Randolph County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Randolph County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adamson Run Glady
Anderson Camp Run Pickens
Anderson Camp Run Samp
Ash Lick Harman
Ash Run Mill Creek
Back Fork Junior
Back Fork Mill Creek
Baker Camp Run Bowden
Baldlick Fork Montrose
Bear Run Pickens
Bearlick Run Elkins
Beaver Creek Snyder Knob
Beaver Creek Junior
Beaver Creek Beverly East
Beaver Pond Run Elkins
Beaverdam Run Glady
Becky Creek Adolph
Bee Run Whitmer
Beech Run Pickens
Bennett Run Whitmer
Berkswitch Run Adolph
Bickle Run Bowden
Big Branch Mill Creek
Big Laurel Run Junior
Big Run Valley Head
Big Run Spruce Knob
Big Run Sinks of Gandy
Big Run Laneville
Big Spring Run Harman
Bill White Run Glady
Birch Fork Adolph
Birch Fork Cassity
Birch Lick Bowden
Black Run Snyder Knob
Blister Run Durbin
Boar Run Bowden
Bonelick Branch Glady
Brook Run Ellamore
Brush Run Adolph
Brushy Creek Harman
Buck Run Mill Creek
Buck Run Snyder Knob
Buffalo Run Elkins
Burnt Ridge Run Whitmer
Camp 9 Run Adolph
Camp Five Run Sinks of Gandy
Campfield Run Montrose
Carr Run Glady
Carrick Run Beverly East
Cassity Fork Cassity
Cassity Run Beverly West
Chenoweth Creek Elkins
Cherry Fork Montrose
Chimney Rock Run Samp
Clay Run Valley Head
Claylick Run Elkins
Clifton Run Bowden
Coal Run Glady
Coalbank Fork Samp
Collett Gap Run Bowden
Collins Run Laneville
Condon Run Bowden
Conley Run Valley Head
Coopers Run Harman
Coverly Run Beverly West
Craven Run Elkins
Crawford Run Beverly West
Crawford Run Sinks of Gandy
Crislip Run Pickens
Cross Run Elkins
Crouch Run Wildell
Daniels Creek Glady
Davis Lick Montrose
Deer Lick Beverly East
Devers Run Spruce Knob
Devil Run Ellamore
Dodson Run Beverly East
Donley Run Mill Creek
Dry Run Mill Creek
Dry Run Mill Creek
Dry Run Pickens
East Fork Cherry Fork Montrose
East Fork Glady Fork Glady
Elk Run Sinks of Gandy
Elkwater Fork Valley Head
Elza Run Whitmer
Fall Run Beverly East
Falling Spring Run Mingo
Falls Run Whitmer
Files Creek Beverly West
Files Run Beverly East
Fish Hatchery Run Snyder Knob
Fish Hole Run Valley Head
Fishing Hawk Creek Glady
Five Lick Creek Harman
Five Lick Run Sinks of Gandy
Flannigan Run Bowden
Flatbrush Run Parsons
Flatbush Fork Junior
Flatrock Run Laneville
Flint Run Samp
Fortlick Run Valley Head
Frazier Creek Glady
Gandy Creek Whitmer
Gap Run Glady
Gibson Run Adolph
Glade Run Adolph
Glade Run Wildell
Goddin Run Elkins
Grants Branch Spruce Knob
Grasslick Run Montrose
Grassy Run Junior
Guysbarger Run Bowden
Halfway Run Glady
Hamilton Run Adolph
Hamilton Run Valley Head
Harper Run Beverly West
Harper Run Bowden
Hewett Fork Samp
Hickorylick Run Samp
Hicks Run Pickens
Hierr Lick Run Cassity
Hill Run Beverly East
Hoe Lick Run Beverly East
Hog Run Harman
Hollybush Run Pickens
Hooker Run Pickens
Horse Run Elkins
Horsecamp Run Harman
Hull Camp Run Samp
Island Run Junior
Isner Creek Elkins
Jacks Run Adolph
Job Run Harman
Johns Camp Run Wildell
Johns Run Elkins
Jones Run Beverly West
Jones Run Mill Creek
Kettle Run Ellamore
Kings Run Beverly East
Kittle Creek Adolph
Knights Branch Beverly East
Lambert Run Snyder Knob
Laurel Branch Cassity
Laurel Creek Ellamore
Laurel Fork Harman
Laurel Fork Elkins
Laurel Lick Run Bowden
Laurel Run Junior
Laurel Run Montrose
Laurel Run Cassity
Laurel Run Junior
Laurel Run Mill Creek
Lazy Run Montrose
Leading Creek Junior
Left Fork Back Fork Elk River Samp
Left Fork Chenoweth Creek Elkins
Left Fork Files Creek Beverly East
Left Fork Flatrock Creek Laneville
Left Fork Right Fork Buckhannon River Alton
Lick Run Pickens
Lick Run Cassity
Light Run Beverly West
Light Run Adolph
Limekiln Run Beverly East
Limekiln Run Valley Head
Little Black Fork Bowden
Little Laurel Run Junior
Little Laurel Run Bowden
Little Tory Camp Run Harman
Logan Run Valley Head
Loglick Run Elkins
Long Run Cassity
Long Run Pickens
Lost Run Cassity
Louk Run Glady
Low Gap Run Bowden
Lower Dry Run Pickens
Lower Pond Lick Glady
Lower Two Spring Run Whitmer
Marsh Fork Pickens
Mathias Run Junior
McCall Run Mill Creek
McCray Creek Glady
McGee Run Mill Creek
McGee Run Wildell
Meatbox Run Adolph
Middle Fork Right Fork Buckhannon River Pickens
Mill Creek Mill Creek
Mill Run Bowden
Millstone Run Beverly East
Mingo Run Mingo
Mitchell Lick Fork Adolph
Mitchell Run Samp
Moore Run Bowden
Morgan Camp Run Pickens
Moss Run Mill Creek
Mowry Run Valley Head
Mud Run Glady
Mudlick Run Valley Head
Mulberry Fork Cassity
Mullenax Run Whitmer
Nail Run Parsons
Nans Branch Spruce Knob
Narrow Ridge Spruce Knob
Nichols Lane Run Bowden
Oxley Run Valley Head
Painter Run Goshen
Panther Camp Run Harman
Panther Run Montrose
Panther Run Cassity
Panther Run Beverly East
Pearcy Run Elkins
Peters Run Mill Creek
Phillips Camp Run Pickens
Pleasant Run Cassity
Poe Run Elkins
Pond Lick Run Montrose
Possession Camp Run Bowden
Potatohole Fork Adolph
Poundmill Run Adolph
Rafe Run Adolph
Ralston Run Valley Head
Rattlesnake Run Elkins
Red Creek Harman
Red Creek Glady
Red Roaring Run Beverly East
Red Run Beverly East
Red Run Mill Creek
Redlick Run Samp
Reservoir Run Bowden
Rich Bottom Run Bowden
Riffle Creek Mill Creek
Right Fork Chenoweth Creek Elkins
Right Fork Files Creek Beverly East
Right Fork Flatrock Creek Laneville
Right Fork Mill Creek Mill Creek
Roaring Creek Junior
Rock Camp Run Parsons
Rocky Run Adolph
Roney Run Elkins
Rose Run Samp
Rose Run Beverly East
Rough Gap Run Sharp Knob
Rough Run Cassity
Rough Run Samp
Saltblock Run Pickens
Saltlick Run Montrose
Saltlick Run Pickens
Schoolcraft Run Cassity
Sea Run Beverly West
See Shanty Run Pickens
Shavers Run Beverly West
Short Run Ellamore
Short Run Pickens
Slab Fork Elkins
Snake Run Goshen
Snake Run Valley Head
Snyder Run Harman
South Fork Red Creek Hopeville
Spice Run Adolph
Spice Run Cassity
Spicelick Run Glady
Spring Run Bowden
Springstone Run Montrose
Spruce Run Elkins
Spruce Run Harman
Spruce Run Glady
Spruce Run Adolph
Stalnaker Run Elkins
Stalnaker Run Beverly West
Stalnaker Run Bowden
Stalnaker Run Wildell
Stewart Run Valley Head
Stillhouse Run Sinks of Gandy
Stinking Run Whitmer
Stonecoal Run Cassity
Stonecoal Run Mill Creek
Stoney Run Sinks of Gandy
Stony Run Valley Head
Straight Run Ellamore
Suck Lick Run Harman
Sugar Drain Adolph
Sugar Run Elkins
Sugar Run Elkins
Sugar Run Cassity
Sugar Run Cassity
Summerfield Run Elkins
Suter Run Wildell
Swallow Rock Run Whitmer
Tar Run Montrose
Taylor Elza Run Harman
Taylor Run Bowden
Taylor Run Whitmer
Thayer Run Samp
Three Forks Run Cassity
Three Spring Run Harman
Tingler Run Sinks of Gandy
Tory Camp Run Harman
Trout Run Pickens
Trout Run Adolph
Troutwine Run Beverly West
Upper Flint Run Samp
Upper Pond Lick Glady
Upper Trout Run Pickens
Upper Two Spring Run Whitmer
Valley Fork Samp
Walker Run Elkins
Wamsley Run Bowden
Wamsley Run Valley Head
Wamsley Run Snyder Knob
Ward Run Beverly West
Warner Run Sinks of Gandy
Waterfall Run Bowden
Waybright Run Sinks of Gandy
Wees Run Elkins
West Fork Glady Fork Glady
Western Run Elkins
Whetstone Run Mill Creek
White Run Glady
Whites Run Junior
Whitman Run Junior
Whitmeadow Run Wildell
Wilmoth Run Montrose
Wilson Run Bowden
Windy Run Valley Head
Wolf Run Elkins
Wolf Run Glady
Wolf Run Bowden
Wolfpen Run Beverly East
Wood Run Beverly West
Woodford Run Bowden
Woolwine Run Elkins
Yellow Creek Bowden
Yokum Run Wildell
Zebs Creek Junior

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Randolph County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Randolph County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.