Patrick County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Patrick County

Place USGS Topo Map
Anglin Branch Nettleridge
Archies Creek Claudville
Back Creek Spencer
Barnard Creek Meadows of Dan
Bent Springs Branch Meadows of Dan
Big Branch Claudville
Big Cherry Creek Meadows of Dan
Big Ivy Creek Stuart
Birds Branch Mount Airy North
Bowens Branch Philpott Lake
Browns Dan River Claudville
Brushy Fork Stuart
Buffalo Creek Charity
Bull Mountain Fork Stuart
Burges Branch Claudville
Cadwell Creek Nettleridge
Camp Branch Stuart
Campbell Branch Stuart
Clarks Creek Mount Airy North
Conners Creek Woolwine
Coxes Branch Meadows of Dan
Ditch Creek Stuart SE
Doe Run Creek Mount Airy North
Dry Run Mount Airy North
East Fork Johnson Creek Mount Airy North
Fall Creek Claudville
Goblintown Creek Philpott Lake
Grassy Branch Sanville
Grays Fork Sanville
Green Branch Philpott Lake
Green Creek Spencer
Grogen Branch Mount Airy North
Hale Creek Philpott Lake
Happy Branch Sanville
Harris Creek Claudville
Haunted Branch Meadows of Dan
Hookers Creek Claudville
Hughes Creek Nettleridge
Ivy Branch Stuart
Ivy Creek Meadows of Dan
Jacks Creek Woolwine
Jackson Branch Spencer
Jackson Run Philpott Lake
Jill Creek Woolwine
Joint Crack Creek Charity
King Noahs Branch Mount Airy North
Kings Run Mount Airy North
Laurel Branch Sanville
Lickskillet Branch Claudville
Lily Cove Branch Stuart
Little Creek Woolwine
Little Goblintown Creek Charity
Little Ivy Creek Stuart
Little Mill Creek Spencer
Little Peters Creek Nettleridge
Little Peters Creek Stuart SE
Little Rock Castle Creek Woolwine
Little Russell Creek Nettleridge
Little Spencer Creek Patrick Springs
Little Spoon Creek Spencer
Little Sycamore Creek Charity
Little Widgeon Creek Charity
Long Branch Stuart SE
Long Branch Mount Airy North
Maple Swamp Branch Meadows of Dan
Mayberry Creek Meadows of Dan
Mill Creek Meadows of Dan
Mines Branch Philpott Lake
Mire Branch Mount Airy North
Noels Branch Nettleridge
North Fork Poor House Creek Stuart
North Fork Smith River Stuart
North Prong Smith River Woolwine
Owens Branch Mount Airy North
Pig Creek Claudville
Pole Branch Patrick Springs
Polebridge Creek Sanville
Poorhouse Creek Stuart
Poplar Camp Creek Charity
Price Branch Spencer
Puddin Creek Stuart
Puppy Creek Charity
Rennet Bag Creek Philpott Lake
Rhody Creek Patrick Springs
Rich Creek Patrick Springs
Rich Run Stuart
Roaring Creek Meadows of Dan
Rock Castle Creek Charity
Rocky Branch Stuart SE
Russell Creek Nettleridge
Rye Cove Creek Stuart
Rye Stack Branch Mount Airy North
Sandy Creek Stuart SE
Sawpit Branch Meadows of Dan
Shooting Creek Charity
Small Creek Charity
Spencer Creek Sanville
Spoon Creek Spencer
Spring Branch Philpott Lake
Squall Creek Meadows of Dan
Squirrel Creek Claudville
Sun Run Mount Airy North
Sycamore Creek Charity
Thompson Creek Meadows of Dan
Townley Creek Patrick Springs
Waterfall Branch Stuart
White Oak Creek Charity
Widgeon Creek Charity
Wilson Creek Stuart
Witt Creek Stuart SE

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Patrick County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Patrick County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.