Lewis County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Lewis County

Place USGS Topo Map
Airport Lake Centralia
Anderson Lake Anderson Lake
Art Lake Packwood Lake
Backbone Lake Ohanapecosh Hot Springs
Beaver Lake Packwood Lake
Bench Lake Mount Rainier East
Benchmark Lake White Pass
Bertha May Lake Sawtooth Ridge
Beusch Lake White Pass
Bill Lake White Pass
Bivin Lake Packwood
Black Rock Pond Tower Rock
Blue Lake Blue Lake
Blue Lake Tatoosh Lakes
Bluff Lake Ohanapecosh Hot Springs
Carlisle Lake Onalaska
Chain Lakes White Pass
Chambers Lake Hamilton Buttes
Cliff Lake Mount Rainier East
Cora Lake Sawtooth Ridge
Coyote Lake Old Snowy Mountain
Deerhead Lake White Pass
Duck Lake The Rockies
Dumbbell Lake White Pass
Fir Lake Chinook Pass
Fort Borst Lake Centralia
Frog Heaven Mount Rainier West
Fryingpan Lake White Pass
Gertrude Lake Walupt Lake
Gibbs Lake Randle
Glacier Lake Packwood Lake
Goat Lake Old Snowy Mountain
Goose Lake The Rockies
Granite Lake Sawtooth Ridge
Greenwood Lake Sawtooth Ridge
Hager Lake Packwood
Hayes Lake Centralia
Heart Lake Packwood Lake
Helmicks Pond Pe Ell
Henry Lake White Pass
Horseshoe Lake Centralia
Jackpot Lake Blue Lake
Jess Lake White Pass
Johnson Lake Wahpenayo Peak
Jug Lake White Pass
Kincaid Lake White Pass
Knuppenburg Lake White Pass
Ladd Pond Glenoma
Lake Bryant Coyote Mountain
Lake Fizrenken Wahpenayo Peak
Lake Scanewa Cowlitz Falls
Lester Creek Reservoir Pe Ell
Lily Lake White Pass
Little Snow Lake White Pass
Lone Tree Lake Tower Rock
Long Lake Wahpenayo Peak
Long-Bell Mill Pond Coyote Mountain
Lost Hat Lake Packwood Lake
Lost Lake Packwood Lake
Lost Lake Mount Rainier East
Louise Lake Mount Rainier East
Marsh Lakes Mount Rainier East
Mayfield Lake Mayfield Lake
McKinley Lake Glenoma
Mineral Lake Mineral
Mosquito Lake Packwood Lake
Mount Adams Veneer Company Mill Pond Randle
Mud Lake Hamilton Buttes
Newaukum Lake Newaukum Lake
Packwood Lake Packwood Lake
Penoyer Lake White Pass
Petite Lake The Rockies
Pipe Lake White Pass
Plummer Lake Centralia
Pond Number 1-A Logan Hill
Pond Number Eight Logan Hill
Pond Number Five Logan Hill
Pond Number Four Logan Hill
Pond Number One Bucoda
Pond Number Six Bucoda
Pond Number Three Logan Hill
Pond Number Two Logan Hill
Pothole Lake Sawtooth Ridge
Reflection Lakes Mount Rainier East
Riffe Lake Mossyrock
Saint Jacobs Lake Chinook Pass
Saint John Lake Hamilton Buttes
Saint Michael Lake Blue Lake
Sheep Lake Chinook Pass
Sheep Lake Walupt Lake
Silver Creek Ponds Mayfield Lake
Snow Lake Mount Rainier East
Snow Lake White Pass
Snyder Lake Packwood
Surge Pond Bucoda
Swofford Pond Coyote Mountain
Tatoosh Lakes Tatoosh Lakes
Three Lakes Cougar Lake
Tower Rock Beaver Ponds Tower Rock
Twin Sisters Lakes White Pass
Upper Johnson Lake Wahpenayo Peak
Vanson Lake Vanson Peak
Walupt Lake Walupt Lake
Watch Lake Randle
Willame Lake Purcell Mountain
Wobbly Lake Hamilton Buttes
Wright Lake Hamilton Buttes

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Lewis County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Lewis County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.