Washington County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Washington County

Place USGS Topo Map
Abrams Creek Mendota
Back Fork Konnarock
Bear Branch Damascus
Beaverdam Creek Damascus
Beech Creek Damascus
Beetree Branch Hayters Gap
Berrys Creek Abingdon
Bethany Creek Hayters Gap
Big Creek Glade Spring
Blackwell Branch Glade Spring
Blevins Branch Laurel Bloomery
Bowman Branch Abingdon
Braudy Branch Hayters Gap
Brumley Creek Brumley
Brush Creek Konnarock
Bucks Branch Damascus
Bumgardner Branch Abingdon
Burnt Cabin Creek Konnarock
Buzzard Den Branch Damascus
Buzzard Den Branch Konnarock
Byers Creek Damascus
Cabin Creek Brumley
Canoe Branch Brumley
Casey Branch Hayters Gap
Cave Spring Branch Holston Valley
Cedar Creek Damascus
Chestnut Branch Konnarock
Clear Creek Wyndale
Cooley Camp Branch Hayters Gap
Count Branch Glade Spring
Count Creek Hayters Gap
Cox Mill Creek Shady Valley
Crecy Branch Konnarock
Crooked Branch Abingdon
Cullop Branch Konnarock
Double Spring Branch Glade Spring
Dry Branch Hayters Gap
Dry Branch Abingdon
Dry Fork Mendota
Dry Run Shady Valley
East Fork Cedar Creek Damascus
East Fork Hall Creek Glade Spring
East Fork Wolf Creek Hayters Gap
East Fork Wolf Creek Abingdon
Edington Branch Hayters Gap
Falls Hill Creek Brumley
Feathercamp Branch Konnarock
Fifteenmile Creek Abingdon
Finley Creek Hayters Gap
Fleenor Branch Mendota
Fullen Branch Hayters Gap
Garrett Creek Brumley
Gaspard Creek Wallace
Gimlet Branch Damascus
Gobble Branch Hayters Gap
Goose Creek Wallace
Grable Branch Shady Valley
Gray Creek Brumley
Green Cove Creek Konnarock
Greendale Creek Brumley
Greenway Branch Hayters Gap
Greenway Creek Damascus
Greever Branch Chilhowie
Grindstone Branch Mendota
Grosses Creek Konnarock
Halfmile Creek Abingdon
Hall Creek Damascus
Haskell Branch Wallace
Henry Widener Branch Damascus
Holly Creek Brumley
Honey Locust Branch Damascus
Hutton Creek Chilhowie
Indian Run Damascus
Jinkerson Branch Shady Valley
Ketchum Branch Damascus
Keywood Branch Glade Spring
Krimmel Creek Wallace
Larimer Branch Abingdon
Laurel Branch Mendota
Laurel Creek Damascus
Lee Creek Hayters Gap
Lick Branch Abingdon
Lick Branch Wyndale
Little Brumley Creek Brumley
Little Creek Brumley
Little Creek Wyndale
Little Moccasin Creek Brumley
Little Tumbling Creek Saltville
Little Wolf Run Mendota
Livingston Creek Mendota
Locust Ridge Branch Konnarock
Logan Creek Hayters Gap
London Bridge Branch Laurel Bloomery
Louse Creek Abingdon
Maiden Creek Hayters Gap
Mays Branch Abingdon
McHenry Creek Glade Spring
McQueen Branch Grayson
Middle Fork Holston River Abingdon
Mill Creek Konnarock
Mitchell Branch Hayters Gap
Moore Branch Glade Spring
Mudlick Branch Hayters Gap
Murrayfield Branch Konnarock
Nicely Branch Bristol
Nordyke Creek Wallace
Painter Spring Branch Holston Valley
Patterson Branch Konnarock
Pendleton Branch Abingdon
Plum Creek Chilhowie
Poge Branch Konnarock
Pole Bridge Branch Konnarock
Poston Branch Hayters Gap
Price Creek Hayters Gap
Rafferty Cove Branch Konnarock
Ramsey Branch Damascus
Rattle Creek Wallace
Rattle Creek Brumley
Rich Mountain Creek Hayters Gap
Richardson Branch Glade Spring
Roaring Spring Branch Wyndale
Rockhouse Run Abingdon
Rush Creek Konnarock
Russell Branch Damascus
Sawmill Branch Abingdon
Sharp Branch Abingdon
Sinking Creek Bristol
Smith Creek Wallace
Smyth Branch Hayters Gap
South Fork McHenry Creek Glade Spring
Spoon Gap Creek Abingdon
Spring Creek Holston Valley
Star Hill Branch Konnarock
Steele Creek Bristol
Steep Branch Konnarock
Stonemill Creek Glade Spring
Sturgill Branch Konnarock
Sugarcamp Branch Laurel Bloomery
Susong Branch Bristol
Tattle Branch Damascus
Taylor Branch Hayters Gap
Thomas Branch Shady Valley
Three Springs Creek Bristol
Toole Creek Hayters Gap
Town Creek Abingdon
Tumbling Creek Glade Spring
Valley Creek Grayson
Van Hook Branch Hayters Gap
West Fork Cedar Creek Damascus
West Fork Wolf Creek Hayters Gap
White Branch Abingdon
White Oak Branch Konnarock
Whiterock Branch Hayters Gap
Whitetop Laurel Creek Laurel Bloomery
Williams Branch Hayters Gap
Willow Branch Mendota
Wolf Creek Hayters Gap
Wolf Creek Shady Valley
Wolf Run Mendota
Woodward Cove Branch Glade Spring
Wright Branch Damascus
Yellow Spring Branch Hayters Gap

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Washington County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Washington County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.