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Essex County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Essex County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alder Brook Monadnock Mountain
Applelon Brook Stone Mountain
Averill Creek Norton Pond OE N
Bailey Brook Spectacle Pond
Bean Brook Seneca Mountain
Black Branch Nulhegan River Bloomfield
Black Brook Averill
Black Turn Brook Norton Pond OE N
Blodgett Brook Tinkerville
Bog Brook Gallup Mills
Bolter Brook Monadnock Mountain
Brouillard Brook Averill
Bunnell Brook Monadnock Mountain
Capon Brook Monadnock Mountain
Carr Brook Miles Pond
Catbow Brook Gilman
Clay Brook Monadnock Mountain
Clay Hill Brook Spectacle Pond
Clough Brook Tinkerville
Coaticook Brook Morgan Center
Cold Brook Gallup Mills
Cutler Mill Brook Groveton
Cutting Brook Miles Pond
Daley Brook Tinkerville
Davis Brook Norton Pond
Dennis Pond Brook Maidstone Lake
Dudley Brook Miles Pond
Dutton Brook Groveton
East Branch Moose River Seneca Mountain
East Branch Nulhegan River Bloomfield
Emery Brook Groveton
First Brook Bloomfield
Fisher Brook Bloomfield
Fitch Brook Maidstone Lake
Gaudette Brook Norton Pond
Goupee Brook Spectacle Pond
Granby Brook Gallup Mills
Granby Stream Maidstone Lake
Greer Brook Seneca Mountain
Hall Brook Stone Mountain
Halls Stream Monadnock Mountain OE N
Hay Hill Brook Gallup Mills
Hibbard Brook Bloomfield
Hudson Brook Gilman
Hudson Brook Monadnock Mountain
Hurricane Brook Morgan Center
Jacobs Chopping Brook Monadnock Mountain
James Brook Gallup Mills
Jones Brook Groveton
Jones Brook Gallup Mills
Keyer Brook Monadnock Mountain
King Brook Seneca Mountain
Kirby Brook Concord
La Pointe Brook Averill
Leach Creek Monadnock Mountain
Lightning Brook Spectacle Pond
Line Brook Gallup Mills
Logger Branch Bloomfield
Logger Brook Norton Pond
Lund Brook Gallup Mills
Madison Brook Maidstone Lake
Maidstone Brook Maidstone Lake
McKinley Brook Island Pond
Miles Stream Miles Pond
Mill Brook Tinkerville
Mill Brook West Burke
Mill Brook Tinkerville
Mink Brook Miles Pond
Mink Brook Gilman
Mink Brook Bloomfield
Morrill Brook Averill OE N
Mosher Meadow Brook Norton Pond
Murphy Brook Spectacle Pond
Murphy Brook Averill
Neal Brook Gilman
North Branch Nulhegan River Bloomfield
North Branch Paul Stream Maidstone Lake
Notch Pond Brook Maidstone Lake
Nulhegan River Bloomfield
Number Five Brook Norton Pond
Number Six Brook Norton Pond
Oswegatchie Brook Island Pond
Paul John Brook Spectacle Pond
Paul Stream Stratford
Payne Brook Island Pond
Pond Brook Stone Mountain
Rich Brook Stratford
Roaring Brook Miles Pond
Rogers Brook Gallup Mills
Sable Mountain Brook Stone Mountain
Scales Brook Miles Pond
Schoolhouse Brook Gallup Mills
Schoolhouse Brook Monadnock Mountain
Second Brook Bloomfield
Sheridan Brook Groveton
Smith Brook Spectacle Pond
Spaulding Brook Averill
Stanley Brook Gallup Mills
Station Brook Norton Pond
Stockwell Brook Concord
Stony Brook Stone Mountain
Sucker Brook Norton Pond
Suitor Brook Stone Mountain
Sutton Brook Norton Pond
Taylor Brook Stratford
Taylor Brook Island Pond
Telephone Brook Maidstone Lake
The Inlet Averill
Tim Carroll Brook Spectacle Pond
Tolman Brook Stone Mountain
Tuffield Willey Brook Spectacle Pond
Turner Brook Gilman
Umpire Brook Gallup Mills
Washburn Brook Groveton
Weir Mill Brook Gallup Mills
West Branch Moose River Seneca Mountain
West Branch Willard Stream Monadnock Mountain
West Mountain Brook Maidstone Lake
Wheeler Stream Stratford
Whiskey Brook Spectacle Pond
Wilke Brook Stone Mountain
Willard Stream Monadnock Mountain
Yellow Branch Nulhegan River Bloomfield

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Essex County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Essex County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.