Accomack County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Accomack County

Place USGS Topo Map
Andrews Landing Gut Chincoteague West
Arbuckle Creek Bloxom
Assawoman Creek Bloxom
Back Creek Jamesville
Back Creek Pungoteague
Back Creek Chesconessex
Back Creek Saxis
Back Creek Nandua Creek
Back Way Gut Chesconessex
Bagwell Creek Parksley
Ballast Narrows Chincoteague West
Bethel Branch Parksley
Big Gut Bloxom
Big Simoneaston Creek Chincoteague West
Big Thrasher Gut Metompkin Inlet
Black Duck Creek Chincoteague West
Black Narrows Chincoteague West
Black Point Drain Chincoteague West
Boggs Gut Exmore
Brewer Gut Parksley
Bridge Gut Parksley
Bucket Gut Wachapreague
Buckland Gut Pungoteague
Bull Branch Pungoteague
Bullbegger Creek Saxis
Bundick Creek Metompkin Inlet
Butcher Creek Nandua Creek
Camp Island Gut Chesconessex
Cat Creek Wallops Island
Cattail Creek Saxis
Cedar Cove Gut Parksley
Cedar Creek Pungoteague
Cedar Creek Chincoteague West
Central Branch Onancock Creek Pungoteague
Chalk Pipe Gut Wachapreague
Chesconessex Creek Chesconessex
Chimney Pole Creek Quinby Inlet
Clubhouse Gut Wachapreague
Coards Branch Parksley
Cockle Creek Wachapreague
Cockle Creek Chincoteague West
Coldkall Creek Chincoteague West
Cow Gut Chincoteague West
Craddock Creek Jamesville
Crippen Creek Metompkin Inlet
Cross Creek Accomac
Cross Gut Accomac
Curratuck Creek Jamesville
Custis Creek Accomac
Cutoff Creek Bloxom
Deep Creek Metompkin Inlet
Deep Creek Chesconessex
Deep Hole Creek Chincoteague East
Doe Creek Parksley
Dr Jack Gut Bloxom
East Gut Chincoteague East
Ebb Tide Creek Wachapreague
Eel Creek Chincoteague East
Far Mouth Chincoteague West
Finney Creek Wachapreague
Finneys Creek Pungoteague
First Creek Bloxom
Fishing Creek Saxis
Fishing Creek Ewell
Fishpen Gut Wachapreague
Folly Creek Metompkin Inlet
Fools Gut Wachapreague
France Creek Parksley
Frogstool Branch Wachapreague
Gargathy Creek Bloxom
Grassy Creek Wachapreague
Great Gut Wachapreague
Great Gut Metompkin Inlet
Great Gut Parksley
Guilford Church Branch Parksley
Guilford Creek Parksley
Gum Branch Hallwood
Guys Point Gut Girdletree
Hancock Branch Hallwood
Hancock Gut Pungoteague
Hog Creek Wachapreague
Hog Creek Bloxom
Hog Neck Creek Bloxom
Holdens Creek Saxis
Hollies Church Branch Pungoteague
Horse Hole Creek Pungoteague
Houseboat Creek Bloxom
Hunting Creek Parksley
Island Hole Narrows Chincoteague West
Jacks Creek Saxis
Janeys Creek Chincoteague East
Jenneys Gut Chincoteague West
Jim Bell Gut Wachapreague
Jimmys Gut Parksley
Joynes Branch Accomac
Justis Gut Parksley
Katy Young Branch Parksley
Kegotank Creek Bloxom
Kendall Narrows Chincoteague West
Knock Knees Gut Metompkin Inlet
Leatherberry Creek Pungoteague
Lee Mont Branch Parksley
Line Gut Saxis
Little Back Creek Parksley
Little Creek Wallops Island
Little Mill Creek Hallwood
Little Morris Island Creek Chincoteague East
Little Mosquito Creek Chincoteague West
Little Old Root Narrows Chincoteague West
Little Seal Creek Wachapreague
Little Simoneaston Creek Chincoteague West
Little Thrasher Gut Metompkin Inlet
Longboat Creek Metompkin Inlet
Lucas Creek Bloxom
Machipongo River Nassawadox
Major Hole Creek Wachapreague
Mantrap Gut Saxis
Matchotank Creek Pungoteague
McLean Gut Exmore
Merry Branch Accomac
Messongo Creek Saxis
Middle Mouth Chincoteague West
Mill Branch Parksley
Mills Branch Accomac
Millstone Creek Wachapreague
Moore Branch Pungoteague
Morris Island Creek Chincoteague East
Mosquito Creek Chincoteague West
Mud Bay Gut Chincoteague West
Mud Narrows Bloxom
Muddy Creek Parksley
Mutton Hunk Branch Bloxom
Nandua Creek Nandua Creek
Nickawampus Creek Accomac
Nocks Branch Accomac
North Branch Holdens Creek Hallwood
North Branch Onancock Creek Pungoteague
North Fork Parker Creek Metompkin Inlet
Northam Creek Bloxom
Northam Narrows Bloxom
Occohannock Creek Jamesville
Old Root Narrows Chincoteague West
Onancock Creek Pungoteague
Oyster Gut Chincoteague West
Pakers Creek Pungoteague
Parker Creek Metompkin Inlet
Peach Creek Chincoteague East
Pettit Branch Bloxom
Pie Hammock Wallops Island
Pitts Creek Saxis
Pompco Creek Chesconessex
Poplar Creek Metompkin Inlet
Powdering Tub Wachapreague
Powell Creek Girdletree
Pungoteague Creek Pungoteague
Rattrap Creek Accomac
Rettrap Creek Accomac
Revel Creek Quinby Inlet
Roach Hole Gut Wachapreague
Rock Creek Ewell
Rock Gut Chesconessex
Rock Gut Parksley
Rock Gut Saxis
Ross Branch Accomac
Rue Gut Parksley
Sand Branch Girdletree
Sandy Bottom Branch Hallwood
Scarborough Gut Jamesville
Seal Creek Wachapreague
Selby Mill Branch Girdletree
Shanks Creek Ewell
Sheepshead Creek Chincoteague East
Shell Narrows Wachapreague
Shields Creek Exmore
Shipping Creek Bloxom
Sign Gut Chincoteague East
Smalley Drain Chincoteague East
Snead Branch Chincoteague West
South Branch Onancock Creek Pungoteague
Southwest Gut Metompkin Inlet
Squirrel Creek Chincoteague West
Starling Creek Saxis
Straight Creek Metompkin Inlet
Swans Gut Creek Chincoteague West
Tarkill Creek Pungoteague
Tawes Creek Jamesville
Taylor Branch Exmore
Taylor Creek Pungoteague
Taylors Narrows Chincoteague West
The Canal Chincoteague West
The Swash Wachapreague
Thicket Creek Pungoteague
Titlow Creek Pungoteague
Toms Gut Quinby Inlet
Trout Creek Bloxom
Tunnels Mill Branch Hallwood
Tyler Creek Ewell
Underhill Creek Pungoteague
Upshur Creek Wachapreague
Virginia Creek Boxiron
Walston Creek Metompkin Inlet
Warehouse Prong Pungoteague
Warrington Branch Accomac
Waterhole Creek Wachapreague
Wattsville Branch Chincoteague West
White Perch Creek Wachapreague
Whites Creek Bloxom
Wildcat Gut Chincoteague East
Willis Creek Chincoteague West
Wills Gut Parksley
Wire Creek Wachapreague
Wire Narrows Chincoteague West
Wire Passage Bloxom
Wreck Island Creek Quinby Inlet

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Accomack County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Accomack County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.