Braxton County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Braxton County

Place USGS Topo Map
Anthony Fork Rosedale
Bakers Run Newville
Barbecue Run Orlando
Barn Run Rosedale
Bear Run Gassaway
Bear Run Little Birch
Bee Run Sutton
Bee Run Newville
Bee Run Rosedale
Beech Fork Burnsville
Bender Run Cedarville
Benny Run Orlando
Bens Run Newville
Berry Fork Burnsville
Big Fork Herold
Big Run Orlando
Big Run Gassaway
Big Run Gassaway
Big Run Herold
Bills Fork Gassaway
Birch River Strange Creek
Blowntimber Run Cedarville
Boggs Fork Rosedale
Bower Run Burnsville
Brady Fork Gassaway
Bragg Run Burnsville
Brock Run Newville
Browns Run Burnsville
Browns Run Newville
Brush Camp Run Cedarville
Brush Fork Sutton
Brush Run Cedarville
Brushy Branch Gassaway
Brushy Fork Gassaway
Buckeye Creek Sutton
Buckeye Fork Herold
Buena Branch Gassaway
Buffalo Creek Burnsville
Buffalo Creek Sutton
Buffington Run Burnsville
Bull Fork Burnsville
Burns Fork Rosedale
Burns Run Burnsville
Cabin Run Newville
Canoe Run Sutton
Canoe Run Strange Creek
Canoe Run Gassaway
Carpenter Fork Newville
Carpenter Fork Little Birch
Chop Fork Orlando
Cloat Run Burnsville
Clover Fork Orlando
Coolspring Run Rosedale
Coon Creek Gassaway
Coon Run Rosedale
Coplin Run Newville
Corbett Run Rosedale
Cowskin Fork Rosedale
Cunningham Fork Sutton
Cutlips Fork Sutton
Davis Run Strange Creek
Diatter Run Herold
Dry Fork Herold
Dry Fork Rosedale
Dry Fork Newville
Duck Creek Strange Creek
Dumpling Run Burnsville
Elliott Run Orlando
England Run Newville
Fall Run Newville
Falls Run Orlando
Fisher Run Little Birch
Flatwoods Run Sutton
Flesher Run Orlando
Frame Fork Rosedale
Frame Run Strange Creek
Gate Fork Cedarville
Givens Fork Sutton
Granddaddy Run Cedarville
Granny Creek Sutton
Grass Run Burnsville
Grasslick Run Gassaway
Gravel Fork Little Birch
Gulf Run Newville
Hemp Patch Run Orlando
Hog Fork Strange Creek
Holly River Newville
Hughes Fork Newville
Hyers Run Burnsville
Joes Fork Rosedale
Kanawha Run Newville
Keith Run Orlando
Kennedy Run Orlando
Knawl Creek Orlando
Laurel Creek Erbacon
Laurel Fork Strange Creek
Laurel Fork Strange Creek
Laurel Fork Sutton
Laurel Run Little Birch
Laurel Run Orlando
Laurelpatch Run Newville
Leatherwood Run Herold
Left Fork Falls Run Orlando
Left Fork Holly River Newville
Left Fork Knawl Creek Orlando
Left Fork Laurel Run Hacker Valley
Left Fork Wolf Creek Sutton
Leopard Run Cedarville
Lick Creek Little Birch
Limestone Run Gassaway
Little Birch River Herold
Little Buffalo Creek Gassaway
Little Knawl Creek Orlando
Little Lynncamp Run Rosedale
Little Otter Creek Gassaway
Little Trace Run Cedarville
Long Fork Newville
Long Run Orlando
Long Run Rosedale
Long Run Herold
Longshoal Run Gilmer
Lower Flatwoods Run Sutton
Lower Keener Lick Rosedale
Lower Mill Creek Herold
Lower Mill Run Strange Creek
Lower Rockcamp Run Gassaway
Lower Sleith Fork Rosedale
Lynncamp Run Rosedale
Marsh Run Burnsville
McCauley Run Burnsville
McCoy Run Newville
Middle Run Herold
Mill Creek Newville
Mill Fork Rosedale
Millstone Run Orlando
Moss Run Sutton
Mudlick Fork Rosedale
Mulberry Run Orlando
O’Brien Fork Burnsville
Oil Creek Burnsville
Old Woman Run Sutton
Oldlick Creek Newville
Oldlick Run Newville
Paddys Run Burnsville
Panther Fork Gassaway
Panther Fork Walkersville
Papaw Run Hacker Valley
Pawpaw Run Rosedale
Peebles Run Newville
Perkins Branch Gassaway
Perkins Fork Burnsville
Pickles Fork Orlando
Pigeon Run Gassaway
Pigeonroost Fork Rosedale
Pigeonroost Fork Orlando
Piper Fork Normantown
Pistol Run Cedarville
Plank Run Sutton
Plantation Fork Gassaway
Plantation Fork Rosedale
Polemic Run Herold
Posey Run Orlando
Pretty Run Hacker Valley
Rader Run Newville
Ramp Run Little Birch
Red Buck Fork Sutton
Riffle Run Orlando
Right Fork Big Fork Strange Creek
Right Fork Cedar Creek Burnsville
Right Fork Flatwoods Run Sutton
Right Fork Holly River Newville
Right Fork Little Kanawha River Hacker Valley
Right Fork O’Brien Fork Burnsville
Right Fork Saltlick Creek Burnsville
Right Fork Saltlick Creek Newville
Road Run Orlando
Road Run Rosedale
Road Run Herold
Robinson Run Newville
Rock Run Orlando
Rockcamp Run Gassaway
Ross Fork Sutton
Rush Fork Gassaway
Saltlick Creek Burnsville
Scott Fork Burnsville
Seng Run Little Birch
Shaver Fork Burnsville
Short Run Newville
Skidmore Run Sutton
Slab Fork Rosedale
Slabcamp Run Burnsville
Slide Run Sutton
Spring Run Little Birch
Sprive Run Cedarville
Spruce Fork Orlando
Spruce Fork Newville
Spruce Fork Little Birch
Stone Run Newville
Stonecoal Run Newville
Stony Creek Sutton
Stouts Run Burnsville
Straight Fork Rosedale
Straight Fork Gassaway
Strange Creek Strange Creek
Stumble Run Gassaway
Sugar Creek Gassaway
Sulphur Run Newville
Sycamore Run Gassaway
Tague Fork Rosedale
Tar Fall Run Newville
Tate Creek Strange Creek
Toler Fork Cedarville
Toms Run Cedarville
Trace Run Cedarville
Trigger Gut Fork Rosedale
Triplets Run Orlando
Triplett Fork Rosedale
Twolick Run Little Birch
Twomile Fork Rosedale
Tyler Run Orlando
Upper Keener Lick Rosedale
Upper Mill Creek Herold
Upper Mill Run Strange Creek
Upper Sleith Fork Rosedale
Venison Fork Burnsville
Walker Fork Cedarville
Walnut Fork Gassaway
Wane Fork Sutton
Westfall Fork Burnsville
Wildcat Run Orlando
Williams Run Burnsville
Wilson Fork Newville
Windy Run Little Birch
Wolf Creek Sutton
Wolfpen Run Burnsville
Wolfpen Run Rosedale
Wolfpen Run Gassaway
Wyatt Run Cedarville

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Braxton County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Braxton County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.