Harrison County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Harrison County

Place USGS Topo Map
Ann Moore Run Clarksburg
Ann Run Clarksburg
Arnold Run Clarksburg
Barnes Run Wallace
Barnett Run Clarksburg
Bear Track Run Salem
Beards Run Rosemont
Bennett Run Wallace
Big Elk Creek Wallace
Big Indian Run Wallace
Big Run Wallace
Bingamon Creek Shinnston
Birds Run Brownton
Bonds Run Mount Clare
Browns Creek Mount Clare
Browns Run Shinnston
Browns Run West Milford
Brushy Fork Mount Clare
Buffalo Creek West Milford
Caldwell Run Wallace
Camp Run Wallace
Cherrycamp Run Salem
Chub Run Mount Clare
Coburn Fork West Milford
Coburns Creek West Milford
Coplin Run Brownton
Crooked Run Clarksburg
Cunningham Run Shinnston
Davisson Run Clarksburg
Davisson Run Clarksburg
Dog Run Salem
Doll Run Clarksburg
Douglas Run Rosemont
Duck Creek West Milford
Elk Creek Clarksburg
Elklick Run Shinnston
Fall Run Clarksburg
Fall Run Mount Clare
Flag Run Wolf Summit
Fowlkes Run Clarksburg
Glade Run Brownton
Gnatty Creek Mount Clare
Goose Run Wallace
Grass Run Wolf Summit
Gregory Run Wolf Summit
Halls Run Wolf Summit
Harris Fork Wallace
Hastings Run Mount Clare
Hooppole Run Mount Clare
Horners Run Fairmont West
Indian Run Wolf Summit
Isaac Creek Wolf Summit
Isaacs Creek West Milford
Jack Run Shinnston
Jack Run Clarksburg
Jack Run Clarksburg
Jacobs Run Salem
Jake Run Wallace
Johnson Fork Wolf Summit
Jones Creek Clarksburg
Katy Lick Run Wolf Summit
Lambert Run Clarksburg
Laurel Run Wolf Summit
Laurel Run Shinnston
Laurel Run Wallace
Left Fork Big Elk Creek Wallace
Left Prong New Creek Wolf Summit
Lick Run Wolf Summit
Limestone Run Clarksburg
Little Elk Creek Wallace
Little Indian Run Wallace
Little Isaac Creek Wolf Summit
Little Rockcamp Run Wolf Summit
Little Run Wallace
Little Run Wallace
Little Tenmile Creek Wolf Summit
Long Fork Wallace
Long Run Shinnston
Lost Creek West Milford
Lost Run Salem
McIntire Fork Salem
Middle Run Wallace
Mill Run Wallace
Mudlick Run Shinnston
Mudlick Run Folsom
Murphy Run Clarksburg
New Creek Wolf Summit
Nolan Run Shinnston
Nutter Run Clarksburg
Painter Fork Wallace
Patterson Fork Salem
Peddler Run Rosemont
Peeltree Run Brownton
Peters Run Wolf Summit
Pigotts Run Shinnston
Pigtail Run Brownton
Purdys Run Fairmont West
Quaker Fork Wallace
Raccoon Creek Brownton
Raccoon Run Salem
Right Fork Big Elk Creek Wallace
Right Fork Kincheloe Creek Big Isaac
Right Prong New Creek Wolf Summit
Robinson Run Shinnston
Rockcamp Run Wolf Summit
Rooting Creek Mount Clare
Rush Run Wolf Summit
Rush Run Big Isaac
Salem Fork Wolf Summit
Sawyers Run Salem
Shaw Run Big Isaac
Shaws Run Wolf Summit
Shinn Run Wallace
Shinns Run Shinnston
Simpson Creek Clarksburg
Simpson Fork Wolf Summit
Smith Run Clarksburg
Stevens Run Mount Clare
Stone Coal Run Clarksburg
Stouts Run Clarksburg
Stouts Run Mount Clare
Stutler Fork Big Isaac
Suds Run Mount Clare
Sugarcamp Run Rosemont
Sweep Run Fairmont West
Sycamore Creek West Milford
Tanner Fork Big Isaac
Tenmile Creek Shinnston
Thomas Fork Rosemont
Turkey Foot Run Wolf Summit
Turkey Run Mount Clare
Turkey Run Salem
Turtletree Fork Big Isaac
Two Lick Creek West Milford
Vens Run West Milford
Washburncamp Run Wolf Summit
Wizardism Run Wolf Summit
Wolfpen Run Clarksburg
Wolfpen Run Wolf Summit
Zachs Run Mount Clare

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Harrison County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Harrison County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.