Caledonia County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Caledonia County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alder Brook Caspian Lake
Annis Brook Sutton
Badger Brook Saint Johnsbury
Bailey Brook Caspian Lake
Barnes Brook Burke Mountain
Beaver Brook Marshfield
Bog Brook Joes Pond
Brown Brook Saint Johnsbury
Bunker Brook Wolcott
Burroughs Brook Saint Johnsbury
Calendar Brook Burke Mountain
Cary Brook Saint Johnsbury
Chamberlain Brook Lyndonville
Chandler Brook Lower Waterford
Chase Brook Joes Pond
Clark Brook Sutton
Clark Hatch Brook Groton
Cloud Brook Barnet
Cold Hill Brook Lyndonville
Coldwater Brook Marshfield
Cooper Brook Caspian Lake
Darius James Brook Groton
Depot Brook Marshfield
Dish Mill Brook Burke Mountain
Duck Pond Brook Concord
East Branch Passumpsic River Burke Mountain
East Peacham Brook Barnet
Esdon Brook Stannard
Fall Brook Lyndonville
Flagg Brook Stannard
Flower Brook West Burke
Greensboro Brook Caspian Lake
Halls Brook Littleton
Hawkins Brook Burke Mountain
Haynesville Brook Caspian Lake
Health Brook Knox Mountain
Houghton Brook Saint Johnsbury
Howard Brook Seneca Mountain
Jack Brook Seneca Mountain
Jewett Brook Peacham
Joes Brook Barnet
Keeler Brook Wolcott
Kidder Brook Marshfield
La Pawac Brook Seneca Mountain
Line Brook Saint Johnsbury
Mad Brook Lower Waterford
Manchester Brook Woodsville
Mathewson Brook Lyndonville
McLam Brook Barnet
Millard Brook Wolcott
Miller Run Lyndonville
Moose River Saint Johnsbury
Morrill Brook Saint Johnsbury
Morrill Brook Cabot
Morrison Brook Stannard
Mountain Brook Burke Mountain
Nation Brook Crystal Lake
North Branch Wells River Groton
North Brook Saint Johnsbury
Oregon Brook Lyndonville
Osmore Brook Marshfield
Page Brook Stannard
Passumpsic River Barnet
Peacham Hollow Brook Barnet
Perkins Meadow Brook Cabot
Pope Brook Saint Johnsbury
Porter Brook Caspian Lake
Quimby Brook Burke Mountain
Rake Factory Brook Barnet
Ranney Brook Concord
Red Brook Groton
Richies Run Sutton
Roberts Brook Saint Johnsbury
Rock Brook Joes Pond
Roundy Brook Burke Mountain
Roy Brook Saint Johnsbury
Sawyer Brook Joes Pond
Scotch Burn Woodsville
Sheldon Brook Burke Mountain
Simpson Brook Barnet
Simpson Brook Burke Mountain
Sleeper Brook West Burke
Sleepers River Saint Johnsbury
South Branch Wells River Groton
South Peacham Brook Barnet
South Wheelock Branch Lyndonville
Spaulding Brook Concord
Square Brook Lyndonville
Stannard Brook Caspian Lake
Stark Brook Saint Johnsbury
Stevens Brook Caspian Lake
Stevens River Barnet
Stiles Brook Concord
Stillwater Brook Marshfield
Stream Mill Brook Joes Pond
Sucker Brook Marshfield
Sutton Brook Barnet
Sutton River West Burke
Tannery Brook Groton
Trout Brook Crystal Lake
Tucker Brook Caspian Lake
Water Andric Barnet
West Branch Passumpsic River Burke Mountain
Wheeler Brook Sutton
Whetstone Brook West Burke
Whiteman Brook Saint Johnsbury
Wormwood Brook Barnet

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Caledonia County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Caledonia County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.