Lake
Petes Pond Bicknell
Pine Creek Reservoir Government Point
Pole Canyon Reservoir Smooth Knoll
Raft Lake Blind Lake
Right Fork Wildcat Reservoir Smooth Knoll
Rock Lake Geyser Peak
Rock Point Reservoir Moroni Peak
Round Lake Flat Top
Round Lake Blind Lake
Sage Reservoir Jakes Knoll
Smooth Knoll Reservoir Smooth Knoll
Snow Lake Flat Top
Snow Lakes Government Point
Solitaire Lake Blind Lake
Spray Reservoir Abes Knoll
Square Reservoir Jakes Knoll
Step Reservoir Hanksville
Tidwell Reservoir Lyman
Twin Lakes Blind Lake
Upper Balsam Reservoir Smooth Knoll
Vance Reservoir Jakes Knoll
West Bicknell Pond Bicknell
West Flat Top Reservoir Number 1 Jakes Knoll
West Flat Top Reservoir Number 2 Jakes Knoll
White Rock Reservoir Skyline Rim
Wide Hollow Reservoir Grover
Wildcat Reservoir Smooth Knoll
Woodys Reservoir Moroni Peak

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Wayne County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Wayne County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.