Franklin County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Franklin County

Place USGS Topo Map
Barr Creek Bassett
Beards Creek Philpott Lake
Beckys Creek Moneta SW
Bettys Creek Moneta SW
Big Chestnut Creek Penhook
Blackwater River Smith Mountain Dam
Brodie Branch Snow Creek
Brogan Branch Endicott
Buck Run Boones Mill
Buff Creek Goodview
Bull Run Moneta SW
Bush Run Callaway
Butter Run Philpott Lake
Buttermilk Branch Charity
Canton Creek Bassett
Coles Creek Boones Mill
Cool Branch Smith Mountain Dam
Cooper Creek Philpott Lake
Crab Creek Mountain Valley
Crawford Creek Snow Creek
Daniels Run Callaway
Dillons Mill Branch Redwood
Dinner Creek Penhook
Ditto Branch Penhook
Doe Run Gladehill
Draper Mill Creek Gladehill
Duffy Branch Penhook
Falling Run Rocky Mount
Finney Branch Penhook
First Fork Penhook
Foul Ground Creek Redwood
Furnace Creek Rocky Mount
Gills Creek Moneta SW
Glade Creek Penhook
Gourd Creek Penhook
Grassy Fork Mountain Valley
Green Creek Callaway
Grimes Creek Goodview
Guthrie Branch Mountain Valley
Hatchet Creek Rocky Mount
Hatfield Creek Goodview
Hay Run Boones Mill
Hurds Branch Endicott
Indian Creek Goodview
Jacks Creek Penhook
Keaton Branch Mountain Valley
Little Beards Creek Ferrum
Little Bull Run Moneta SW
Little Chestnut Creek Gladehill
Little Creek Boones Mill
Little Doe Run Gladehill
Little Ellie Creek Redwood
Little Jacks Creek Penhook
Little Lynville Creek Hardy
Little Town Creek Philpott Lake
Long Branch Endicott
Lynville Creek Hardy
Madcap Creek Boones Mill
Maggodee Creek Redwood
Maple Branch Redwood
Maple Branch Boones Mill
McField Branch Smith Mountain Dam
Millie Branch Penhook
Mollie Branch Redwood
Muddy Fork Snow Creek
Nicholas Creek Philpott Lake
North Fork Blackwater River Callaway
North Fork Gills Creek Hardy
North Fork Little Chestnut Creek Gladehill
North Fork Maggodee Creek Bent Mountain
Osley Branch Philpott Lake
Otter Creek Philpott Lake
Owens Creek Penhook
Parrot Branch Penhook
Polecat Branch Mountain Valley
Polecat Creek Penhook
Poplar Branch Penhook
Poplar Camp Creek Moneta SW
Powder Mill Creek Redwood
Prater Creek Hardy
Ragland Branch Ferrum
Roaring Run Callaway
Roaring Run Endicott
Roland Branch Philpott Lake
Root Mill Creek Bassett
Ryans Branch Philpott Lake
Salthouse Branch Philpott Lake
Shively Branch Endicott
Snake Run Ferrum
South Fork Blackwater River Callaway
South Fork Little Chestnut Creek Gladehill
South Fork Maggodee Creek Bent Mountain
South Prong Pigg River Ferrum
Standiford Creek Moneta SW
Story Creek Rocky Mount
Strawfield Creek Penhook
Swiftwater Branch Mountain Valley
Tanyard Branch Penhook
Teels Creek Boones Mill
Tharp Creek Ferrum
Toms Creek Snow Creek
Turkey Creek Penhook
Turkeycock Branch Charity
Turners Creek Ferrum
Walker Creek Penhook
Ward Branch Penhook
White Oak Creek Boones Mill

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Franklin County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Franklin County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.