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Wise County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Wise County

Place USGS Topo Map
Ambrose Branch Pound
Austin Branch Jenkins East
Bad Branch Coeburn
Bad Branch Flat Gap
Bad Creek Jenkins East
Bad Creek Flat Gap
Bark Camp Branch Wise
Barn Branch Pound
Bear Branch Norton
Bear Branch Norton
Bear Creek Wise
Bear Fork Caney Ridge
Bear Fork Flat Gap
Bearpen Branch Appalachia
Beaverdam Creek East Stone Gap
Bee Branch Flat Gap
Bee Branch Flat Gap
Benges Branch Norton
Bens Branch Appalachia
Big Branch Pound
Big Branch Pound
Big Branch Flat Gap
Birchfield Creek Caney Ridge
Black Creek Norton
Bold Camp Creek Pound
Bond Branch Coeburn
Buckeye Branch Norton
Bull Run Coeburn
Burns Creek Wise
Butcher Fork East Stone Gap
Callahan Creek Appalachia
Cane Branch Jenkins East
Cane Branch Pound
Canepatch Creek Norton
Carding Machine Branch Norton
Clear Creek Wise
Corder Branch Coeburn
Crab Orchard Branch Coeburn
Creger Branch Flat Gap
Critical Fork Flat Gap
Dale Branch Pound
Donald Branch Flat Gap
Dotson Creek Pound
Dotson Fork Pound
Doubles Branch Jenkins East
Dry Fork Coeburn
Duckcamp Branch Pound
Durham Branch East Stone Gap
East Fork Bearpen Branch Appalachia
Eastland Creek Wise
Flat Branch Coeburn
Franks Branch Appalachia
Gabe Branch Norton
Glade Creek Wise
Glady Fork Flat Gap
Guest River Coeburn
Haddox Branch Norton
Halfway Branch Appalachia
Hall Branch Flat Gap
Halls Branch Appalachia
Hays Branch Pound
Honey Branch Saint Paul
Honeycomb Branch Saint Paul
Hopkins Branch Flat Gap
Hurricane Branch Pound
Hurricane Creek Coeburn
Indian Creek Pound
Jaybird Branch Coeburn
Kelly Branch Appalachia
Lane Branch Pound
Laurel Branch Jenkins East
Laurel Fork Flat Gap
Laurel Fork Appalachia
Left Fork Bearpen Creek Jenkins East
Left Fork Lick Fork Pound
Lick Branch Jenkins East
Lick Branch Pound
Lick Branch Appalachia
Lick Branch Appalachia
Little Caney Creek Caney Ridge
Little Toms Creek Coeburn
Looney Creek Appalachia
Lost Creek Wise
Lyons Fork Caney Ridge
Machine Creek Wise
McFall Fork Pound
McHenry Fork Appalachia
McKinney Branch Norton
Meade Creek Saint Paul
Meade Fork Pound
Meadow Branch Pound
Meadow Branch Flat Gap
Meadows Branch Saint Paul
Mill Branch Jenkins East
Mill Branch Norton
Mill Creek Jenkins East
Mill Creek Wise
Mill Creek Coeburn
Miller Branch Appalachia
Mud Branch Jenkins East
Mud Lick Creek Appalachia
Mullins Fork Pound
North Fork Pound River Pound
Parson Branch Wise
Phillips Creek Flat Gap
Phillips Creek Flat Gap
Pigeon Creek Appalachia
Pine Branch Norton
Pine Camp Creek Coeburn
Pine Orchard Branch Coeburn
Pole Bridge Branch Wise
Potcamp Branch Pound
Potcamp Fork Norton
Pound Fork Flat Gap
Pounding Mill Creek Appalachia
Preacher Creek Appalachia
Raccoon Branch Flat Gap
Ramey Branch Coeburn
Rat Creek Flat Gap
Rickey Branch Pound
Right Fork Bearpen Creek Jenkins East
Riley Branch Pound
Roads Branch East Stone Gap
Roaring Branch Appalachia
Roaring Fork Norton
Roberts Branch Flat Gap
Robinette Branch Saint Paul
Rock Creek Pound
Rocky Fork Wise
Rumley Branch Flat Gap
Russell Creek Saint Paul
Selcer Branch Coeburn
Sepulcher Creek Wise
Shade Branch Coeburn
Short Branch Flat Gap
Short Creek Flat Gap
Slick Branch Jenkins East
South Fork Pound River Pound
South Fork Powell River Big Stone Gap
Spring Branch Jenkins East
Spruce Pine Branch Coeburn
Stacy Branch Jenkins West
Stallard Branch Pound
Steel Fork Pound
Steer Branch Flat Gap
Steve Horn Branch Flat Gap
Stevens Branch Jenkins East
Stidham Fork Flat Gap
Stidham Fork Wise
Stone Branch Jenkins East
Store House Branch Pound
Straight Fork Flat Gap
Tearall Branch Wise
Thacker Branch Norton
Toms Creek Coeburn
Trace Fork Pound
Turkey Branch Pound
Whiteoak Branch Wise
Whitley Fork Appalachia
Wildcat Creek East Stone Gap
Yellow Creek Wise

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Wise County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Wise County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.