Lincoln County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Lincoln County

Place USGS Topo Map
Aarons Creek Ranger
Abbott Fork Big Creek
Angel Branch Julian
Arm and Hammer Branch Hager
Back Fork Big Creek
Barkcamp Branch Griffithsville
Bear Branch Griffithsville
Bear Branch Hager
Bear Creek West Hamlin
Bear Fork Griffithsville
Bearwallow Branch Ranger
Beaver Pond Branch Ranger
Bee Branch Branchland
Bee Branch Ranger
Bee Branch Big Creek
Beech Branch Alum Creek
Berry Branch Mud
Big Branch Big Creek
Big Branch Big Creek
Big Branch Ranger
Big Branch Hager
Big Branch Hager
Big Branch Griffithsville
Big Branch Hager
Big Creek Hamlin
Big Creek Hamlin
Big Creek Hager
Big Deadening Creek Mud
Big Fork Sand Creek Big Creek
Big Harts Creek Ranger
Big Horse Creek Julian
Big Laurel Creek Hager
Big Ugly Creek Ranger
Bill Frye Branch Big Creek
Billy Creek Hager
Bluelick Branch Branchland
Boardtree Run Alum Creek
Bobby Creek Big Creek
Bowman Fork Alum Creek
Bridge Branch Ranger
Broad Branch Big Creek
Browns Branch Ranger
Brumfield Branch Big Creek
Brushy Fork Griffithsville
Bryant Fork Ranger
Buck Branch Branchland
Buck Branch Garretts Bend
Buck Fork Big Creek
Buckeye Fork Julian
Buffalo Creek West Hamlin
Burns Creek Hamlin
Camp Branch Branchland
Camp Creek Hamlin
Caney Branch Ranger
Canoe Tree Fork Big Creek
Carpers Branch Hager
Chaney Fork Branchland
Charley Trace Fork Big Creek
Chestnut Oak Creek Big Creek
Coal Branch Ranger
Cobb Creek Julian
Coleman Creek West Hamlin
Connelly Branch Mud
Coon Branch Alum Creek
Coon Creek Hamlin
Cooper Branch Branchland
Copley Branch Trace
Cowhide Creek Hamlin
Curry Branch Ranger
Daniel Branch Hager
Davis Trace Branch Hamlin
Denison Fork West Hamlin
Dick Fork Branchland
Dog Pool Branch Hager
Dogbone Branch Griffithsville
Donley Fork Garretts Bend
Doss Fork Big Creek
Dotson Branch Big Creek
Dry Branch Garretts Bend
Dry Fork Hager
Dry Run Ranger
East Fork Fourteenmile Creek Ranger
Elias Fork Big Creek
Elkins Branch Hager
Ely Fork Julian
Ezekiel Branch Alum Creek
Falls Branch Branchland
Falls Creek West Hamlin
Fez Creek Hager
First Fork Hager
Flat Creek Griffithsville
Fourmile Creek Branchland
Fourteenmile Creek Ranger
Fuquay Creek Alum Creek
Furnett Creek Branchland
Gartin Fork Ranger
Gilles Branch Nestlow
Gordons Branch Big Creek
Grassy Fork Julian
Green Shoals Branch Big Creek
Grider Fork Mud
Hager Fork Branchland
Hamilton Creek Ranger
Hampton Creek Ranger
Hanging Rock Branch Hager
Harless Fork Branchland
Harvey Creek Hamlin
Harvey Fork Ranger
Hayzlett Fork Garretts Bend
Heck Branch Hamlin
Hense Branch Hager
Hollybush Branch Branchland
Honey Branch Wilsondale
Horse Fork Branchland
Horseshoe Branch Branchland
Hungry Creek Hamlin
Island Creek Alum Creek
Ivy Creek Julian
Jaynes Branch Hamlin
Joes Creek Garretts Bend
Josh Branch Hager
Kentuck Fork Branchland
King Rough Hollow Big Creek
Lake Branch Hamlin
Laurel Branch Branchland
Laurel Branch Wilsondale
Laurel Creek Big Creek
Laurel Creek Hamlin
Laurel Fork Branchland
Laurel Fork Griffithsville
Laurel Fork Ranger
Laurel Fork Garretts Bend
Laurel Fork Hager
Laurelly Branch Big Creek
Left Fork Broad Branch Big Creek
Left Fork Mud River Hager
Lefthand Creek Big Creek
Lick Branch Ranger
Lick Branch Julian
Lick Branch Branchland
Lick Branch Big Creek
Lick Branch Garretts Bend
Lick Fork Ranger
Lick Fork Hager
Lick Log Branch Hager
Little Buffalo Creek West Hamlin
Little Deadening Creek Mud
Little Harts Creek Ranger
Little Laurel Creek Branchland
Little Sulphur Creek Big Creek
Little Sulphur Creek Big Creek
Little Ugly Creek Big Creek
Long Fork Big Creek
Lower Twin Branch Branchland
Lowgap Branch Branchland
Mahone Creek Hamlin
Maul Fork Griffithsville
McClarity Branch Branchland
McComas Branch Branchland
Meadow Branch Hamlin
Merritt Creek Hager
Middle Creek Hamlin
Middle Fork Mud River Hamlin
Mile Branch Big Creek
Milk Branch Griffithsville
Mill Branch Branchland
Molly Branch Alum Creek
Mudlick Branch Ranger
Mudlick Fork Big Creek
Mullins Branch Mud
Nelson Fork Ranger
Ninemile Creek Branchland
Old House Branch Griffithsville
Old House Branch Griffithsville
Onemile Creek West Hamlin
Owl Creek Griffithsville
Paddy Branch Hamlin
Panther Branch Hager
Parsner Creek Hager
Patters Run Hamlin
Peters Cave Fork Griffithsville
Peyton Branch Branchland
Pigeon Branch Hager
Pigeon Branch Hager
Pigeonroost Creek Big Creek
Pigeonroost Fork Big Creek
Piney Fork Big Creek
Plum Branch Ranger
Porter Fork Griffithsville
Pot Fork Big Creek
Pound Fork Branchland
Pratt Branch Big Creek
Pretty Branch Ranger
Ranger Branch Branchland
Red River Fork Branchland
Reuben Branch Branchland
Richs Branch Hager
Right Fork Hungry Creek Hamlin
Right Fork Laurel Creek Big Creek
Road Branch Big Creek
Road Fork Alum Creek
Road Fork Garretts Bend
Roadfork Branch Hager
Rock Branch Griffithsville
Rock Creek Hamlin
Rockhouse Branch Branchland
Rockhouse Branch Big Creek
Rockhouse Branch Garretts Bend
Rockhouse Fork Trace
Rockpen Branch Big Creek
Rocky Run Alum Creek
Roses Run Hamlin
Ruffie Branch Hager
Sally Fork Big Creek
Sams Branch Griffithsville
Sand Creek Big Creek
Sand Fork West Hamlin
Sand Fork Griffithsville
Sandlick Branch Hager
Sandlick Branch Ranger
Scary Creek Hamlin
Second Fork Hager
Senging Branch Hager
Short Bend Branch Big Creek
Short Bend Fork Ranger
Simon Creek Hamlin
Sixmile Creek Branchland
Skinned Poplar Branch Mud
Slab Creek Big Creek
Slash Branch Hager
Sleepy He Branch Hager
Spears Fork Big Creek
Spears Fork Branchland
Spicewood Branch Trace
Spring Branch Big Creek
Spring Branch Griffithsville
Spring Branch Julian
Steer Fork Ranger
Steve Branch Big Creek
Stinson Branch Hager
Stonecoal Branch Mud
Stout Creek Branchland
Straight Fork West Hamlin
Straight Fork Hager
Strailey Branch West Hamlin
Sugartree Fork Hager
Sulphur Creek Big Creek
Sulphur Spring Branch Nestlow
Sulphur Spring Fork Ranger
Sulphur Spring Fork Griffithsville
Sulphur Springs Fork Big Creek
Sulphur Springs Fork Hager
Sycamore Fork Hager
Sycamore Fork Griffithsville
Tackett Fork Griffithsville
Tango Branch Garretts Bend
Tantrough Branch Big Creek
Tenmile Creek Branchland
Thomas Branch Branchland
Thompson Branch Trace
Tincture Fork Hamlin
Tiny Creek Julian
Toms Branch Garretts Bend
Toms Fork Alum Creek
Tony Branch Garretts Bend
Trace Branch Mud
Trace Branch Julian
Trace Branch Garretts Bend
Trace Creek Hamlin
Trace Fork Branchland
Trace Fork Hamlin
Trace Fork Mud River Hamlin
Tucker Fork Big Creek
Turkeypen Run Griffithsville
Twomile Creek Branchland
Twomile Creek West Hamlin
Uncles Branch Hamlin
Upper Twin Branch Branchland
Upton Branch Hager
Valley Fork Griffithsville
Walker Branch Big Creek
West Fork Big Harts Creek Ranger
Wolf Branch Hager
Wolpen Branch Griffithsville
Zirkle Branch Hamlin

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Lincoln County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Lincoln County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.