Pierce County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Pierce County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adelaide Lake Sunrise
Aeration Lagoon Steilacoom
Alaska Street Reservoir Tacoma South
Alaska Street Reservoir North Tacoma South
American Lake Steilacoom
Anderson Lake Cougar Lake
Anderson Pond McNeil Island
Aurora Lake Mount Wow
Bay Lake Longbranch
Bear Lake Unknown
Beljica Meadows Lake Mount Wow
Benbow Lakes Tanwax Lake
Bill Lake Fort Lewis
Bonney Lake Sumner
Bowman Lake Nisqually
Bowman Lake Auburn
Boyles Lake Steilacoom
Brandenburg Marsh Fort Lewis
Burley Lagoon Burley
Butterworth Reservoir McNeil Island
Byron Lake Tanwax Lake
Carney Lake Belfair
Carp Lake Steilacoom
Carter Lake Steilacoom
Cedar Lake Bearhead Mountain
Chambers Creek Reservoir Steilacoom
Chambers Lake Fort Lewis
Charlton Lake Tacoma South
Chenuis Lakes Mowich Lake
Clear Lake Tanwax Lake
Clover Lake White River Park
Coplay Lake Bearhead Mountain
Coundly Lake Bearhead Mountain
Cranberry Lake Tanwax Lake
Crescent Lake Olalla
Crescent Lake Mowich Lake
Crystal Lake White River Park
Dailman Lake Fort Lewis
Dalles Lakes Sun Top
Deadwood Lakes White River Park
Debra Jane Lake Sumner
Doyle Pond Burley
East Lake Bearhead Mountain
Eatonville Mill Pond Eatonville
Echo Lake Noble Knob
Eden Creek Reservoir McNeil Island
Electron Reservoir Lake Kapowsin
Elizabeth Lake Norse Peak
Emerson Lake Steilacoom
Eunice Lake Golden Lakes
Fan Lake Mount Rainier East
Farnsworth Lake Nisqually
Firwood Pit Puyallup
Flett Creek Holding Basin Tacoma South
Florence Lake McNeil Island
Floyd Cove Reservoir McNeil Island
Forest Lake Orting
Forest Lake Sun Top
Forest Lake Sunrise
Frozen Lake Sunrise
George Lake Noble Knob
Ghost Lake Chinook Pass
Goat Lake Mount Wow
Goat Lake Norse Peak
Golden Lakes Golden Lakes
Grant Lake Nisqually
Gravelly Lake Steilacoom
Green Lake Mowich Lake
Haleys Lagoon Vaughn
Hamilton Lake Fort Lewis
Hanna Lake Nisqually
Harts Lake Harts Lake
Hen Skin Lake Norse Peak
Herron Lake Vaughn
Hidden Lake Noble Knob
Hidden Lake White River Park
Hille Lake Sumner
Hillhurst Lake Fort Lewis
Hodge Lake Nisqually
Hood Street Reservoir Tacoma South
Horseshoe Lake Tanwax Lake
Indian Hill Reservoir Tacoma North
Jackson Lake Vaughn
Josephine Lake McNeil Island
Kenworthy Lake Mount Wow
Kepka Fishing Pond Wilkeson
Kreger Lake Bald Hill
Lake Allen Mount Wow
Lake Bradley Puyallup
Lake Chalet Puyallup
Lake Christine Mount Wow
Lake de Balon Fort Lewis
Lake Eleanor Sunrise
Lake Elias Fort Lewis
Lake Ethel Sunrise
Lake George Mount Wow
Lake Helen Mount Wow
Lake James Sunrise
Lake Kapowsin Lake Kapowsin
Lake Louise Steilacoom
Lake Minterwood Fox Island
Lake Mondress Fort Lewis
Lake Saul Fort Lewis
Lake Serene McKenna
Lake Tapps Sumner
Lake Tom Mowich Lake
Lake West Mount Wow
Lake Whitman Tanwax Lake
Leaky Lake Sumner
Lewis Lake McKenna
Lily Lake Bearhead Mountain
Little Lake Harts Lake
Little Palmer Lake Longbranch
Little Wapato Lake Tacoma South
Lonesome Lake Clear West Peak
Lost Lake Noble Knob
Lost Lake Steilacoom
Lower Crystal Lake White River Park
Lower Palisades Lake White River Park
Luhr Creek Reservoir McNeil Island
Lyle Lake Bearhead Mountain
Lynn Lake Fort Lewis
Marjorie Lake Sunrise
McMillin Reservoir Puyallup
McMillin Reservoir Number 1-North Puyallup
McMillin Reservoir Number 1-South Puyallup
McMillin Reservoir Number Two Puyallup
Miners Lakes Norse Peak
Mirror Lakes Mount Rainier West
Morgan Lake Orting
Mowich Lake Mowich Lake
Muck Lake Fort Lewis
Mud Lake Tanwax Lake
Mule Lake Clear West Peak
Mystic Lake Mowich Lake
Nisqually Lake Nisqually
North End Reservoir Gig Harbor
Ohop Lake Tanwax Lake
Old Fort Lake Nisqually
Oliver Lake Sunrise
Orting Lake Orting
Owhigh Lakes Chinook Pass
Oxbow Lake Tenalquot Prairie
Palmer Lake Longbranch
Pond Lake Nisqually
Pony Lake Puyallup
Portland Avenue Reservoir Tacoma South
Prison Farm Sewage Lagoon McNeil Island
Purvis Ponds Tacoma South
Quinn Lake Noble Knob
Rapjohn Lake Tanwax Lake
Reese Lake Norse Peak
Rhode Lake Sumner
Roland Lake Fox Island
Saddle Lake Mount Wow
Saint Andrews Lake Mount Rainier West
Sawmill Lake Nisqually
Sears Lake Fort Lewis
Sellers Lake Nisqually
Sequalitchew Lake Fort Lewis
Shadow Lake Sunrise
Shaver Lake Fort Lewis
Shriner Lake Chinook Pass
Silver Lake Tanwax Lake
Simpson Lake Fort Lewis
Snake Lake Tacoma South
Snell Lake Wilkeson
Soldiers Pond Orting
Spanaway Lake Spanaway
Squaw Lake Mount Rainier West
Stansberry Lake Burley
Steilacoom Lake Steilacoom
Stidham Lake Tanwax Lake
Strickland Lake Nisqually
Summit Lake Bearhead Mountain
Sumner Pit Sumner
Sunrise Lake White River Park
Sunset Lake Wilkeson
Surprise Lake Puyallup
Surprise Lake Bearhead Mountain
Sylvia Lake Fox Island
Tanwax Lake Tanwax Lake
Tipsoo Lake Chinook Pass
Titlow Lagoon Steilacoom
Trout Lake Tanwax Lake
Trout Spring Hatchery Sumner
Tule Lake Tacoma South
Tule Lake Harts Lake
Twentyeight Mile Lake Sun Top
Twentyseven Creek Reservoir Eatonville
Twentyseven Lake Tanwax Lake
Twin Lake Bearhead Mountain
Twin Lakes Tanwax Lake
Upper Palisades Lake White River Park
Wapato Lake Tacoma South
Waughop Lake Steilacoom
Whiteman Cove Longbranch

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Pierce County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Pierce County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.