Chelan County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Chelan County

Place USGS Topo Map
Airplane Lake Glacier Peak East
Ann Lake Mount Arriva
Antilon Lake Manson
Battalion Lake Mount Lyall
Bear Lake Brief
Beehive Reservoir Mission Peak
Bernice Lake Prince Creek
Big Jim Mountain Lakes Big Jim Mountain
Blue Lake Washington Pass
Bobs Lake The Cradle
Boiling Lake Martin Peak
Canan Lake Mount Howard
Carrie Lake The Cradle
Carter Lake Big Jim Mountain
Chain Lakes Stevens Pass
Chiwaukum Lake Chiwaukum Mountains
Choral Lake Saska Peak
Clara Lake Mission Peak
Clear Lake Wenatchee Heights
Colchuck Lake Enchantment Lakes
Coney Lake Cashmere Mountain
Cradle Lake Jack Ridge
Crescent Lake Mount Howard
Cub Lake Prince Creek
Cup Lake Chiwaukum Mountains
D Lake Schaefer Lake
Dagger Lake McAlester Mountain
Devil Lake Silver Falls
Devil Lake Chikamin Creek
Dirtyface Lake Lake Wenatchee
Doelle Lakes Stevens Pass
Dole Lakes Pinnacle Mountain
Domke Lake Lucerne
Doubtful Lake Cascade Pass
Dry Lake Manson
Dry Lake Prince Creek
Earle Lake Cashmere Mountain
Eightmile Lake Cashmere Mountain
Enchantment Lakes Enchantment Lakes
Fern Lake Saska Peak
Fish Lake Plain
French Potholes The Cradle
Glasses Lake Captain Point
Glory Lake Goode Mountain
Gnome Tarn Enchantment Lakes
Granite Mountain Potholes The Cradle
Grass Lake Stevens Pass
Green Lake Azwell
Green View Lake Goode Mountain
Greenwood Reservoir Number One Wenatchee Heights
Greenwood Reservoir Number Two Wenatchee Heights
H and H Reservoir Number One Mission Peak
H and H Reservoir Number Two Mission Peak
Hart Lake Holden
Heather Lake Captain Point
Hidden Lake Lake Wenatchee
Hidden Reservoir Chumstick Mountain
Holden Lake Holden
Honour Lake Chiwaukum Mountains
Hope Lake Stevens Pass
Horse Lake Monitor
Horseshoe Lake Mount Stuart
Howard Lake McGregor Mountain
Ice Lakes Holden
Indian Ponds Mount David
Inspiration Lake Enchantment Lakes
Isolation Lake Enchantment Lakes
Jack Lake Mount Stuart
Jason Lakes Chiwaukum Mountains
Josephine Lake Stevens Pass
Jove Lake Labyrinth Mountain
Jungfrau Lake The Cradle
Kettling Lake McAlester Mountain
King Lake Clark Mountain
Klonaqua Lakes The Cradle
Knox Lake Chiwaukum Mountains
Lake Alice Chiwaukum Mountains
Lake Augusta Big Jim Mountain
Lake Brigham Chiwaukum Mountains
Lake Caroline Cashmere Mountain
Lake Charles Chiwaukum Mountains
Lake Chelan South Navarre Peak
Lake Cortez Malaga
Lake Cuitin Stevens Pass
Lake Donald Chiwaukum Mountains
Lake Edna Chiwaukum Mountains
Lake Elsey Mount David
Lake Ethel Mount Howard
Lake Flore Chiwaukum Mountains
Lake Grace Chiwaukum Mountains
Lake Ida Big Jim Mountain
Lake Ingalls Mount Stuart
Lake Jason Chiwaukum Mountains
Lake Jolanda Leavenworth
Lake Juanita Sun Mountain
Lake Julius Chiwaukum Mountains
Lake Leland The Cradle
Lake Lorraine Stevens Pass
Lake Louis Captain Point
Lake Margaret Chiwaukum Mountains
Lake Mary Chiwaukum Mountains
Lake Pateros Wells Dam
Lake Phoebe The Cradle
Lake Ruth Cashmere Mountain
Lake Sally Ann Benchmark Mountain
Lake Stuart Mount Stuart
Lake Susan Jane Stevens Pass
Lake Sylvester Chiwaukum Mountains
Lake Valhalla Labyrinth Mountain
Lake Victoria Cashmere Mountain
Lake Viviane Enchantment Lakes
Lake Wenatchee Lake Wenatchee
Lake Wolverine Stevens Pass
Lanham Lake Labyrinth Mountain
Larch Lake Chiwaukum Mountains
Larch Lakes Saska Peak
Le Conte Lake Cascade Pass
Leprechaun Lake Enchantment Lakes
Lichtenwasser Lake Labyrinth Mountain
Lily Lake Wenatchee Heights
Little Caroline Lake Cashmere Mountain
Little Eightmile Lake Cashmere Mountain
Little Fish Lake Benchmark Mountain
Loch Eileen Chiwaukum Mountains
Lost Lake Mount Howard
Lost Lake Chikamin Creek
Lovitt Tailings Pond Wenatchee
Lower Enchantment Lakes Enchantment Lakes
Lower Florence Lake Chiwaukum Mountains
Lower Pawn Lake Brief
Lower Phoebe Lake The Cradle
Lyman Lake Suiattle Pass
M M Lake The Cradle
Mad Lake Chikamin Creek
Marie Lake Mount Lyall
Marion Lake Mission Peak
Massie Lake Suiattle Pass
Mathison Reservoir Wenatchee Heights
McAlester Lake McAlester Mountain
Meadow Lake Malaga
Merritt Lake Mount Howard
Mesa Lake Cashmere Mountain
Milk Lake Stevens Pass
Milo Wood Pond Wenatchee Heights
Minotaur Lake Labyrinth Mountain
Mirror Lake Pinnacle Mountain
Myrtle Lake Saska Peak
Nada Lake Blewett
Pawn Lakes Brief
Pelton Lake Cascade Pass
Perfection Lake Enchantment Lakes
Rainbow Lake McAlester Mountain
Rainy Lake Washington Pass
Reflection Pond Glacier Peak West
Rock Island Pool Rock Island Dam
Rock Lake Mount Howard
Rose Lake Wenatchee Heights
Roses Lake Manson
Round Lake Lucerne
Schaefer Lake Schaefer Lake
Shield Lake Enchantment Lakes
Shoal Lake The Cradle
Silent Lakes Mount Arriva
Snow Lakes Enchantment Lakes
Spencer Lake Rocky Reach Dam
Spirit Lake Mount Stuart
Spring Hill Reservoir Wenatchee Heights
Sprite Lake The Cradle
Sprite Lake Enchantment Lakes
Square Lake Stevens Pass
Squaw Lake Lake Wenatchee
Star Lake Oval Peak
Steffen Brothers Reservoir Wenatchee Heights
Stemilt Project Reservoir Wenatchee Heights
Surprise Lake Prince Creek
Swallow Lakes Stevens Pass
Swimming Deer Lake Stevens Pass
Temple Lake Enchantment Lakes
Theseus Lake Labyrinth Mountain
Todd Lake The Cradle
Toketie Lake Leavenworth
Top Lake Benchmark Mountain
Tranquil Lake Enchantment Lakes
Trap Lake Stevens Pass
Trapper Lake Cascade Pass
Triplet Lakes Sun Mountain
Trout Lake Jack Ridge
Tuckaway Lake Oval Peak
Turquoise Lake The Cradle
Twin Lakes Schaefer Lake
Two Little Lakes Chikamin Creek
Upper Enchantment Lakes Enchantment Lakes
Upper Florence Lake Chiwaukum Mountains
Upper Grace Lake Chiwaukum Mountains
Upper Pawn Lake Brief
Upper Wheeler Reservoir Wenatchee Heights
Waddell Lake McGregor Mountain
Wapato Lake Manson
Welcome Lake The Cradle
Wenatchee Heights Reservoir Number One Wenatchee Heights
Wenatchee Heights Reservoir Number Two Wenatchee Heights
White Rock Lakes Dome Peak
Wood Reservoir Wenatchee Heights
Yang Yang Lakes Cascade Pass
Zimmerman Pond Wenatchee Heights

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Chelan County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Chelan County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.