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Lee County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Lee County

Place USGS Topo Map
Batie Creek Hubbard Springs
Bear Branch Keokee
Bee Branch Wheeler
Belgium Branch Pennington Gap
Benedict Branch Pennington Gap
Bergen Branch Pennington Gap
Big Branch Pennington Gap
Big Branch Pennington Gap
Blackwater Creek Kyles Ford
Bobs Branch Pennington Gap
Bubby Branch Pennington Gap
Buck Creek Big Stone Gap
Bundy Creek Keokee
Camp Creek Keokee
Cane Creek Pennington Gap
Chances Branch Ewing
Clark Branch Stickleyville
Clear Spring Branch Keokee
Cowan Branch Varilla
Cox Branch Stickleyville
Cox Creek Keokee
Craborchard Creek Keokee
Dry Branch Varilla
Dry Branch Rose Hill
Dry Branch Pennington Gap
Dry Creek Stickleyville
Dry Creek Hubbard Springs
East Fork Blackwater Creek Kyles Ford
East Fork Panther Creek Sneedville
Ely Creek Keokee
Ely Creek Pennington Gap
Fawn Branch Pennington Gap
Flanary Branch Keokee
Fleenortown Creek Hubbard Springs
Fox Branch Stickleyville
Gin Creek Pennington Gap
Gravely Branch Big Stone Gap
Hamblin Branch Rose Hill
Hardy Creek Hubbard Springs
Jones Creek Keokee
Jordon Branch Keokee
Keslerson Branch Coleman Gap
Lady Branch Pennington Gap
Laurel Branch Ben Hur
Laurel Branch Keokee
Lick Branch Ewing
Lick Branch Pennington Gap
Lick Branch Keokee
Little Bundy Creek Keokee
Little Creek Kyles Ford
Little Yellow Branch Rose Hill
Lone Branch Sneedville
Low Gap Branch Keokee
Machine Branch Wheeler
McConnell Branch Keokee
Meadow Branch Pennington Gap
Meadow Branch Keokee
Meadow Fork Pennington Gap
Meek Branch Ewing
Moore Branch Keokee
Mud Creek Keokee
Newberry Creek Stickleyville
North Fork Powell River Stickleyville
Northeast Fork Blackwater Creek Ben Hur
Panther Branch Pennington Gap
Payne Branch Keokee
Pendleton Branch Wheeler
Poor Valley Branch Rose Hill
Poor Valley Creek Keokee
Potts Branch Pennington Gap
Puckett Creek Pennington Gap
Reeds Creek Keokee
Right Fork Jones Creek Keokee
Right Fork Mud Creek Keokee
Roaring Branch Big Stone Gap
Roaring Branch Ewing
Robertson Branch Kyles Ford
Robinette Branch Looneys Gap
Rocklick Branch Pennington Gap
Sandick Branch Pennington Gap
Scotts Branch Duffield
Shafer Creek Ben Hur
Speaks Branch Back Valley
Station Creek Wheeler
Station Creek Ben Hur
Stone Branch Pennington Gap
Stone Creek Pennington Gap
Straight Creek Pennington Gap
Sugar Run Hubbard Springs
Summers Creek Pennington Gap
Town Branch Hubbard Springs
Trading Creek Hubbard Springs
Troublesome Creek Duffield
Wallen Creek Hubbard Springs
Wells Branch Keokee
White Branch Rose Hill
Williams Branch Looneys Gap
Wolf Branch Pennington Gap
Wolf Harbor Branch Pennington Gap
Yellow Creek Back Valley

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Lee County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Lee County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.