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King County Fishing Streams

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Streams in King County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adair Creek Redmond
Alice Creek Bandera
Alpine Creek Skykomish
Anthracite Creek Skykomish
Barnes Creek Des Moines
Bear Creek Kirkland
Bear Creek Eagle Gorge
Bear Creek Findley Lake
Bear Creek Mount Phelps
Beaver Creek Lake Joy
Beckler River Skykomish
Big Creek Devils Slide
Big Creek Snoqualmie Lake
Big Soos Creek Auburn
Black River Renton
Boeing Creek Shilshole Bay
Boise Creek Buckley
Bolt Creek Skykomish
Boulder Creek Cougar Mountain
Boundary Creek Cougar Mountain
Boxley Creek Chester Morse Lake
Bridge Creek Chester Morse Lake
Brockway Creek Snoqualmie
Burn Creek Skykomish
Burnboot Creek Snoqualmie Pass
Burns Creek Black Diamond
Burns Creek Sun Top
Calligan Creek Mount Si
Camp Robber Creek Snoqualmie Lake
Canton Creek Greenwater
Canyon Creek Fall City
Canyon Creek Lake Joy
Canyon Creek North Bend
Carey Creek Hobart
Carroll Creek Scenic
Carter Creek Bandera
Cedar River Mercer Island
Champion Creek Nagrom
Change Creek Chester Morse Lake
Charley Creek Eagle Gorge
Cherry Creek Monroe
Christensen Creek Olalla
Clay Creek Cyclone Creek
Clise Creek Redmond
Coal Creek Mercer Island
Coal Creek Snoqualmie
Coal Creek Cumberland
Colin Creek Redmond
Commonwealth Creek Snoqualmie Pass
Coney Creek Grotto
Coon Creek North Bend
Cottage Lake Creek Redmond
Cougar Creek Greenwater
Cougar Creek Mount Phelps
Covington Creek Auburn
Cranmar Creek Black Diamond
Crawford Creek Big Snow Mountain
Cripple Creek Snoqualmie Lake
Crisp Creek Black Diamond
Cristy Creek Black Diamond
Cyclone Creek Cyclone Creek
Damburat Creek Chester Morse Lake
Daniels Creek Maltby
Deception Creek Scenic
Deep Creek Hobart
Deep Creek Cumberland
Deep Creek Devils Slide
Denny Creek Snoqualmie Pass
Derby Creek Kirkland
Des Moines Creek Des Moines
Dingford Creek Snoqualmie Lake
Dry Creek Devils Slide
Duwamish River Seattle South
Eagle Creek Skykomish
Eagle Creek Cougar Mountain
East Creek Lost Lake
East Fork Foss River Skykomish
East Fork Friday Creek Lester
East Fork Griffin Creek Lake Joy
East Fork Index Creek Index
East Fork Issaquah Creek Issaquah
East Fork Kimball Creek Snoqualmie
East Fork Miller River Grotto
East Twin Creek Greenwater
Ebright Creek Issaquah
Echo Creek Chester Morse Lake
Engle Creek Grotto
Essency Creek Carnation
Evans Creek Redmond
Fifteenmile Creek Maple Valley
Findley Creek Findley Lake
Fish Creek North Bend
Fisher Creek Scenic
Foss River Skykomish
Franklin Creek Cumberland
Freeman Creek Maltby
Friday Creek Lester
Gale Creek Cougar Mountain
George Davis Creek Issaquah
Goat Creek Grotto
Goat Creek Findley Lake
Goat Creek Snoqualmie Pass
Goat Creek Snoqualmie Lake
Goff Creek Mercer Island
Gold Creek Kirkland
Granite Creek Chester Morse Lake
Great Falls Creek Grotto
Green Point Creek Chester Morse Lake
Green River Des Moines
Green River Gorge Cumberland
Green Valley Creek Olalla
Greenwater River Greenwater
Griffin Creek Fall City
Hall Creek Chester Morse Lake
Hancock Creek Mount Si
Hansen Creek Bandera
Hanstead Creek Monroe
Hardscrabble Creek Big Snow Mountain
Harlan Creek Evergreen Mountain
Harris Creek Carnation
Harris Creek Bandera
Harrison Creek Renton
Haywitch Creek Fall City
Holder Creek Hobart
Honey Creek Maple Valley
Honey Dew Creek Mercer Island
Hope Creek Issaquah
Horseshoe Slough Fall City
Hotel Creek Hobart
Humpback Creek Snoqualmie Pass
Icy Creek Fall City
Idylwood Creek Redmond
Illinois Creek Mount Phelps
Index Creek Baring
Intake Creek Lester
Isakson Creek Monroe
Issaquah Creek Issaquah
Jenkins Creek Auburn
Joes Creek Tacoma North
Juanita Creek Kirkland
Judd Creek Vashon
Kaleetan Creek Bandera
Kanim Creek Issaquah
Kelley Creek Scenic
Kelsey Creek Mercer Island
Kimball Creek Snoqualmie
Kimball Creek Grotto
Kulla Kulla Creek Bandera
Lake Creek Fall City
Langlois Creek Carnation
Lennox Creek Mount Phelps
Lester Creek Lester
Lewis Creek Issaquah
Lindsay Creek Cougar Mountain
Lions Run Maple Valley
Little Soos Creek Auburn
Lodge Creek Snoqualmie Pass
Lost Creek North Bend
Lowe Creek Grotto
Lyon Creek Edmonds East
Mackey Creek Redmond
Madsen Creek Renton
Malaney Creek Skykomish
Margaret Creek Carnation
Marten Creek Snoqualmie Lake
Martin Creek Scenic
Mason Creek Bandera
Massey Creek Des Moines
May Creek Mercer Island
McAleer Creek Edmonds East
McCain Creek Nagrom
McClellan Creek Chester Morse Lake
McSorley Creek Poverty Bay
Meadow Creek Noble Knob
Mercer Slough Mercer Island
Meridian Creek Seattle North
Middle Fork Snoqualmie River Snoqualmie
Middle Fork Taylor Creek Eagle Gorge
Mill Creek Auburn
Mill Creek Renton
Miller Creek Des Moines
Miller River Grotto
Mine Creek Chester Morse Lake
Mohlendorph Creek Seattle North
Molasses Creek Renton
Money Creek Grotto
Mud Creek Snoqualmie
Newaukum Creek Black Diamond
North Fork Cedar River Findley Lake
North Fork Cherry Creek Carnation
North Fork Creek Lake Joy
North Fork Green River Eagle Gorge
North Fork Issaquah Creek Issaquah
North Fork Snoqualmie River Snoqualmie
North Fork Taylor Creek Eagle Gorge
North Fork Tolt River Lake Joy
Olallie Creek Snoqualmie Pass
Otter Creek Chester Morse Lake
Packard Creek Cyclone Creek
Patterson Creek Fall City
Perrigo Creek Redmond
Peters Creek Kirkland
Phelps Creek Mount Phelps
Philippa Creek Devils Slide
Piling Creek Eagle Gorge
Pine Creek Findley Lake
Pine Lake Creek Issaquah
Pioneer Creek Blowout Mountain
Pipers Creek Shilshole Bay
Pratt River Lake Philippa
Pyramid Creek Noble Knob
Quartz Creek Lake Philippa
Rack Creek Chester Morse Lake
Raging River Fall City
Rainy Creek Lake Philippa
Ravenna Creek Seattle North
Ravensdale Creek Black Diamond
Red Creek Enumclaw
Reid Slough Snoqualmie
Rex River Chester Morse Lake
Richards Creek Mercer Island
Roaring Creek Findley Lake
Rock Creek Maple Valley
Rock Creek Black Diamond
Rock Creek Hobart
Rock Creek Bandera
Rock Creek Snoqualmie Pass
Rock Creek Nagrom
Rockdale Creek Snoqualmie Pass
Rutherford Slough Fall City
Salmon Creek Des Moines
Salmon Creek Mount Phelps
Sammamish River Edmonds East
Sawmill Creek Lester
Sawyer Creek Scenic
Scatter Creek Cyclone Creek
Scenic Creek Scenic
Scheuerman Creek Shilshole Bay
Seattle Creek Findley Lake
Seidel Creek Redmond
Seventeen Creek North Bend
Shingle Mill Creek Vashon
Shotgun Creek Chester Morse Lake
Skunk Creek Snoqualmie
Slide Creek Sun Top
Slippery Creek Greenwater
Smay Creek Nagrom
Smith Creek Snoqualmie Lake
Snow Creek Lost Lake
Snowshoe Creek Chester Morse Lake
Soderman Creek Fall City
South Fork Cedar River Findley Lake
South Fork Snoqualmie River Snoqualmie
South Fork Taylor Creek Eagle Gorge
South Fork Tolt River Lake Joy
Spider Creek Bandera
Squawk Slough Edmonds East
Squibbs Creek Issaquah
Steele Creek North Bend
Stickney Slough Fall City
Stossel Creek Lake Joy
Struve Creek Redmond
Sunday Creek Devils Slide
Sunday Creek Lester
Sunset Creek Mercer Island
Surprise Creek Scenic
Swamp Creek Bothell
Sylvester Creek Greenwater
Tacoma Creek Blowout Mountain
Tahlequah Creek Gig Harbor
Talapus Creek Bandera
Tate Creek Snoqualmie
Taylor Creek North Bend
Taylor River Lake Philippa
Ten Creek Snoqualmie
Thompson Creek Bandera
Thornton Creek Seattle North
Thunder Creek Snoqualmie Pass
Tibbetts Creek Issaquah
Tinkham Creek Lost Lake
Titicaca Creek Devils Slide
Titicaed Creek Mount Phelps
Tokul Creek Snoqualmie
Tolt River Carnation
Tuck Creek Carnation
Tunnel Creek Scenic
Tuscohatchie Creek Bandera
Twin Camp Creek Lester
Tye River Skykomish
United Nations Creek Renton
University Slough Seattle North
Venema Creek Seattle North
Viola Creek Findley Lake
Webster Creek Hobart
Weiss Creek Carnation
West Creek Lost Lake
West Fork Foss River Skykomish
West Fork Miller River Grotto
West Fork Smay Creek Nagrom
West Twin Creek Greenwater
Whistler Creek Noble Knob
Wildcat Creek Snoqualmie Lake
Williams Creek North Bend
Willows Creek Kirkland
Wolf Creek Nagrom
Wood Creek Bandera
Woodin Creek Bothell
Yellow Creek Lake Joy
Zackuse Creek Issaquah

Above is a map and a list of the streams in King County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within King County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.