Pittsylvania County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Pittsylvania County

Place USGS Topo Map
Allen Creek Mount Airy
Bar Branch Java
Barkers Branch Ringgold
Bawley Branch Whitmell
Bearskin Creek Chatham
Beechtree Creek Straightstone
Bird Creek Mount Airy
Blacks Creek Mount Airy
Bolin Branch Chatham
Buckhorn Branch Callands
Buffalo Branch Sandy Level
Buffalo Creek Long Island
Cedar Branch Leesville
Cedar Creek Sandy Level
Cherrystone Creek Spring Garden
Cherrytree Branch Axton
Childress Creek Brosville
Clay Branch Leesville
Coon Branch Whitmell
Cow Branch Northeast Eden
Crooked Run Sandy Level
Crooked Run Axton
Dry Branch Gretna
Dry Branch Spring Garden
Dry Branch Mount Airy
Dry Fork Mount Hermon
Dry Fork Chatham
Dunbar Creek Whitmell
East Branch Cascade Creek Northeast Eden
Edwards Branch Mount Hermon
Fall Creek Danville
Flippins Creek Mountain Valley
Flyblow Creek Mount Airy
Fryingpan Creek Sandy Level
Garrett Branch Mountain Valley
Georges Creek Gretna
Georgia Branch Axton
Glady Fork Axton
Golden Branch Ringgold
Greasy Creek Sandy Level
Green Rock Branch Chatham
Gunther Branch Ingram
Hances Branch Ringgold
Hardys Creek Whitmell
Harpen Creek Sandy Level
Hemp Fork Chatham
Hickory Forest Creek Brosville
Hollins Branch Northeast Eden
Hundley Branch Mountain Valley
Jasper Creek Leesville
Johns Run Spring Garden
Jonnikin Creek Sandy Level
Kemp Creek Leesville
Lick Branch Java
Lick Branch Chatham
Lick Fork Northeast Eden
Lick Fork Cedar Creek Sandy Level
Little Bearskin Creek Chatham
Little Cherrystone Creek Spring Garden
Little Fall Creek Ringgold
Little Sandy Creek Mount Hermon
Little Stewart Creek Whitmell
Little Straightstone Creek Straightstone
Little Sycamore Creek Altavista
Long Branch Ringgold
Long Branch Gretna
Louse Creek Smith Mountain Dam
Maggotty Creek Mount Airy
Mann Creek Axton
Mash Branch Axton
McGuff Creek Brosville
Meadow Branch Leesville
Mill Creek Gretna
Mill Creek Sandy Level
Mineral Springs Branch Milton
Mitchell Branch Callands
Morris Branch Callands
Motley Branch Brosville
Muddy Run Leesville
Myers Creek Leesville
North Fork Stinking River Gretna
Old Womans Creek Leesville
Peters Creek Mount Airy
Pie Creek Sandy Level
Pigg River Leesville
Pine Creek Java
Pole Bridge Branch Chatham
Poplar Branch Gretna
Potter Creek Sandy Level
Pudding Creek Chatham
Pumpkin Creek Ringgold
Pumpkin Creek Ringgold
Pumpkin Creek Northeast Eden
Reddies Creek Sandy Level
Reed Creek Altavista
Roaring Fork Chatham
Robins Branch Callands
Rocky Branch Whitmell
Rocky Branch Leesville
Rocky Creek Sandy Level
Rocky Ford Branch Axton
Rorer Creek Leesville
Sailor Creek Mountain Valley
Sandy Creek Milton
Shockoe Creek Mount Airy
Silver Creek Whitmell
Snow Creek Sandy Level
South Prong Sandy River Whitmell
Squirrel Creek Mount Airy
Stewart Creek Whitmell
Stinking River Mount Airy
Straightstone Creek Long Island
Strawberry Creek Chatham
Sugartree Creek Whitmell
Sweden Fork Spring Garden
Sycamore Creek Altavista
Tanker Creek Smith Mountain Dam
Tanyard Branch Chatham
Tanyard Creek Axton
Tom Fork Ringgold
Tomahawk Creek Sandy Level
Tompkins Branch Chatham
Trayner Branch Brosville
Trotters Creek Brosville
Turkeycock Creek Sandy Level
Valentine Creek Straightstone
Watkins Branch Axton
West Fork Sandy River Whitmell
West Fork Stinking River Gretna
Wet Sleeve Creek Callands
White Oak Creek Chatham
Whites Branch Chatham
Whitethorn Creek Java
Wolfe Creek Milton

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Pittsylvania County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Pittsylvania County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.