Monongalia County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Monongalia County

Place USGS Topo Map
Aaron Creek Morgantown North
Birchfield Run Rivesville
Blacks Run Blacksville
Bloody Run Morgantown South
Booths Creek Morgantown South
Brand Run Morgantown South
Briar Run Hundred
Browns Run Wadestown
Building Run Wadestown
Building Run Blacksville
Bull Run Morgantown South
Buzzard Run Lake Lynn
Camp Run Morgantown North
Camp Run Wadestown
Clay Run Lake Lynn
Coal Run Morgantown South
Cobun Creek Morgantown South
Coles Run Lake Lynn
Coopers Run Blacksville
Courtney Run Morgantown North
Cowells Run Blacksville
Crafts Run Morgantown North
Craig Run Rivesville
Crammeys Run Lake Lynn
Crooked Run Morgantown North
Crooked Run Morgantown North
Darnell Run Lobelia
Days Run Blacksville
Deckers Creek Morgantown North
Dents Run Morgantown North
Dolls Run Osage
Dooley Run Osage
Dry Run Masontown
Dunkard Creek Masontown
Falling Run Morgantown North
Flaggy Meadow Run Rivesville
Glade Run Lake Lynn
Guston Run Osage
Hackelbender Run Blacksville
Hartman Run Morgantown North
Harvey Run Mannington
Honey Run Wadestown
Huckleberry Run Blacksville
Hughes Run Wadestown
Indian Camp Run Blacksville
Indian Creek Rivesville
Jakes Run Blacksville
Joes Run Rivesville
Jolliet Run Morgantown South
Joy Run Wadestown
Kelly Run Lake Lynn
Kennedy Run Grant Town
Kings Run Blacksville
Knocking Run Morgantown South
Laurel Run Morgantown North
Laurel Run Morgantown South
Lick Run Blacksville
Little Indian Creek Rivesville
Long Drain Blacksville
Mahogany Run Wadestown
Maple Run Lake Lynn
Maple Run Gladesville
Mays Run Morgantown South
McFarland Run Grant Town
Middle Fork West Virginia Fork Dunkard Creek Wadestown
Miller Run Wadestown
Miracle Run Blacksville
Morgan Run Lake Lynn
Mountain Run Morgantown South
North Fork West Virginia Fork Dunkard Creek Wadestown
Owl Creek Morgantown South
Pedlar Run Osage
Pennsylvania Fork Dunkard Creek Wadestown
Pone Run Wadestown
Popenoe Run Morgantown North
Price Run Morgantown South
Pumpkin Run Wadestown
Pumpkin Run Wadestown
Quarry Run Lake Lynn
Range Run Wadestown
Right Branch Miracle Run Wadestown
Ripleys Run Osage
Robinson Run Morgantown North
Rudolph Run Blacksville
Russell Run Wadestown
Scott Run Wadestown
Scotts Run Morgantown North
Sheppards Run Blacksville
Shriver Run Blacksville
Shriver Run Wadestown
Smoky Drain Osage
Snider Run Rivesville
South Fork West Virginia Fork Dunkard Creek Wadestown
Stewart Run Rivesville
Sugar Run Wadestown
Thomas Run Wadestown
Tibbs Run Morgantown South
Toms Run Rivesville
Wades Run Osage
West Run Morgantown North
West Virginia Fork Dunkard Creek Wadestown
Whisler Run Hundred
Whites Run Lake Lynn
Wise Run Wadestown

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Monongalia County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Monongalia County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.