Clay County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Clay County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adkins Branch Swandale
Adonijah Fork Bentree
Barrenshe Branch Swandale
Beechy Creek Elkhurst
Bens Run Clay
Big Branch Clay
Big Otter Creek Ivydale
Bills Fork Rosedale
Birch Run Elkhurst
Blue Knob Creek Elkhurst
Bogg Fork Ivydale
Boggs Fork Ivydale
Brushy Fence Fork Widen
Buckhorn Fork Elkhurst
Buffalo Creek Clay
Bullpen Fork Clay
Camp Creek Elkhurst
Camp Creek Clay
Camp Run Newton
Campbell Branch Clay
Carver Fork Clay
Charley Branch Elkhurst
Cherrytree Run Ivydale
Chestnut Knob Branch Clay
Cow Run Swandale
Cow Run Swandale
Dawson Fork Chloe
Deadfall Run Ivydale
Devils Den Branch Clay
Dille Run Swandale
Dille Run Widen
Dog Run Swandale
Dulls Creek Elkhurst
Ewings Branch Swandale
Fitzwater Run Clay
Flat Fork Swandale
Frame Run Strange Creek
Franks Branch Clay
Grasslick Run Ivydale
Grassy Fork Bentree
Grassy Run Clay
Greathouse Branch Clay
Greenbriar Run Ivydale
Groves Creek Strange Creek
Hammocks Fork Clay
Hansford Fork Newton
Harts Branch Clendenin
Hickory Fork Swandale
Horner Fork Elkhurst
Horse Run Ivydale
Hubbard Fork Bentree
Jumping Gut Run Strange Creek
Katy Run Ivydale
Kuns Branch Bentree
Laurel Creek Elkhurst
Laurel Fork Elkhurst
Laurel Fork Strange Creek
Laurel Fork Clay
Laurel Fork Bentree
Laurel Fork Bentree
Laurel Run Ivydale
Leatherwood Creek Clay
Left Fork Queen Shoals Creek Clendenin
Left Fork Spruce Fork Elkhurst
Lick Branch Clay
Lick Branch Clay
Lick Branch Bentree
Lick Branch Clay
Lick Run Elkhurst
Lick Run Ivydale
Lick Run Swandale
Lilly Fork Clay
Liontrace Run Ivydale
Little Beechy Creek Elkhurst
Little Dog Run Swandale
Little Laurel Run Ivydale
Little Sycamore Creek Elkhurst
Logshoal Run Strange Creek
Longs Run Clay
Lower Two Run Clay
Middle Creek Clay
Mill Run Ivydale
Mill Run Ivydale
Moore Fork Ivydale
Murphy Fork Ivydale
Nans Branch Mammoth
Nathan Branch Clay
Nelson Fork Strange Creek
O’Brion Creek Strange Creek
Osborne Fork Clay
Otterlick Run Ivydale
Pack Fork Bentree
Paddy Creek Strange Creek
Payne Branch Lockwood
Pisgah Run Clay
Plum Run Strange Creek
Point Lick Branch Strange Creek
Porter Creek Clendenin
Queen Shoals Creek Clendenin
Redhouse Run Ivydale
Reed Fork Elkhurst
Right Fork Leatherwood Creek Clay
Right Fork Spruce Fork Elkhurst
Right Fork Sycamore Creek Bentree
Road Fork Strange Creek
Road Fork Bentree
Rockcamp Fork Bentree
Rockcamp Run Swandale
Rockcamp Run Ivydale
Rocklick Fork Lockwood
Root Fork Strange Creek
Rush Fork Ivydale
Sand Fork Swandale
Sangamore Fork Bentree
Simons Fork Ivydale
Sinnett Branch Clay
Sinnett Run Ivydale
Snake Fork Strange Creek
Spanish Oak Branch Swandale
Spread Run Clay
Standingrock Run Ivydale
Stinsonlick Fork Ivydale
Strickland Run Swandale
Sugarcamp Run Swandale
Summers Fork Elkhurst
Swimminghole Run Ivydale
Sycamore Creek Elkhurst
Turkey Fork Clendenin
Turkey Run Clay
Twistabout Creek Elkhurst
Twisting Chute Creek Strange Creek
Two Run Ivydale
Twomile Branch Elkhurst
Upper Two Run Clay
Upper Two Run Ivydale
Valley Fork Newton
Wade Fork Elkhurst
Walker Fork Swandale
Wallowhole Fork Swandale
Waters Defeat Ivydale
Webb Branch Clay
Whetstone Creek Swandale
Whetstone Run Ivydale
Wilson Fork Ivydale

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Clay County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Clay County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.