Halifax County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Halifax County

Place USGS Topo Map
Aarons Creek Buffalo Springs
Armistead Branch Nathalie
Ashcake Creek Clover
Bales Spring Branch Cluster Springs
Ballous Creek Oak Level
Banister River Omega
Barker Creek Milton
Bentley Creek Nathalie
Big Mountain Branch Nelson
Big Toby Creek Oak Level
Birch Creek Oak Level
Birch Creek Nathalie
Black Creek Alton
Black Walnut Creek Saxe
Blackwater Creek Nathalie
Bluewing Creek Virgilina
Bowle Spring Branch South Boston
Bradley Creek Vernon Hill
Brandon Creek Alton
Brush Creek Republican Grove
Buckhorn Creek Clover
Buckskin Creek Conner Lake
Bull Creek Long Island
Butrum Creek Alton
Bye Creek Vernon Hill
Byrds Branch Alton
Carlton Creek Oak Level
Catawba Creek Nathalie
Chalmers Creek Oak Level
Chatman Branch Omega
Cherry Branch Buffalo Springs
Cherry Creek Long Island
Childrey Creek Nathalie
Church Spring Branch Cluster Springs
Clardie Creek Omega
Clover Creek Clover
Cocquade Creek Milton
Coleman Creek Cluster Springs
Cow Creek Republican Grove
Dan River Clarksville North
Double Branch Scottsburg
Double Creek Milton
Dry Creek Cluster Springs
Dry Fork Clover
Dunn Creek Clover
East Prong Scottsburg
Elkhorn Creek Republican Grove
Ellis Creek Conner Lake
Flat Branch Buffalo Springs
Germy Creek Ingram
Gibson Creek Omega
Grassy Creek Omega
Halfway Creek Cluster Springs
Hall Branch Clover
Hazelnut Branch Clover
Hilly Creek Omega
Hudson Branch Omega
Hunting Creek Conner Lake
Hyco River Buffalo Springs
Jerimy Creek South Boston
Johns Run Java
Kents Creek Halifax
Larkin Branch Omega
Lawsons Creek South Boston
Lick Branch Omega
Line Branch Buffalo Springs
Little Ashcake Creek Clover
Little Bluewing Creek Virgilina
Little Childrey Creek Brookneal
Little Coleman Creek Cluster Springs
Little Polecat Creek Halifax
Little Terrible Creek Halifax
Little Toby Creek Oak Level
Locust Creek Oak Level
Long Branch Scottsburg
Long Branch Alton
Long Branch Republican Grove
Lower Banks Creek Buffalo Springs
Martins Branch Clover
Mayo Creek Cluster Springs
Mikes Creek South Boston
Mill Branch Scottsburg
Miry Creek South Boston
Morris Branch Buffalo Springs
Mountain Branch Nelson
Myers Creek Omega
North Fork Buffalo Springs
Opossum Branch Scottsburg
Partridge Branch Clover
Pensions Branch Omega
Perrin Creek Omega
Peter Creek Buffalo Springs
Piney Creek Scottsburg
Polecat Creek Halifax
Pond Branch South Boston
Poplar Creek South Boston
Powells Creek Alton
Race Branch Saxe
Reedy Creek South Boston
Reedy Creek Saxe
Rocky Branch South Boston
Rocky Run Barley
Runaway Creek Republican Grove
Sandy Creek Vernon Hill
Saw Mill Branch Buffalo Springs
Smallmans Branch Scottsburg
Snake Creek Brookneal
Spider Creek Republican Grove
Stokes Creek South Boston
Tanyard Branch Scottsburg
Tanyard Branch Ingram
Terrell Branch Omega
Terrible Creek Halifax
Tinsley Creek Long Island
Toots Creek Halifax
West Long Branch Alton
Wilmoth Branch Clover
Winn Creek Halifax
Wolf Trap Creek Omega
Woods Creek Omega

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Halifax County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Halifax County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.