Mason County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Mason County

Place USGS Topo Map
Aristine Creek Vance Creek
Baker Creek Dry Bed Lakes
Bear Creek Belfair
Big Creek Hoodsport
Bingham Creek Matlock
Boulder Creek Mount Washington
Brown Creek Lightning Peak
Bull Elk Creek The Brothers
Cabin Creek Mount Washington
Cabin Creek Dry Bed Lakes
Campbell Creek Shelton
Cedar Creek Mount Tebo
Cedar Creek Mount Washington
Church Creek Mount Tebo
Clark Creek Hoodsport
Coffee Creek Shelton
Comfort Creek Elma
Copper Creek Mount Skokomish
Cranberry Creek Union
Dalby Creek Lightning Peak
Danny Walker Creek Dry Bed Lakes
Decker Creek Elma
Deer Creek Union
Deer Creek Shelton
Deer Meadow Creek Hoodsport
Delta Creek Mount Washington
Dewatto River Lilliwaup
Donahue Creek Mount Olson
Dow Creek Hoodsport
Dry Bed Creek Matlock
Dry Creek Dry Bed Lakes
Dry Creek Lightning Peak
Dry Run Creek Elma
Eagle Creek Lilliwaup
East Fork Lilliwaup Creek Hoodsport
Eight Stream Mount Skokomish
Elk Creek Mount Skokomish
Elson Creek Shelton
Finch Creek Hoodsport
Fir Creek Vance Creek
Five Stream Mount Olson
Flat Creek Vance Creek
Four Stream Mount Skokomish
Frigid Creek Skokomish Valley
Gibbons Creek Hoodsport
Goldsborough Creek Shelton
Gosnell Creek Shelton
Hamma Hamma River Eldon
Hammer Creek Mount Skokomish
Harp Creek Lightning Peak
Helene Creek Matlock
Hiawata Creek Mason Lake
Hill Creek Hoodsport
Hoke Creek Mason Lake
Irene Creek Belfair
Jarrell Creek Mason Lake
Jefferson Creek Eldon
John Creek Eldon
Johns Creek Shelton
Jones Creek Mason Lake
Jorsted Creek Eldon
Kennedy Creek Summit Lake
Kirkland Creek Vance Creek
Le Bar Creek Lightning Peak
Lee Creek Mount Washington
Lena Creek Mount Washington
Lilliwaup Creek Lilliwaup
Lincoln Creek Mount Skokomish
Little Mission Creek Lake Wooten
Little Skookum Creek Shelton
Lynch Creek Shelton
Mable Taylor Creek Shelton
Madeline Creek Mount Olson
Malaney Creek Union
Maple Creek Mount Washington
McKay Creek Mount Olson
McTaggert Creek Skokomish Valley
Melbourne Creek Lilliwaup
Middle Fork Satsop River Elma
Miggie Creek Belfair
Mill Creek Squaxin Island
Miller Creek Lilliwaup
Mission Creek Belfair
Mussel Shell Creek Skokomish Valley
Nicklund Creek Vance Creek
No Name Creek Hoodsport
North Branch Mount Washington
North Branch Big Creek Mount Washington
North East Fork Union River Belfair
North Fork Goldsborough Creek Shelton Valley
North Fork John Creek Eldon
North Fork Skokomish River Skokomish Valley
O’Neil Creek Mount Olson
Outlet Creek Matlock
Phantom Creek Mount Washington
Phillips Creek Nahwatzel Lake
Pine Creek Mount Tebo
Purdy Creek Skokomish Valley
Quitter Creek Mount Washington
Rabbit Creek Dry Bed Lakes
Rendsland Creek Lilliwaup
Rock Creek Shelton Valley
Rock Creek Nahwatzel Lake
Rock Creek Lightning Peak
Rule Creek Mount Tebo
Schumacher Creek Mason Lake
Seven Stream Mount Olson
Shelton Creek Shelton
Sherwood Creek Belfair
Shoofly Creek Lake Wooten
Six Stream Mount Olson
Skinwood Creek Mount Washington
Skokomish River Union
Skookum Creek Shelton
Slate Creek Mount Skokomish
Snodgrass Creek Summit Lake
Snowfield Creek Mount Olson
South Fork Goldsborough Creek Shelton Valley
South Fork John Creek Eldon
South Fork Skokomish River Skokomish Valley
Steel Creek Mount Tebo
Stillwater Creek Nahwatzel Lake
Stimson Creek Lake Wooten
Success Creek Mount Hoquiam
Sund Creek Lilliwaup
Sweetwater Creek Belfair
Tahuya River Union
The Narrows Union
The Narrows Shelton
The Stillwater Nahwatzel Lake
Tumble Creek Mount Olson
Uncle John Creek Shelton
Union River Belfair
Vance Creek Vance Creek
Vee Creek Dry Bed Lakes
Vincent Creek Vance Creek
Viola Creek Belfair
Waketickeh Creek Eldon
Walter Creek Mount Tebo
Walter Creek Mount Tebo
Washington Creek Mount Washington
Watson Creek Eldon
Weaver Creek Skokomish Valley
Whitehorse Creek Mount Washington
Winter Creek Shelton Valley

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Mason County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Mason County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.