Jackson County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Jackson County

Place USGS Topo Map
Allen Creek Romance
Almon Run Ripley
Alumrock Run Kentuck
Ash Lick Run Rockport
Bailey Run Pond Creek
Bar Run Cottageville
Bar Run Ravenswood
Barnes Run Liverpool
Bear Fork Ripley
Bear Run Liverpool
Beatty Run Sandyville
Bee Run Pond Creek
Bee Run Pond Creek
Bee Run Kenna
Bennett Run Sandyville
Bens Run Liverpool
Big Horse Run Cottageville
Big Indian Run Rockport
Big Run Sandyville
Big Run Gay
Biglick Run Liverpool
Billy Run Gay
Blood Run Sandyville
Boar Run Ripley
Board Run Gay
Boardtree Run Kentuck
Boggess Run Liverpool
Briar Run Sandyville
Browning Run Sandyville
Brush Run Gay
Brushy Fork Liverpool
Buck Run Sandyville
Buck Run Liverpool
Bucket Run Gay
Buffalo Run Rockport
Buffalolick Run Ripley
Bull Run Portland
Bull Run Cottageville
Bullfrog Run Ripley
Burgess Run Liverpool
Burnt Run Ripley
Burnt Run Ripley
Cabin Fork Pond Creek
Cabin Run Liverpool
Camp Creek Romance
Camp Run Liverpool
Cedar Run Ravenswood
Cherry Run Sandyville
Cherrycamp Run Sandyville
Claylick Run Sandyville
Claylick Run Ripley
Claylick Run Gay
Cockle Run Sandyville
Coleman Branch Kenna
Coon Run Sandyville
Coon Run Liverpool
Copper Fork Sandyville
Cow Run Cottageville
Cox Fork Ripley
Cranenest Run Kentuck
Crooked Fork Sandyville
Dawson Branch Sissonville
Dog Fork Sissonville
Drift Run Sandyville
Dry Fork Sandyville
Dudden Fork Sissonville
Elk Fork Ripley
Fallentimber Run Liverpool
Falls Run Cottageville
Farley Run Liverpool
First Creek Romance
Five Mile Run Liverpool
Forked Run Gay
Fourmile Run Ripley
Frozencamp Creek Gay
Gandees Run Kentuck
Gays Branch Kenna
Gin Run Kenna
Grass Run Cottageville
Grass Run Ripley
Grass Run Ripley
Grasslick Creek Kentuck
Grasslick Run Kenna
Gunneltree Run Pond Creek
Hartley Run Liverpool
Haws Run Gay
Hicumbottom Run Romance
Hogtrail Run Pond Creek
Horner Run Liverpool
Isaacs Run Cottageville
Island Run Sandyville
Jackson Run Sandyville
Jesse Run Pond Creek
Joe Shamblen Branch Sissonville
Joes Run Gay
Johns Branch Romance
Johns Run Cottageville
Kelball Run Liverpool
Kessel Run Kenna
Kissel Run Ripley
Lamps Run Pond Creek
Laurel Fork Kentuck
Laurel Fork Kentuck
Laurel Run Kentuck
Left Fork Big Run Gay
Left Fork Claylick Run Sandyville
Left Fork Jesse Run Pond Creek
Left Fork Joes Run Gay
Left Fork Laurel Fork Kentuck
Left Fork Mud Run Cottageville
Left Fork Sandy Creek Sandyville
Left Fork Sycamore Creek Ripley
Lick Run Ravenswood
Lick Run Sandyville
Lisez Run Liverpool
Little Grass Run Ripley
Little Mill Creek Ravenswood
Little Mill Creek Ripley
Little Pond Creek Pond Creek
Little Sandy Creek Ravenswood
Little Spruce Run Elmwood
Little Wildcat Run Kentuck
Lockhart Fork Liverpool
Loglick Run Cottageville
Logston Run Pond Creek
Long Run Kentuck
Low Gap Run Liverpool
Lower Big Run Kentuck
Lower Run Kentuck
Lynncamp Run Liverpool
Matthews Branch Romance
Maulecamp Run Sandyville
McCrosky Run Kenna
McCumber Run Kenna
McGraw Run Liverpool
Meathouse Fork Sandyville
Merical Run Kenna
Mill Creek Ravenswood
Mill Seat Run Kenna
Mitchell Run Gay
Mud Run Cottageville
Mud Run Sandyville
Mudlick Run Kentuck
Negro Run Sandyville
Nesselroad Run Liverpool
Niggletetwist Run Liverpool
Parchment Creek Cottageville
Parsons Run Liverpool
Pennike Run Pond Creek
Peppermint Creek Elmwood
Peter Fork Liverpool
Pigeonroost Run Romance
Pleasant Run Kentuck
Pleasant Valley Run Kenna
Plum Orchard Run Kenna
Pole Run Ravenswood
Pond Creek Pond Creek
Poplar Fork Gay
Poverty Fork Gay
Redbush Run Sandyville
Richards Run Kentuck
Right Fork Big Run Gay
Right Fork Claylick Run Sandyville
Right Fork Jesse Run Pond Creek
Right Fork Joes Run Gay
Right Fork Laurel Fork Kentuck
Right Fork Mud Run Cottageville
Right Fork Sandy Creek Sandyville
Roadfork Run Sandyville
Robison Run Portland
Rockheap Branch Romance
Rocklick Run Gay
Roundknob Run Cottageville
Rush Run Liverpool
Rush Run Pond Creek
Sandy Creek Ravenswood
Sandy Run Rockport
Sarvis Fork Sandyville
Scale Run Gay
Second Creek Romance
Shamblen Run Kenna
Shockey Run Sandyville
Short Branch Romance
Skull Run Portland
Skull Run Rockport
Slaven Branch Pond Creek
Spring Creek Ravenswood
Spruce Run Gay
Spruce Run Kentuck
Squirrel Lick Sandyville
Stationcamp Run Ripley
Stedman Run Ravenswood
Steerlick Run Kenna
Stonelick Creek Kenna
Straight Fork Sandyville
Straight Run Ripley
Straight Run Kentuck
Sugar Creek Romance
Sugar Run Cottageville
Sycamore Creek Ripley
Toms Run Mount Alto
Trace Fork Sandyville
Trap Run Liverpool
Tug Fork Ripley
Turkey Fork Sandyville
Turkey Run Ravenswood
Upper Big Run Kentuck
Warfield Run Liverpool
Wash Run Gay
Washburn Run Liverpool
Washington Run Portland
Welch Run Gay
Wheaton Run Portland
Wheaton Run Sandyville
Wildcat Run Kentuck
Wolf Run Ripley
Wolfe Creek Kenna
Wolfpen Branch Romance
Wolfpen Run Ripley

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Jackson County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Jackson County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.