Fayette County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Fayette County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adkins Branch Oak Hill
Adkins Branch Fayetteville
Arbuckle Creek Thurmond
Armstrong Creek Montgomery
Arrowwood Creek Summersville Dam
Backus Branch Bentree
Barren Branch Thurmond
Bear Branch Danese
Beards Fork Beckwith
Bee Branch Pax
Beech Bottom Branch Oak Hill
Beelick Branch Meadow Creek
Bend Branch Oak Hill
Big Creek Gauley Bridge
Big Creek Gauley Bridge
Big Fork Oak Hill
Big Righthand Fork Powellton
Big Run Powellton
Big Stoney Creek Thurmond
Bishop Fork Pax
Blake Branch Montgomery
Boomer Branch Montgomery
Boyd Branch Pax
Brackens Creek Winona
Bridge Fork Gauley Bridge
Buck Run Gauley Bridge
Buckles Branch Gauley Bridge
Bucklick Branch Danese
Buffalo Creek Thurmond
Bullpush Fork Montgomery
Burnt Creek Danese
Butcher Branch Fayetteville
Butler Branch Danese
Camp Branch Powellton
Camp Branch Meadow Creek
Camp Creek Thurmond
Cane Branch Gauley Bridge
Carter Branch Beckwith
Carter Branch Beckwith
Cassidy Branch Beckwith
Cedar Branch Thurmond
Cedar Creek Powellton
Chestnut Knob Fork Meadow Creek
Clear Creek Fayetteville
Coal Run Fayetteville
Coalmans Branch Beckwith
Coleman Branch Beckwith
Contrary Creek Fayetteville
Copeland Branch Gauley Bridge
Craig Branch Fayetteville
Crooked Run Fayetteville
Crookshanks Branch Rainelle
Currycamp Fork Gauley Bridge
Davis Branch Meadow Creek
Davis Branch Danese
Dempsey Branch Beckwith
Dempsey Branch Beckwith
Dogwood Creek Summersville Dam
Doris Branch Oak Hill
Dowdy Creek Thurmond
Dunloup Creek Thurmond
Ellison Branch Danese
Ephraim Creek Thurmond
Fallrock Branch Winona
Falls Creek Gauley Bridge
Fern Creek Fayetteville
Fifteenmile Creek Powellton
Fire Creek Thurmond
Fishhook Fork Montgomery
Fivemile Fork Gauley Bridge
Floyd Creek Winona
Fourmile Fork Montgomery
Gauley River Gauley Bridge
Georges Branch Pax
Gibson Fork Danese
Glade Creek Danese
Glade Creek Summersville Dam
Goode Creek Pax
Hamilton Branch Beckwith
Hamilton Branch Thurmond
Haynes Branch Winona
Hedricks Creek Summersville Dam
Hickory Branch Oak Hill
Hickory Camp Branch Powellton
Honey Branch Gauley Bridge
Horse Creek Pax
Horseshoe Creek Ansted
House Branch Fayetteville
Jarrett Branch Montgomery
Jenkins Branch Beckwith
Jenkins Fork Powellton
Johnson Fork Powellton
Kanawha River Gallipolis
Kates Creek Corliss
Keeney Creek Fayetteville
Kelly Fork Ansted
Knob Branch Pax
Laurel Branch Gauley Bridge
Laurel Branch Powellton
Laurel Branch Powellton
Laurel Branch Powellton
Laurel Branch Meadow Bridge
Laurel Creek Ansted
Laurel Creek Prince
Laurel Creek Meadow Creek
Laurel Creek Winona
Laurel Creek Corliss
Laurel Creek Danese
Laurel Creek Beckwith
Lee Branch Gauley Bridge
Left Fork Armstrong Creek Powellton
Left Fork Big Creek Gauley Bridge
Left Fork Scrabble Creek Gauley Bridge
Lefthand Fork Meadow Creek Meadow Creek
Levisee Creek Fayetteville
Lick Branch Gauley Bridge
Lick Fork Pax
Lick Fork Beckwith
Lick Run Danese
Little Creek Rainelle
Little Fork Pax
Little Glade Creek Winona
Little Righthand Fork Powellton
Little Stony Creek Thurmond
Lively Branch Meadow Bridge
Long Branch Pax
Long Branch Danese
Loop Creek Montgomery
Lykins Creek Pax
Lynch Fork Montgomery
Manns Creek Fayetteville
Marr Branch Fayetteville
Meadow Branch Gauley Bridge
Meadow Fork Thurmond
Milburn Creek Pax
Mill Creek Fayetteville
Mill Creek Oak Hill
Mill Creek Summersville Dam
Mill Creek Rainelle
Molly Kincaid Branch Powellton
Mollys Creek Thurmond
Mossy Creek Pax
Mulberry Fork Beckwith
Nancy Branch Gauley Bridge
New River Gauley Bridge
Old Schoolhouse Branch Rainelle
Open Fork Beckwith
Opossum Creek Fayetteville
Orchard Branch Beckwith
Osborne Creek Fayetteville
Packs Branch Pax
Paddy Branch Beckwith
Painter Creek Oak Hill
Penfield Branch Fayetteville
Plum Orchard Creek Pax
Pole Creek Danese
Pond Branch Danese
Powellton Fork Powellton
Press Kincaid Branch Powellton
Quinton Branch Rainelle
Ramsey Branch Ansted
Rattlesnake Run Pax
Red Spring Creek Danese
Rich Creek Gauley Bridge
Richlick Branch Meadow Creek
Riggs Branch Gauley Bridge
Right Fork Armstrong Creek Powellton
Right Fork Beards Fork Beckwith
Right Fork Big Righthand Fork Powellton
Road Fork Winona
Robinson Branch Powellton
Rock Camp Branch Rainelle
Rockcamp Branch Gauley Bridge
Rocklick Creek Thurmond
Rush Run Thurmond
Sand Branch Gauley Bridge
Sandy Creek Danese
Sandylick Branch Danese
Schoolhouse Branch Gauley Bridge
Schuyler Fork Montgomery
Scrabble Creek Gauley Bridge
Seng Branch Beckwith
Sevenmile Fork Gauley Bridge
Shade Creek Ansted
Shades Death Creek Danese
Short Creek Fayetteville
Short Creek Fayetteville
Sidenstricker Branch Danese
Sixmile Fork Montgomery
Skitter Creek Pax
Slater Creek Thurmond
Smales Branch Fayetteville
Smith Branch Bentree
Smith Branch Oak Hill
Smithers Creek Montgomery
Smoky Branch Danese
Spring Branch Powellton
Staton Branch Summersville Dam
Sturgeon Branch Rainelle
Sugar Branch Beckwith
Sugar Creek Ansted
Sugar Creek Beckwith
Sugar Creek Oak Hill
Sugarcamp Branch Beckwith
Sugarcamp Branch Ansted
Surbaugh Creek Corliss
Taylor Branch Beckwith
Taylor Branch Oak Hill
Terry Branch Danese
Threemile Creek Montgomery
Toms Branch Winona
Toney Creek Oak Hill
Toney Fork Oak Hill
Town Creek Pax
Tucker Fork Summersville Dam
Turkey Creek Beckwith
Turley Branch Thurmond
Twomile Creek Montgomery
Unknown Branch Powellton
White Oak Creek Oak Hill
White Oak Fork Beckwith
Willis Branch Pax
Wilson Branch Beckwith
Wolf Creek Fayetteville
Wolfpen Creek Rainelle
Woodrum Branch Powellton
Wriston Fork Oak Hill

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Fayette County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Fayette County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.