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Scott County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Scott County

Place USGS Topo Map
Amos Branch Hiltons
Anderson Branch Kingsport
Baker Branch Clinchport
Baker Branch Dungannon
Bearpen Branch Fort Blackmore
Beech Grove Branch Looneys Gap
Beecher Branch Clinchport
Benges Creek Dungannon
Big Branch Clinchport
Big Branch Hiltons
Big Branch Fort Blackmore
Big Moccasin Creek Kingsport
Big Oak Branch East Stone Gap
Big Spring Branch Dungannon
Blackoak Branch Clinchport
Blue Springs Branch Hiltons
Bobs Branch Duffield
Burnt Cabin Branch Gate City
Cate Branch Church Hill
Champ Branch Hiltons
Chapman Branch Gate City
Chestnut Camp Branch East Stone Gap
Chimney Rock Fork Fort Blackmore
Church Rock Branch East Stone Gap
Coalpit Branch Fort Blackmore
Copper Creek Clinchport
Cornett Branch Fort Blackmore
Cove Creek Gate City
Cove Creek Hiltons
Cowan Branch Church Hill
Cowan Creek Dungannon
Cub Creek Fort Blackmore
Culbertson Creek Hiltons
Davey Land Branch Fort Blackmore
Dean Branch Hiltons
Devil Fork East Stone Gap
Dingus Branch Fort Blackmore
Dowell Branch Hiltons
Drakes Branch Duffield
Dry Branch Hiltons
Dry Branch Duffield
Dry Creek Duffield
Dry Creek Dungannon
Dry Creek East Stone Gap
Dry Fork East Stone Gap
Duncan Branch East Stone Gap
East Fork Cove Creek Blountville
East Fork Roberts Creek Hiltons
Elder Patch Branch East Stone Gap
England Valley Branch Stickleyville
Falin Branch Duffield
Falin Branch Duffield
Fall Creek Dungannon
Flower Branch Gate City
Ford Branch Fort Blackmore
Ford Branch Duffield
Fowlers Branch Hiltons
Fraley Branch Duffield
Franklin Branch Gate City
Gillenwater Branch Gate City
Glady Fork Fort Blackmore
Good Branch Mendota
Gouldman Branch Hiltons
Gray Branch Fort Blackmore
Hagan Spring Branch Fort Blackmore
Harris Branch Duffield
Head Creek Plum Grove
Henderson Branch Kingsport
Hickerson Branch Fort Blackmore
Hiltons Creek Hiltons
Horton Branch Duffield
Indian Creek Indian Springs
Irving Branch Duffield
Ivy Patch Branch Fort Blackmore
Jack Branch Dungannon
Jennings Branch Clinchport
Jessee Branch Dungannon
Joel Branch Fort Blackmore
John Gay Branch Fort Blackmore
Jones Branch Church Hill
Ketron Branch Mendota
Lane Camp Branch East Stone Gap
Lark Branch Hiltons
Lark Creek Gate City
Laurel Branch Coeburn
Laurel Branch East Stone Gap
Laurel Fork East Stone Gap
Lewis Branch Stickleyville
Lick Branch Clinchport
Lick Branch Coeburn
Lick Branch Blountville
Lick Creek Fort Blackmore
Lick Log Branch Coeburn
Little Duck Branch Mendota
Little Moccasin Creek Gate City
Little Stock Creek Duffield
Little Stony Creek Dungannon
Low Place Branch Fort Blackmore
Mahogany Spring Branch Fort Blackmore
Maple Spring Branch Fort Blackmore
McClure Branch Plum Grove
McDowell Branch Gate City
McGhee Creek Fort Blackmore
Meadow Branch Looneys Gap
Mill Creek Clinchport
Mill Creek Fort Blackmore
Millstone Branch East Stone Gap
Nickels Branch Looneys Gap
North Fork Clinch River Kyles Ford
North Fork Holston River Kingsport
Obeys Creek Gate City
Pattonsville Branch Duffield
Peters Branch Gate City
Pike Gate City
Pine Branch Gate City
Plank Camp Creek Gate City
Possum Creek Kingsport
Powers Branch Plum Grove
Raccon Branch Blountville
Red Hill Branch Gate City
Reedy Creek Blountville
Richmond Branch East Stone Gap
Roaring Branch Dungannon
Roberts Creek Hiltons
Robinson Fork Wise
Rocky Branch Fort Blackmore
Roddy Branch East Stone Gap
Rogers Branch Duffield
Saint Branch East Stone Gap
Sayler Branch Mendota
Shelby Creek Plum Grove
Shupe Branch East Stone Gap
Sinking Creek Dungannon
Sled Creek Hiltons
Sorrel Creek Clinchport
South Fork Ketron Branch Mendota
Spruce Lick Branch East Stone Gap
Spurlock Branch Duffield
Stacy Branch Fort Blackmore
Stanley Valley Creek Church Hill
Star Branch Coeburn
Staunton Creek Fort Blackmore
Stewart Branch East Stone Gap
Stinking Creek East Stone Gap
Stock Creek Clinchport
Stony Creek Fort Blackmore
Straight Fork Fort Blackmore
Strong Branch Gate City
Suck Branch Fort Blackmore
Taylortown Branch Clinchport
Turkeylick Branch Looneys Gap
Valley Branch Plum Grove
Valley Creek Fort Blackmore
Valley Creek Gate City
Valley Creek East Stone Gap
Venus Branch Indian Springs
Watts Branch Duffield
West Fork Cove Creek Blountville
White Rock Branch East Stone Gap
Widow Branch Gate City
Wolf Creek Big Stone Gap
Wolf Run Creek Dungannon

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Scott County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Scott County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.